Our Prep School Curriculum Is Rich In Variety And Depth

Our curriculum is rich in variety and depth

We do not just prepare  our pupils for the next stages of their education but empower them with the knowledge, skills and qualities that they will need to be successful and contented in our complex modern world. Our passion for cultivating emotional wellbeing and the nurture of soft skills such as compassion, self awareness, and resilience is central to our philosophy and curriculum at Connaught House.  We encourage everyone in the school to cultivate a growth mindset – teachers and children alike, and all year groups participate in a UNICEF and a PSHE & RSE assembly every week.  In practicing calm and focused attention, awareness of emotion and empathy, we help CHS pupils to feel happy, the foundation of good learning.

Opportunities abound for discussion and critical thinking

Philosophy is given a regular slot in the timetable, and debating features in cross curricular discussion such as in History and English lessons. The arts are prioritised and children are encouraged to be curious, questioning and well rounded. Pupils are involved in their own learning, and our small classes mean that marking and target setting are personalised, and pupils often meet with their teacher to discuss strengths and areas for improvement.

Curriculum Details

Detailed information on our curriculum can be found in the subject policies below.  Subject maps outline whole school coverage of each academic subject, clearly displaying the continuity and progression.

Termly curriculum maps pertain to each Form separately and are produced by the class teacher at the start of every term. These colourful maps provide our parents and the pupils themselves with an overview of everything that will be taught over the course of the term, building curiosity and encouraging family discussion around the topics at home. They are brightly coloured for display on a fridge or noticeboard.

school calendar with term dates and events