Dear Parents

Welcome back to the second half of this unusual Autumn Term.  Once again, we find ourselves in a national lockdown. However, thankfully, the government has permitted schools to remain open at this time, recognising that, “…being in school is vital for children’s education and their wellbeing.”  We are doing everything within our power to reduce the risks of transmission within the school and our goal is to maintain a degree of normality for our children.  Our risk assessment has been updated and you can refer to this on our website. Our small class sizes are working in our favour at this time. However, as a school community, we do need to work together to mitigate risks.  To this end, please can we remind parents to reduce socialising outside of school at drop off and collection times.   The new national restrictions from the government state, “Parents are allowed to form a childcare bubble with one other household for the purpose of informal childcare, where the child is 13 or under……nannies are able to continue to provide services, including in the home.”  However, playdates with other families should be avoided at this time.


As I am sure you are all aware, the weather has dropped significantly and, as we are having to keep the windows open in school to ventilate the building, we urge you to dress your children in additional clothing,  including thermals and polo necks that may be worn underneath their uniform.  Duffle coats should now be worn to school with fleece hats, scarves and gloves.  From next week, all children from Years Two and above, should bring in a spare games kit that will be kept in school, only to be used if the child gets wet whilst in the park.


The latest guidance recognises that schools are permitted, where reasonably necessary, in order to support parents at work, to continue to provide out of school activities.  We are currently looking at ways to adapt some of our clubs in line with the latest guidance and we will notify you of our decision and possible changes at the beginning of next week.


Whilst our intent is to remain open throughout this period, there is obviously a chance that we will be faced with remote learning.  In preparation for this, we encourage all parents to ensure that they have the right technology ready for child/ren to facilitate effective learning.  This would include a working printer, further guidance can be found on the school website, under ‘Policies’.


On a lighter note, Dr Ashworth is starting to prepare for our Christmas Carol Concert on 10th December at St Johns Church, Hyde Park.  Whilst this event will take on a different format, we suggest parents mark this date in their diaries and hope that this is an event that we can all enjoy, safely and socially distanced, together on the last day of term.


Until then, thank you for your continued support.  Our children are happy and thriving in school and we feel very fortunate to have a full house with staff and pupils continuing to work safely and well under these new measures.


Wishing you a lovely weekend,


Best wishes,