Dear Parents

What a busy and successful start to 2019 it has been at 47 Connaught Square!  Clubs and Peri lessons swung back into action last week and music assemblies have already been inundated with performers from all Forms. Thank you to parents for your support in reminding your budding musicians to bring in instruments and music on the right days.  Our new messaging system, notifying parents a week ahead of the performance, certainly appears to be assisting in this.

Over the last few weeks Junior One have been a rapt audience to some eye opening career talks from some of their Mums and Dads.  The children have heard about running an art gallery in Berlin, opera singing and practising law.  They enjoyed donning gold boxing gloves and practising moves, exchanging yo yo bear nibbles in simulation of managing hedge funds and drawing spiders and caterpillars in a workshop by a real life artist!  Miss Hayward even had her temperature and blood pressure checked by one of our Mums who is a nurse.  Another Mum, whose voice rang out through the school, sang I feel pretty and Castle on a Cloud in her beautiful soprano voice to applause from pupils and staff alike. These talks are inspirational and have really helped the children with their listening and questioning skills, amongst other things.

With such a wealth of interests and talents in our CHS community, we would like to invite family members to share their expertise in our whole school assemblies. We are particularly keen on welcoming Mums/Grandmothers for International Women’s day coming up on Friday, 8 March.  Careers, hobbies or interests that you might like to share with the children are important and engaging experiences and would be gladly welcomed.  If you are interested in taking part, please email Ms White with some information about the topic you would like to present.

Assessment results have been trickling in and we are thrilled with the feedback and the offers received by several of our children. Notably, all of our Form Fives, our first cohort to sit the KPS test have been offered places for 2020. This is a fantastic achievement, particularly as we also received excellent feedback about the girls’ interviews.

Please find attached the January and February CHS calendar.  We are looking forward to having our new website up and running shortly.

With best wishes.


The CHS Team