Dear Parents


We hope this E: News finds you all well and keeping warm as this weather has clearly taken a turn towards Winter.  We would like to remind you again to ensure your child has sufficient undergarments on to keep them warm during school hours as we are still maintaining a high level of hygiene and minimising risk, so windows and doors remain open.

We understand the toll using anti-bacterial gel combined with this chill can have on the children’s hands and lips.  With this in mind, if you wish to send some hand cream or lip salve in with your child, please ensure you complete a medical form (attached) to reflect what you child is using.  Please also send the cream in a clear bag with their name clearly marked on.  This may be kept in their school bag and self-administered as needed during the day.

Thank you to everyone who brought in their Christmas Card forms.  Please note that we can no longer accept any more forms as the deadline was today.  

With fewer facilities open and we appreciate parents may have to be creative with this, on Monday, 7 December we would love to welcome all the children and staff to arrive to school in festive clothes, ready to celebrate their CHS Christmas party.  Another reminder will be sent closer to the time as we would love all the children to be united in the festivities and wearing some fun clothes.  Christmas jumpers and reindeer ears most welcome. Please do bear in mind the children will go to the park, so no party frocks without thermals!

We are half way through our Doodle Maths competition.  Form Four are marginally in the lead, being closely chased by Form Three.  Top Doodler is Emma in Form Three and Christina in Form Three has made the greatest progress.  Any encouragement for our pupils to log on and complete their daily exercises is most welcome.


Wishing all our American members of the CHS community a very Happy Thanksgiving for next Thursday!


And wishing you all a happy and restful weekend.


Best wishes