Written by Form Six

For a week we were anxious about where the Secret Trip would take us…

The moment I saw my friends waiting for me at the train station, a rush of excitement flowed through me, knowing that we were all as clueless as newly hatched birds, not having the slightest idea where we were going. Just as we got onto the train, we heard our destination. Brighton! The city with beautiful beaches and alluring aquariums.

The journey was filled with joy and snacks and after an hour and a half our destination.  As we stepped off the train, we were charged up and ready for the day ahead of us. My lungs filled with the smell of the sea; it was amazing.

We began to walk towards our first venue. I looked around to try and figure out where we were going, I saw something! Could this possibly be it? I turned around and asked Ms Grunewald. Her face was hard to read at first but then I saw it, we really were going! Sea life! My heart pounded – I thought I was in a dream, this was going to be amazing.

We gazed at the fish floating around in their tanks, they seemed to be putting on a show for us. I noticed something, a small enclosure with no lid, I turned and told everyone and we walked towards this mysterious thing. What could it be? As we got closer, I realised that it was indeed something you could touch! When my hand bravely dived into the water I was a bit scared at first, so I reached down and touched an orange starfish which felt like a fish finger! At last my hand was brave enough to touch what looked like thick strands of hair floating about in the cool water. The thin tentacles wrapped around my finger and tried to pull me in! I drew my hand back in fear. Then I realised that it couldn’t eat me and I stuck my hand back in for another stroke! It was the strangest thing I have ever felt, it was extremely sticky and dry yet I was underwater. Soon we had to go and watch the turtle feeding. The man talked about turtles and I learnt so much.  In the tank there was a black tipped reef shark, a nurse shark, a unicorn fish and two giant turtles named Lulu and Gulliver. Then when I thought it was all over the teachers surprised us once again, we were going on a … glass bottom boat. We boarded the boat and looked over the edge. Fish surrounded us and went underneath the boat. When we started moving a huge manta-ray came and swept underneath us like a carpet. I felt as if I could see into their world, it was magical.

After an hour and a half of gorging ourselves with pizza, pasta and the rest, we finally left for the beach.

The salty smell of the air started tickling my nose, so I knew we were close to the sea. Seagulls above me squawked with glee, circling the beach as they noticed a bit of bread deserted on the corner of the rocky stairs leading to the pebbled beach. The pebbles of the Brighton Beach lay under my feet as I licked my delicious vanilla ice-cream. It trickled down my fingers leaving them all sticky, as the sun blazed down on me, nearly making me melt too. All the pebbles were different colours, from brown to yellow to orange to grey to black and maybe a bit of green algae placed as a wig on top of them. We took our shoes off , rolled up our jeans and strolled towards the cyan sea. I cold feel the air between my friends and I was buzzing with excitement. As our feet reached the water, a wave crashed  onto us soaking our jeans and tee- shirts. We all screamed with excitement as another one came in , and we threw stones at the ocean to see which throw was the longest.

We sunbathed under the clear blue sky, enjoying every moment. It was all five of us with our teachers having fun in this new city. I was elated! Freedom captured us and we ran around singing without a care in the world.

All I could see were big smiles, making me smile now as I go back to those happy memories.

Sadly, we had to leave the beach, but amazing memories will stay with us forever. On the way back, as joyful as I may have been, deep down I was devastated that the day was already over and we all agreed that we wished we could restart the day all over again. This kept us chatty on the train back.