Connaught House school vs Princess Gardens.

40 minute game – 20 minute half

We started off well defending but  Princess Gardens found  some opportunities to go through the gaps of the defence. During the first five minutes, they found a chance to score but we carried on trying going on towards the second. There were a few really good saves by Ibrahim. At the end of the first twenty minutes, Princess Gardens scored a second goal so we all knew that we had to improve in the second half. Princess Gardens gave away the ball therefore putting Luca on the counter attack – they kicked the ball away making it a corner. Jeremy kicked the ball in and Luca SCORED!!!!

Second Half

We made a few changes to get everyone in different positions to mix things up a bit. We changed goalkeepers from Ibrahim to Hugo at the start. We started off really well making our way into a few counter attacks. Suddenly GOOOOOAAAL! Oscar (Form 6) scored a cracker in from the back post. Half way through the second half we had an equal amount of possession in both halves leaving it 2-2. The last kick of the game was a good one for us because Al got a good couple of shots and so did both Oscars.

The final result was 2-2.