What a wonderful end to an extremely busy Spring Term. Thank you for all the hard work and creative costume-making to support our end of term World Book Day Celebrations. As we write, the school is a buzz of literary characters celebrating the works of Roger Hargreaves, Julia Donaldson, J K Rowling and Norman Juster among others. The children are enjoying a truly memorable day with no visible sign of a formal lesson – sorry parents!


A huge thank you to Miss Rollins for organising our World Book Day Celebrations including a very successful day with the author Robert Weston who was a great hit with all the age groups.


At tomorrow’s end of term assembly we will be presenting the poetry certificates to the children commended by Miss Wendy Innes as well as taking the opportunity to listen to some of our favourite poems again. Although we will not have our lovely Mrs Hopkins with us, she has been in touch and is looking forward to being back and in full voice in April.


Well done to all the staff and children for producing such beautiful work presented throughout the school for Open Day. We too agreed with the parents who commented on the high quality of the work and the displays.


We look forward to welcoming our children back on Wednesday, 22nd April.


Wishing you all a very happy Easter break.


The Hamptons