Dear Parents

The first half term of this academic year has certainly brought lots of creativity to 47 Connaught Square, from Space to the Romans, Tea with the Tiger, to debating Greek Gods and a house full of spooky and magical creatures.  Our final week of this half term has brought out the imagination of our pupils and staff.

An enormous thank you to our senior teachers who seamlessly moved to remote learning for the past two weeks.  And bravo to our pupils who have all logged in on time, in uniform, and have tried their hardest with remote learning.  We are all excited to be coming to the end of quarantine and, I am sure, more than my own family will be looking forward to a run in the park tomorrow afternoon.

A link to your child’s report was sent to you earlier in the week.  You will need this to access their report that will be released on Monday 26 October.

Although COVID can be symptomatic, I am pleased to report that we have not had any further confirmation of positive tests in the senior bubble.  I would like to remind you not to bring your child in to school if anyone in the household is symptomatic of COVID.  These symptoms include: continuous dry cough, fever, loss of sense of taste/smell.  As per the government website, ‘Self-isolation- if you have symptoms’ means you and all household members must remain at home. Do not go outside your home for any reason, that is to work, school or public areas, and do not use public transport or taxis. The guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection page has more information on self-isolation.’

You would have noticed that all of our pupils have been sent home with remote learning packs yesterday and today.   This is just in case we find ourselves in a circuit break lockdown after half term.  Please do not confuse these packs with homework, they are only to be used in the event of our remote learning coming into play.

The second half of term will see cooler weather, and we urge you to ensure that your children are wearing extra layers.  The windows on each landing and throughout the school are being kept wide open to circulate the air as we have been advised.  This has a knock on effect of creating a rather chilly school.  We will ask parents to dress their children’s outer layer in the school uniform, however, thermal vests, long johns, tights and potentially even polo necks may be worn under shirts for warmth as it gets colder.

We are fortunate to be in the centre of London with an array of wonderful galleries, museums, zoos and city farms at our fingertips that will be open over half term. Do remember to book tickets ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Wishing you a happy and safe week.