Dear CHS Parents

We hope this email finds you all safe and well.

It is Mental Health week this week and we have been sharing different stories to make the children aware of this, finishing off with a positive assembly this morning where children shared some feelings and they seemed reassured to see their classmates were all feeling similar.

Following on from the Parents’ meeting last week, Mrs Hampton has provisionally booked the Sleep Therapist, Natalie Pennicotte Collier, on Thursday 25 February at 10am.  Invites will be sent via a Google Meet link.  If you could let us know as soon as possible whether or not you can make it we would be very grateful as this will affect the set-up of the meeting and possibly which platform is used.

On a more creative note, The Great Big Art Exhibition is asking people to make artwork at home and to put in their window or garden.  They are suggesting animals as the theme for the first two week’s of The Great Big Art Exhibition, link:  and 55831841.  This will be a chance for the children to get creative and share their work in their windows, which can be uplifting for passer-bys and bring a smile to stranger’s faces.  Please feel free to post any related artwork to CHS and we can put in our windows here.

Dress up Day on Friday 12 February

The above link will relate well to our plans for the last day of this half term, where we will be celebrating both carnival and Chinese New Year and continuing the theme of expression.  The children will be grouped across ages, allowing them to see friends from different year groups and experience different teachers.  Whilst we have successfully hosted these across the years in school, this will be our first virtual event.  Hopefully this will encourage lots of positive colours and create some much-needed energy amongst this lockdown.

JK Educate have created a new resource for grandparents.  This should provide some online fun between grandchildren and older family members.  The below is a link for the website that aims to support grandparents on a technical level during this most difficult time:

With the forecast of snow next week and the temperature dropping quite considerably, we hope you are all keeping warm and well.

Have a restful and lovely weekend,


All best,