Dear Parents

We certainly ended the first half of this Autumn Term with a busy and fun filled week, full of adventure and positive work from the children.

School Trip 

Our Form One had a super trip to the Science Museum on Wednesday, followed by an intergalactic space day at school. Fabulous costumes and fun activities had the children immersed and enthused all day. Miss Moreno and Mrs Rogers have shared pictures of the Space week with the class via the Form One Google classroom

Online Author Event

On Wednesday 13th October, Form Five took part in a virtual author event. The talk was led by Joseph Coelho, who is an award- winning children’s author, performance poet and playwright. He inspired the Form Five’s to write their own poems and think about how they could become writers too!


Virtual Coffee Morning

Mrs Hampton was delighted to welcome Ms Stock and her guests Dr Peter Parnes and Dr Lorraine Walker, both clinical psychologists, to her virtual coffee morning on Thursday. As always, the conversation was flowing and interesting topics were discussed about our children’s mental health and wellbeing following the disruptions of the pandemic. Parents can contact Dr Peter Parnes and Dr Lorraine Walker at Psychology4 via email:​.



This week, our pupils in Forms Two and Five took part in the Youngwriters Poetry competition to celebrate World Poetry Day on October 7th. We were impressed with all the children’s efforts and end this E-news with two beautiful poems written by Mariam in Form Two and Riddhi in Form Five.


Wishing you a happy and healthy half term.


CHS Team


Autumn Season 

By Mariam F2


I can see autumn leaves falling down around the autumn breeze.

I can hear shiny conkers bumping down the trees, they make a clanging noise while they bump down.

I can feel the wind blowing in my face, it makes a woooooing noise that I love very much.

I can smell lovely spicy gingerbread cooking in the oven that makes wonderful smell.

I can taste orange pumpkin that I love very much.


This is who I am 

By Riddhi F5


A little girl, with warm eyes and yet a cold glare,

Olive skin and midnight hair.

An upturned nose and raised chin,

Never to be described as dim,

I am that little girl with no care.