Dear CHS Parents


We are at the end of our Spring Term and feel very lucky that all our children returned with such excitement at the beginning of March and this level of enthusiasm has been maintained throughout the last few weeks.  The focus on STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Maths) activities has been a positive way for the children to return to the school. This culminated in our ’Silly Science’ workshops which the children were still discussing today at school.

Thank you to all our parents that have joined Mrs Hampton for the past two weeks to discuss various topics including the new RSE elements of our Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHE) which is available to view on the school website.



Whilst the school closes tomorrow, we will continue to monitor any positive test results within the community, therefore please do email the school at if any families test positive over the course of the holiday as this may impact other families.



The General Knowledge Quiz has been uploaded on to the children’s Google Classrooms for Form Three upwards.  This is an traditional competition which has a trophy awarded at the end of the Summer Term.  Children should be encouraged to research the answers themselves and there will be further unseen questions that will complete the quiz at the start of the summer term.


Summer Term Clubs

  • LAMDA drama club will resume on Tuesday 20 April, for our Junior and Senior bubbles.  
  • Art Club will resume for our middle bubble, Form Two and Three, on Tuesday 20 April, please collect your child at 5pm
  • Football clubs should resume back to pre-Covid normality in the summer term. 
    • Thursdays for Forms Three, Four, Five and Six
    • Fridays for Junior One, Form One and Form Two
  • Chess Club will begin the following week of Monday, April 26.

Whilst there will be some relaxation relating to social distancing for the summer term, we will continue to adhere to the staggered drop off and collection times. Please do read  the updated Covid-19 Risk Assessment.

Hopefully it will be warm enough for the summer uniform to be worn from the start of term.  However, all children must be in their summer uniform by the 4th  May.  As the Covid restrictions loosen, we would ask our parents to adhere to the school uniform once again; including correct school shoes, white trainers for the park, school blazers and caps/hats,  and our boys (from Form One upwards) can once again return to school wearing their ties.  They should also be wearing their summer PE kit by this date as well.  We will not be swimming for the first half of the summer term.

On a final note, I often speak about how wonderful the CHS team is, and I think all our families would agree that they have gone above and beyond to support the children this term.  However, I would like to just how blessed we all feel to have had the most fantastic parents and community through this most unusual Spring Term.


Fingers crossed, we can have an undisturbed Summer Term.


Wishing you all a very happy and healthy Easter break,


With warm regards,