Half Term

The first half of the term finishes on Thursday, 20th May, at normal end of the day times and the second half of term resumes on Monday, 1st June.


Representing the school

We take great pride in the fact that our children are often complimented on their good manners both in and out of uniform and preparatory and senior schools also comment on our pupils’ considerate behaviour. We are currently reminding our children about this and warn them that our neighbours are very vigilant and will never hesitate to let us know if this is not the case. A run in the park is probably the ideal way to finish the day after school but certainly not climbing on bicycles or motorbikes (which indeed is very dangerous). We are sure we have parental support with this and if you have carers collecting your children then we would ask you to make sure they are aware of both school and parent expectations.


SUMMER CONCERT on FRIDAY, 12th JUNE, beginning 2.30 pm prompt

Please be in your seats for 2.25 pm


Next special date is the Summer Concert. The children are very enthusiastic about performing and music auditions are currently taking place. We hold the concert at the Steiner Theatre, which is a lovely venue to showcase the children’s performances, and we remind parents that this is not a suitable occasion for younger children.


Please e-mail the office and include:

  • Your child or children’s name(s)
  • Name of guests attending
  • If you would like to bring an extra guest (ie: more than two) then please let us know as soon as possible