Good afternoon CHS Parents

We hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather we are currently blessed with, the children certainly appreciated the park this week.

Mrs Rogers took Form One to the Toy Museum on Wednesday and they all thoroughly enjoyed the outing, they returned brimming with creative ideas about toys coming to life and other stories.

Form Two and Form Three ventured to Kew Gardens yesterday to support their current science projects.  The outing was made all the more enjoyable with the sun shining and spirits running high, with understandably favourite adventures in the children’s gardens.

Form Six were asked to design a new fleet of boats which have been sent on a mercy mission to the frozen north. They were asked to hand decorate hand-crafted wooden boats over the half term which will be placed on the Arctic ice sheets. The US/European venture is named, ‘Float Your Boat’ and is the latest in pioneering technology which help track the movement of ice on the Arctic Ocean. Eighteen elaborately-decorated boats were shipped from the school to the research base located near the North Pole. The boats will be tracked via GPS giving a precise measure of how far and how quickly the ice sheets are melting. It’s hoped that some of the boats may even be discovered in the future and reunited with their expectant pupils in a real-life ‘Frozen’ drama that these eleven-year old’s will never forget

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,