As we head off on the half term break, we would like to round up what has been a very productive first half to the Spring Term.   The 11+ entrance exams began the year with a bang and since then the school has been full of hard work and focused children.


Poetry Week 


The glorious rhythms of poetry have been ringing through the building as our pupils have been preparing diligently for the recent Poetry Competition.  The buzz of creative writing and literary appreciation throughout the school has been a delight to behold.  Our budding poets in Junior One completed their Super Hero projects with some acrostic poetry about their own superhero and Form One skied, surfed and sailed their Magic Boxes over the Pacific Ocean, to the Sahara Desert and beyond.  Form Two’s cross-curricular poems described their islands and all pupils challenged themselves to remember and deliver their lines with panache.  Our senior classes selected poetry by a range of famous poets including Alan Albright, Rudyard Kipling, Elizabeth Frye and Spike Milligan.  We could have awarded commendations to every pupil as all poems were performed eloquently, with character and clear diction.  Our guest adjudicator Mr Dick Jaine, Director of Education at Kensington Park School, and formerly High Master of St Paul’s Boys’ Senior School, had to make some difficult decisions.  However, in keeping with the CHS ethos, every child was applauded and pupils were recognised for effort and improvement as well as for their performance on the day.


Safer Internet Day


The whole school marked Safer Internet Day with a range of activities that reinforced online safety with some marvellous monsters designed, created and presented within the junior classes. The favourite monster from each class then received a prize; congratulations go to Orion, Yulia and Matteo for their fantastic junk model designs and to Amara for her creative Poster.  We look forward to displaying the children’s Safer Internet Posters on Open Day.


Sportspeople of the Term


Despite the cold weather, the children have continued to enjoy their sports lessons with Mr Taiwo, coming back rosy cheeked and full of beans from the park or Kensington Leisure Centre.  A special Well Done to Clay in Form One and Alexandra in Form Two who have been especially commended by Mr Taiwo as this term’s sportspeople of CHS!


Carol Concert Photographs


A selection of beautiful photographs from the carol concert are now available for you to purchase!  Kristof Szentgyorgyvary, our official CHS photographer, has uploaded these onto his website.

For security purposes, the password to unlock the pictures and purchasing information will be coming to you in a separate email. We respectfully ask you not to share these details with anyone outside of your immediate family or on social media but we know that you will enjoy these photos as much as we have!


Children’s Mental Health Week


We marked Children’s Mental Health Week with a special whole school assembly this morning, an addition to our weekly mindfulness assemblies. The children reflected upon the importance of positive thinking for mental health and each child received a little star upon which they wrote something which made them special and unique.  Next term, we plan to take our Senior Girls’ mindfulness practice to another level, meditating outside in the tranquil and picturesque Connaught Square Gardens.


Votes for women 100 years on


Representation of the People Act 1918.  Discussions took place throughout the school this week marking this important event and the roles played and sacrifices made by the suffragettes and suffragists in achieving this landmark ruling.


Afternoon Tea for Junior One and Form One   


Our final event of this bustling half term has been the Junior One and Form One afternoon tea at which Miss Hayward presented a short talk on ‘Reading aloud with your child’.  Thank you to all of those who attended and we hope you found it helpful.




Mr Taiwo’s after school Friday Football Club will be returning to Hyde Park on 23 February (after the Poetry Recital).  It has been a joy for him to see how much all the children have developed in their footballing abilities and their love for the sport.  Please email for full details and to confirm your place.


Dates for your Diary – full details to follow in due course


  • Poetry Recital at the Steiner Hall:  Friday, 23 February, 2.30pm.  Please can we remind you that this event is not suitable for younger siblings. Every pupil in the school will be performing in their class’ choral poem and those highly commended by Mr Jaine will be performing individually before this larger audience.


  • Parent Teacher Meetings: Tuesday, 27 February and Thursday, 1 March.


  • Open Day: Friday, 16 March, 8.30am until 11.00am.


Finally, we look forward to receiving the 11+ results for our senior girls and welcoming everybody back after a restful break on Monday, 19 February 2018.


The CHS Team