Good afternoon CHS Parents

We hope this email finds you all well.


Marriott Hotel Visit 

All of our children from Junior One to Form Two enjoyed a fabulous afternoon at the Marriott Hotel where they donned aprons and chef’s hats and were supported by chefs from the Marriott in a wonderful Spring Workshop, making chocolate and decorations.


Dance Club

The launch of the after school dance club was successful on Thursday, with a handful of Key Stage One pupils enjoying this creative club.  Unfortunately, we have not had any Key Stage Two pupils sign up yet, but hope to fill these spaces


General Knowledge Quiz Club

General Knowledge has taken centre stage this week for many of the Senior pupils. Friday morning saw four of them compete in the semi-finals of the national Quiz Club tournament, with 61 schools facing each other over thirty spectacularly difficult questions. The brain teasers varied from: recognising Benedict Cumberbatch to knowing the name of the only gliding dinosaur and identifying which monarch was on the British throne at the start of the American Civil War. Mimi from Form Three, Luca from Form Four, Riddhi from Form Five and Alexandra (captain) from Form Six made up this enterprising team. Points were awarded from twenty for easier ones such as, how many of the seven dwarfs have beards? Up to one hundred for the more challenging, e.g., pinpointing Yemen on a map.

The team performed heroically coming 29th out of the 61 teams. Sadly their total wasn’t enough to make it through to the final, but at least they now know that Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes, that Chromium’s chemical symbol is Cr and that an element’s atomic mass is determined by the number of protons in its atom. Well done to this brilliant team!


School General Knowledge Quiz

All of our pupils in Key Stage Two participated in our annual General Knowledge Quiz this afternoon. Results will be shared in next week’s CHS E: News, and the trophy presented at the end of this term.

Congratulations goes to Emma in Form Four who has achieved a 500-day streak in DoodleMaths!



This week, Artwork of the Week goes to Hannah Z in Form Six for her wonderful floral embroidery



Junior One: Ari for good individual work

Form One: Alexander for super vocabulary!

Form Two: Nayel for amazing coding

Form Three: Amni for always being friendly and sensible

Form Four: Ella and Percy for educating F4​

Form Five : Olimpia for being helpful and kind

Form Six: Alexandra for her enterprising role as the school’s Quiz Club Captain



We will be collecting clothes for the 2nd hand uniform sale on Monday 9 May with all proceeds from the honesty box will go to UNICEF.  

Please remember it is a bank holiday weekend this weekend and we will see the children back in school on Tuesday 3 May. 


Have a lovely long weekend,