Dear Parents


We are coming to the end of our last full week and have been so impressed with the children’s sensitivity and adherence to social distancing and the current safety guidelines.  Before the end of term, we would like to share with you some of the activities the children have participated in and how they will be spending their last week.

For the last week of term, we are planning on some fun low-key events in the park, such as picnics for all year groups and prize giving.  The Form Six girls have created a wish list for their last week of school and we are trying to enable some of the ‘wishes’ throughout the school.

We would like to request you to bring back any text books, reading books and exercise books; please do not include any worksheets or additional paperwork.  These will need to come in a sealed bag with their name on.  Labelled boxes will be available outside on arrival, from Monday, to deposit these bags in.

Thank you to Ms Danhof for teaching the Form Six children and planning such an enjoyable last term for them, both remotely and back in school!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Mr Garvey, who was appointed early in the Spring term, who joins us from The Pointer School, Blackheath, where he has worked as the Form Six Teacher and Head of Maths since 2014.  We’re delighted that despite the hurdles that we have faced this term, Mr Garvey has been able to spend this afternoon in the park with his future Form Six class, with a picnic and drama, all social distancing of course, whilst getting to know Mrs Walsh. He has experience of teaching from Form One to Form Six, but, for the last six years, he has been preparing children for the Eleven Plus and the rigours of Form Six!

He is well travelled and highly athletic, having run over forty marathons.  He has a passion for cricket, stemming from his previous career as a sports journalist.  We are sure that this combination of athleticism, creativity and classroom experience will enrich the upcoming Form Six cohort.

School will be finishing at the normal staggered time on Thursday 9th July, not at the traditional 12 noon for usual end of term.

There will be a General Knowledge quiz on Monday with both seen and unseen questions. The seen questions, which we first shared with you during the Easter holidays, are reattached for your attention and for some reacquainting with the answers.

Despite the lockdown, we’ve had some positive results from competitions that we have entered pupils for. We’d like to commend Saif (Form One) on the acceptance of his artwork for the Royal Academy Young Artist Competition; his work has been have selected his work for online and onsite exhibition.  There will be an opportunity to vote for Saif’s work and we will keep you posted on how to do this.  His painting is inspired by Picasso’s ‘Blue Period’ and is attached for you to have a look at.

Jeanine – our budding writer in Form Six, has been shortlisted in two short story competitions: BBC 500 Words competition where she made it through the first round with ‘Letter for the Court’.  She also received a gift voucher from Daunt Books in commendation of her recent submission to the Daunt Book’s Short Story competition. One to watch in the future!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Best wishes,

The CHS Team