National Maths Challenge

Huge congratulations to Form Six’s Gabriella, who has just been awarded a Bronze Award in the Primary Maths Challenge! 67,000 children took part and Gabi’s results placed her in the top 2.5% of the country – a very impressive performance indeed. A lapel badge and certificate arrived this morning and those of us who have followed this very capable young lady’s journey, from Junior One to Form Six, are all incredibly proud of her achievements. Bravo Gabi!


Poetry Afternoon

Thank you for being such a wonderful audience last Friday at the Poetry Recital. We are sure you will agree that all the children did a marvellous job, wowing us with their confidence and articulation and sending us off dreaming of chocolate!

We were pleased to hear positive feedback on the venue as well, especially as we have established such a good relationship with KPS.


Open Swim

Form Two enjoyed showing the parents their swimming skills at our recent Open Swimming session at  Kensington Leisure Centre. We were all thoroughly impressed with the progress in front crawl and backstroke. Well done Form Two!


Teatime Concert

Dr Ashworth is looking forward to our Spring Teatime Concert on Monday afternoon. Once again, a selection of musicians, who nominated themselves, will be entertaining their parents for a mini concert in the dining room. The more relaxed environment offers our pupils an opportunity to perform in front of a very friendly and reduced audience. There will be a further opportunity to perform at next term’s Teatime Concert and at one of our main productions, the Summer Concert, at the Steiner Hall in June.


Open Day

We are all preparing for our annual Open Day and, as always, the creativity of our teachers and the quality of our pupils’ work is truly amazing.  We cannot wait to share it with you.  You will have received our invitation with a sneak preview of some of the artwork that will be on display. We remind you that this is a family event and the children will arrive and leave with you once they have given you the grand tour.  Do remember to visit the basement to indulge the senses with music and refreshments at some point en route.


New school backpack

Working with the support of a very knowledgeable Pilates teaching parent of a Form Three pupil, Mrs Larke and Mrs Hampton have sourced a more supportive and ergonomically designed backpack. It will be on display in the Dining room on Open Morning. Please do pop down to take a look and indicate if you would be interested in upgrading your child’s backpack. Whilst these bags, retailing at £45, are more expensive, they are certainly kinder on our children’s backs and will be available to order via Perry Uniform for the summer term.


CHS Alumni

You may well remember Isabella’s fine performance of Sausage Fingers at the Poetry Recital 2018. We were very pleased when Isabella popped in to see us last week and we thought you would be interested to hear how well she has been getting on at St Marylebone. She was, once again, highly commended for her recital of The Titanic by Gillian Clarke at her new school and, in addition, has just been selected to join the Infinity Club for girls working at a very high level in maths. Isabella has taken on the extra challenge of completing her Science Bronze Crest Award and for this she has decided to research dreams, how dreams can be affected and if they can be controlled somehow.


School Questionnaire

Looking forward to the summer term and before/after school club activities, we have complied a very short questionnaire. We would greatly appreciate your feedback to make sure we are able to offer clubs and activities that would interest our CHS families.

With best wishes.

CHS Team