Dear Parents,

The first week of the Autumn Term has gone by in a flash. Our children have come back wide-eyed, energetic and eager to learn. With new faces throughout the school, congratulations should be given to all the fabulous new members of our CHS community. Pride of place goes to those in Junior One, who have settled in so beautifully.


We are very pleased to welcome Miss Knox to the CHS team. She has recently completed her BSE in Social Anthropology at Manchester University and will be with us during the Autumn and Spring terms.  Her talents were first seen as a gap year assistant at Thomas’ School where she demonstrated a passion for Sports and Dance. She has been timetabled to support most of our PE sessions.


I am also delighted that, following the Government’s Step 4 guidance, we are able to return to relative normality. To that end, Forms Two to Six stepped on to the school coach this afternoon to the Kensington Leisure Centre. The pupils were able to enjoy their first off-site games and swimming lessons for many months.


The notorious British weather is being suitably unpredictable, so please make sure that your child has brought their 3in1 jackets, white trainers, sun hats and art aprons. The Form letters explain which items are needed for which day such as swimming on Fridays or ballet on Tuesdays. These must be labelled and in school for Monday.

Forms three to Six have a class recorder lesson on Monday. If any child has their own recorder, we would like them to bring it in with them (it should be named). For those that do not have a recorder, the school will allocate a newly sterilized one for their personal use.

We do appreciate that there have been some delays with Perry Uniform. Until items are back in stock perhaps second hand uniform would be helpful. To help us through we are planning a second hand uniform sale next Friday 17th September at 3pm.  We will have a gazebo in the park, near where our Football Club training takes place. Entrance to Hyde Park is from Stanhope Place.  Any supportive parents that would like to assist in the sale should email Mrs Hampton directly.

Our School pupil council has asked the school to support the RSPCA this year. Any funds collected from the second hand sale will go to this famous organisation which is almost 200 years old!



We have scheduled virtual ‘Meet the Teachers’ sessions for Forms One to Six for the week beginning 20th September. The Meet link will be posted on your child’s Google Classroom. You will need to login as your child. The session will last approximately half and hour. If you are unable to attend, you will be able to access the slides presentation on your child’s Google Classroom.

Individual parent/teacher meetings are scheduled for the week before half term. The dates and times will be allocated in due course.


As well as Coronavirus there are seasonal bugs, including the norovirus, around and there is every likelihood that some of our children could become unwell this term.  Current Covid advice is to take a PCR test if there are any symptoms. These include: a runny nose and sneezing; a cough; high fever or loss of taste and smell. Your child should remain at home until they have received a negative result. If your child is in close contact with someone who has tested positive they should have a negative test before returning to school please. Whilst waiting for test results you child will be marked with an X on the register. This will not affect their attendance percentage. If a child tests positive, they will be marked as absent due to sickness.

For pupils who are well enough to complete school work whilst recuperating from their illness, work will be set on the child’s Google classroom. When possible, one to one sessions may be scheduled with an assistant during the week or invitations to join the class virtually may be considered. Please remember that our teachers cannot teach both online and in the classroom at the same time and our priority is to teach well in school. Any pupil who is absent for any other reason, such as extending holidays abroad, will not be set additional work by the form teachers. As normal, permission for exceptional circumstances must be sought from Mrs Hampton before taking time off during the school term. Please do read Remote Learning Policy & Covid Contingency planning.


Unfortunately, one of our fully vaccinated members of staff has just tested positive for Coronavirus, which means that we are down one member of staff. Mrs White, our former secretary will temporarily re-join the team from next Wednesday, to provide some additional support. Staff who were in close contact have taken the necessary tests and other precautions.


We have had a number of requests for additional clubs, however, until the second half of term, we have decided to remain with the clubs that are being offered by CHS staff. If we are comfortable opening the school up to additional specialists (who are likely to be exposed to many more children from other venues) then we will circulate our plans in October. Our priority is to give our children an uninterrupted and proactive Autumn Term.

Wishing you a restful weekend