Dear Parents

We have all managed to stay well and healthy for a fourth week so an ongoing thank you to all our families for being so vigilant and to the staff for adhering to the Covid measures we currently have in place.

Just to let you know that we have had some fibre-optic work being worked on locally which has involved the digging up of the road and re- organisation of cables, etc.  This has lead to some interruptions in our connectivity regarding Google Meets, so our apologies for this, fortunately we seem to have reverted back to normal internet function now.  When you are on a Google Meet video call, can we ask that you connect to this call via your child’s Gmail account.  In this way, it ensures that the log on details are correct and avoids potential difficulties.  Using a laptop/desktop is preferable but if you have downloaded the Google Meet App on your mobile device, this should work too.

We are currently organising a virtual Parent’s Evening for the week before half term and will send out invitations next week.

For those parents who have yet returned the Music and Artwork disclaimers, please do so asap as there are upcoming competitions that your child would potentially miss out on if we don’t have this on record.

We feel fortunate to have enjoyed good weather so far this term and we have made the most of the beautiful outside space we are so lucky to have on our doorstep.  We will continue to ask pupils to arrive in their PE kit on Thursdays and Fridays, but it is now necessary to bring  a change of clothes, either a second set of PE kit or uniform, to change into if the children get wet.

With best wishes for a lovely weekend!