Dear CHS Parents


We hope you have enjoyed your summer, whether you have remained near or far.


The aim of this email is to signpost some key aspects of the way ahead as we move towards our Autumn Term, starting Wednesday September 9th.  We are in the fortunate position of having already reopened fully to all pupils at the end of the summer term and are therefore feeling clear and confident about the measures that we already have in place and the ways in which we will continue to mitigate risk as we expand our provision this term.


As we are frequently reminded by our government, it is crucial for children’s wellbeing to resume their education at school and we are looking forward to welcoming all of our children and staff back this term. We intend to provide a school life that is as close to normal as we can whilst mitigating risk as far as possible. To this end, we have worked tirelessly to update our risk assessments and procedures.


At the front of our minds has been the question of how best to minimise contact between individuals – pupils and staff, within the school, and how to maintain social distancing within the constraints of the school site. In addition, our planning has focused on the ways in which we will ensure good hygiene, enhance cleaning protocols and minimise contact with anyone experiencing symptoms during the school day. We have given a great deal of thought towards PPE and whilst we acknowledge that there are no risk free solutions, though we would dearly like there to be, we have written a comprehensive procedure addressing all of these issues.  A comprehensive guide to reopening can be found in our updated ‘CHS Covid-19 Autumn Term 2020 Procedure’. This is available in Policies at the bottom of the Home page and should be read by all parents ahead of the start of term. 

Below we have summarised the key points for your attention:

Minimising Contact and Social Distancing


Following the Government’s ‘Planning Guide for Primary Schools’ we have grouped  the school into three extended bubbles, each containing no more than 30 pupils and four members of staff. These bubbles will be maintained throughout the day and all activities have been reorganised to accommodate these groupings.

Our combined bubbles are as follows:

Bubble 1: Junior One & Form One with four members of staff.

Bubble 2: Form Two  & Form Three with four members of staff.

Bubble 3: Form Four,  Form Five  & Form Six with four members of staff.

As far as possible, we ask families to limit outside contact with those who are not in their child’s bubble.


We have postponed all visits to external venues for this term.

PE, Games and Dance sessions will either take place in Hyde Park or on the school premises.

Once we deem the risk to be lowered, we intend to resume all off site activities as normal, compensating where we can for any activities missed.



We are very pleased to be bringing back our delicious hot lunches in time for winter and, to separate our bubbles, there will now be three lunch sittings.


With the exception of Tech and Mandarin which cannot resume due to Covid19 restrictions, all other clubs will recommence in the week of 14th September.



After school enrichment activities will recommence for Forms Two – Form Six on Weds 16th September.

These will take place outdoors, in classrooms or the dining room, within bubbles.

PERI MUSIC – Our specialist teachers that work in a number of different settings and schools, and are therefore exposed to greater risk of contracting Covid19, will resume lessons remotely via Google Meet or Zoom until further notice.




Desks have been arranged to maximise social distancing between pupils.

Children will continue to use pencil cases provided by the school, so personal stationery can remain at home.



Whilst we cannot make this obligatory, we recommend that all adults wear a mask at drop off and collection.  Public Health England does not recommend that Primary School Children wear masks in school but if you would prefer your child to wear a mask when arriving and departing, please send them in with a named plastic bag in which this can be kept safe in their school bag during the day.


Art, Music and French lessons will be resuming with specialist staff in PPE and employing thorough hygiene measures when moving between bubbles.


Containing an outbreak of Covid19 

Please do not send your child to school if you are in any doubt regarding their fitness and well being.

In the event that a pupil or staff member is symptomatic, they will be asked to

  • Self-isolate for 10 days, or longer if they still have a high temperature
  • Take a Coronavirus test.
  • Follow the advice from PHE.

Members of their household will be told to self-isolate for 14 days. 

If the test is negative they can return to school if they no longer have symptoms and the members of their household can stop self-isolating.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms De Wynter with any further questions.



See you next Wednesday.


The CHS Team