All food is freshly prepared and cooked on site by our CHS kitchen team.

Produce is supplied by local greengrocers, butchers and fishmongers.

Summer Term Menu

Menu 1  


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main Dish Creamy smoked salmon pasta Homemade burger Roast salmon Chicken stir fry noodles  Tuna mayo toasty
Vegetarian Dish Tomato pasta with olives Vegetarian burger Vegetarian quiche Stir fry noodles with vegetables Cheese toasty
Side dish sugar snap peas & sweetcorn Homemade chips with beans & peas Cous cous with broccoli & cauliflower Sweetcorn & peas Cucumber, grated carrots and crisps
Fresh bread French bread burger buns Wholemeal bread Crackers
Pudding  Fruit Homemade carrot cake Homemade apple crumble & custard Greek yoghurt with honey & granola Homemade biscuits
Menu 2 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Main Dish Macaroni cheese A selection of sliced meats (chicken, turkey or beef) Fish fingers Sausages Donata’s homemade Margherita pizza
Vegetarian Dish Mixed vegetable spring rolls Quorn selection Vegetarian fingers Vegetarian sausages Jacket potato with cheese
Side dish Green beans & sweetcorn Potato salad, egg salad, grated cheese, carrots & cucumber Chips, baked beans & peas Mashed potato, broccoli & cauliflower Cucumber & grated carrots
Fresh bread French bread Pitta Pocket Wholemeal Bread Wholemeal Bread Bread sticks
Pudding Fruit Homemade vanilla sponge cake Homemade blueberry muffin Homemade ice lollies Homemade biscuits
Menu 3 


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday l
Main Dish Tomato pasta Chicken escalope Baked Salmon Turkey tacos Donata’s homemade Garlic pizza
Vegetarian Dish Vegetarian jambalaya Vegetarian escalope Mozzarella & tomato wheels Vegetarian tacos Jacket potato
Side dish Green beans & sweetcorn Homemade chips, baked beans & peas Egg fried rice & broccoli Greek salad, grated carrot & cucumber Tuna Mayo or grated cheese,  tomato & cucumber
Fresh bread French Bread Wholemeal Bread Pitta pocket Bread sticks
Pudding Fruit Homemade banana cake Fruit salad Ice cream American pancakes with Golden syrup