E-News 13/5/22

Good afternoon CHS Parents

We hope this email finds you well.

We’ve had a busy week this week with a visit to a farm and a castle, together with a very successful 2nd hand uniform sale that was a brilliant success and we look forward to donating the money raised to UNICEF Ukraine.

Godstone Farm

The children had a wonderful trip to the farm on Tuesday. We were so impressed that everyone managed to arrive at school at 8am for an early departure. The coach journey was part of the excitement for a lot of the children! Once in Kent, they visited everything a petting farm in Springtime has to offer. Enjoying the pig race, the opportunity to stroke a range of animals, including tortoises, rabbits and they even watched some stick insects and some creepy crawlies in their habitat!

2nd Hand Uniform Sale

We raised an amazing £505 from the 2nd Hand Uniform Sale and managed to whittle down our stock to a manageable size so thank you very much to all those who came and contributed, we are very grateful for your generosity.  Once again, thank you to the fabulous parents that helped arrange this event.

Form Six Visit to Hever Castle

Our intrepid group of Form Six pupils embarked on a thrilling school trip to the centre of Kent on Thursday. Mrs Hampton joined Mr Garvey and Ms Pluskowska on the trip.  The childhood home of Anne Boleyn was the venue, with Hever Castle opening its doors to the pupils who were able to sample life in Tudor England. Henry VIII’s second wife enjoyed growing up at Hever for several years before embarking on a role as one of Katherine of Aragon’s attendants. The pupils had an array of questions to ask as they toured the eighteen rooms of the stately house. They identified pictures in the Tudor gallery, discovered the dates of a choir stool and even counted the number of cats in the Dining Hall. After an hour in the castle, they were free to enjoy the mystery of the yew tree maze, reaching the centre after making very few false turns. After lunch, the levels of excitement increased as the class raced around the Water Maze, quite possibly taking more water with them than intended. There was also a chance to explore the Tudor adventure playground before a spin around the Gift Shop. The day was completed by a country walk, including sheep, lambs, horses and nettles, before arriving back at London Bridge. “One of the best school trips” was one comment, with others admitting, “Life in Tudor England would have been very different to what we experience today.”

National Art Competition Success

We are delighted that Amni in Form Three has been shortlisted The Young Artist Summer Show at the Royal Academy, out of 21.000 entries.  We will share the link and her art work entered in the exhibition later in the summer.

Maths JMC Success

Pupils from Form Five and Form Six have received the results of the Junior Maths Challenge competition this week. The tournament involves a written test of 25 taxing questions covering areas of Maths which would frustrate the minds of most secondary school children. Many congratulations to Riddhi who came out as the ‘Best in School’ with an amazing total of 111 points and qualification for the next round of the Challenge. There were also silver medals for Estella, Hannah Z and Alexandra and bronze achievements for both Oscar and Adiel. The next round takes place in the second week of June.

Staying within the realm of maths, congratulations goes to Form Three who are currently the top Maths Doodlers!



As part of the Jubilee Week celebrations at CHS, there is an art competition. The children are to produce a portrait of the Queen. It can be in any style, use any media and it can also depict corgis or horses or something else related to the Queen’s interests. All entries will be displayed at school in the week beginning 23rd May. Accordingly, entries need to be handed in by Monday 23rd May. CHS is allowed to send 10 entries off to be judged by the Deputy Surveyor of Paintings and the Director of Royal Collection Trust. The winning prize (there will be 12 portraits chosen) is to have their portrait on display in the Family Pavilion at Buckingham Palace between July and September this year. The winners will be invited to Buckingham Palace to see their portraits sometime in September.



JUNIOR One Mini Beast Dress up on Tuesday 17th May

Please remember that the children are invited to come to school on Tuesday 17th May dressed as a ‘minibeast' of their choice.



Following a very successful 'Pupil’s Vote’, a close result of 29 pro to 27 con, we will have the option of all students wearing a tie to accompany the winter uniform. To this end, we have notified Perry’s to update their website to represent a gender non specific format.

Please note that children should be arriving at school in their full summer uniform - please refer to the full uniform list held at Perry’s and the CHS website.



Junior One:                       Bruno for a wonderful piece of writing about the farm trip

Form One:​                         Sofia for having a super work ethic and always showing great determination with her learning

Form Two:                         Aria for a thoughtful letter in role as a character

Form Three:                      Ivan for being an enthusiastic geographer

Form Four:                        Luca for his character study

Form Five:                         Estella for writing an engaging newspaper report

Form Six:                           Hannah Z for a superb performance in the Junior Maths Challenge



Mimi in Form Three for her fantastic Byzantine mosaic of a deer


Best wishes for a lovely weekend,







E-News 6/5/22

Good afternoon CHS Parents


I hope this email finds you all well and enjoying this beautiful weather.

This week started with colourful images of Carp fish decorated throughout the school in recognition of ‘Japanese Children’s Day’.  A big thank you to Hannah M, Olympia and Mrs Moar for providing the beautiful decorations and to Mrs Desborough who encouraged our Art Clubbers to create their own Coy Carp streamers.  We were also delighted to have Mrs Moar join us as a guest speaker in our UNICEF assembly on Tuesday.



As we are now in May, the children should be dressed in their summer uniform.  We have a second hand uniform on 10 May, please see details below, where you may find any items that have proven difficult to obtain from Perry’s.



2nd hand uniform sale on Tuesday 10 May from 8.15am

We will be holding a second hand uniform sale in the dining room on the date above.  If you do have second hand uniform, please ensure this is brought in clean on Monday 9 May so we can organise for the following morning.  Once again, we will be having an Honesty Box with the proceeds going to: https://www.unicef.org.uk/donate/donate-now-to-protect-children-in-ukraine/

Godstone Farm Visit on Tuesday 10 May

Junior One, Form One and Form Two will be leaving school by 8:30am and returning to school at around 3:30pm. Please ensure that children arrive at school by 8am.

The children should wear their uniform. If it is hot then please ensure that they have their sun hats and have had sun cream with adequate protection applied before coming into school. If it is raining we will be bringing their park coats and park shoes.

The children will need to bring in a packed lunch in a labelled disposable bag with a bottle of water. Please ensure that there are NO NUTS present in any of the food as several of our children have serious nut allergies.


Hever Castle Visit on Thursday 12 May

Form Six will be visiting Hever Castle on Thursday 12 May, details to follow.

Jubilee Celebration on Thursday 26 May

We will be celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee on the above date at CHS and invite the children to arrive at school wearing either red, white and blue OR come dressed to represent a particular decade from the Queen’s reign, i.e. from the 1950's onwards.

Maths Competition Success

Hampstead in North London was the scenic venue for the first round of a national Maths competition on Thursday. A squad of four intrepid Key Stage Two Mathematicians wended their way through some of London’s leafy suburbs to pit their Maths expertise against seventeen other teams selected from a range of top London Prep Schools. The competition has been going for several decades and comprises thirty tantalising questions ranging from Algebra to Accountancy and from Fractions to the Fibonacci sequence.

Our side of Hannah Z, Alexandra, Adiel and Riddhi started the competition like an express train, getting the first ten questions correct and opening up a short lead on our hosts: UCS school. Gradually though the questions became more challenging and, with calculators strictly forbidden, the pressure began to mount. To their credit, the team remained in the top echelons of the scoreboard, finishing a creditable fifth out of eighteen and with a mammoth total of 1462 points. This points tally may be enough to see them through to the semi-finals which take place online at the end of May.

Successful ISA Creative Writing Competition

Creative Writing is the backbone of many 11+ tests and features highly within each year group’s daily English lesson. Having an inquiring mind, selecting challenging vocabulary and being able to use descriptive techniques are all skills that pupils need to accumulate.

In the middle of March several pupils from Form Six entered the ISA’s national Creative Writing competition. This was open to pupils from both Primary and Secondary schools in the ISA network. Pupils were judged in their respective age groups. For Form Six, the challenge included writing an original imaginative essay using guidance given by the ISA's English department. After several weeks of deliberations, Amara from Form Six was awarded second place in her category, a phenomenal achievement in a national competition.

Amara's story was called Mysterious Matilda and can be read on the ISA website at: https://www.isaschools.org.uk/arts/creative-writing/essay

One of the ISA judges said of Amara’s essay: 'I was particularly impressed by how Amara’s varied style sustains interest. A wide variety of sentence types are used confidently to create the narrative.'

What an outstanding achievement!



Junior One: Niko this week for trying really hard to apply his phonics knowledge to his written work!

Form One:  Michael for always trying hard, being polite and showing great team work!

Form Two: Allegra for her creative drawing of the 'storm sound’ words!

Form Three: ​Ethan for an excellent spelling in his story!

Form Four: Tao for her amazing badminton skills!

Form Five: Hannah M. for carefully drawn graphs and analysis in Science!

Form Six: Amara for her award winning ISA Creative Writing essay!

Have a wonderful sunny weekend,

E-News 29/4/22

Good afternoon CHS Parents

We hope this email finds you all well.


Marriott Hotel Visit 

All of our children from Junior One to Form Two enjoyed a fabulous afternoon at the Marriott Hotel where they donned aprons and chef’s hats and were supported by chefs from the Marriott in a wonderful Spring Workshop, making chocolate and decorations.


Dance Club

The launch of the after school dance club was successful on Thursday, with a handful of Key Stage One pupils enjoying this creative club.  Unfortunately, we have not had any Key Stage Two pupils sign up yet, but hope to fill these spaces


General Knowledge Quiz Club

General Knowledge has taken centre stage this week for many of the Senior pupils. Friday morning saw four of them compete in the semi-finals of the national Quiz Club tournament, with 61 schools facing each other over thirty spectacularly difficult questions. The brain teasers varied from: recognising Benedict Cumberbatch to knowing the name of the only gliding dinosaur and identifying which monarch was on the British throne at the start of the American Civil War. Mimi from Form Three, Luca from Form Four, Riddhi from Form Five and Alexandra (captain) from Form Six made up this enterprising team. Points were awarded from twenty for easier ones such as, how many of the seven dwarfs have beards? Up to one hundred for the more challenging, e.g., pinpointing Yemen on a map.

The team performed heroically coming 29th out of the 61 teams. Sadly their total wasn’t enough to make it through to the final, but at least they now know that Lake Superior is the largest of the Great Lakes, that Chromium’s chemical symbol is Cr and that an element’s atomic mass is determined by the number of protons in its atom. Well done to this brilliant team!


School General Knowledge Quiz

All of our pupils in Key Stage Two participated in our annual General Knowledge Quiz this afternoon. Results will be shared in next week’s CHS E: News, and the trophy presented at the end of this term.

Congratulations goes to Emma in Form Four who has achieved a 500-day streak in DoodleMaths!



This week, Artwork of the Week goes to Hannah Z in Form Six for her wonderful floral embroidery



Junior One: Ari for good individual work

Form One: Alexander for super vocabulary!

Form Two: Nayel for amazing coding

Form Three: Amni for always being friendly and sensible

Form Four: Ella and Percy for educating F4​

Form Five : Olimpia for being helpful and kind

Form Six: Alexandra for her enterprising role as the school's Quiz Club Captain



We will be collecting clothes for the 2nd hand uniform sale on Monday 9 May with all proceeds from the honesty box will go to UNICEF.  

Please remember it is a bank holiday weekend this weekend and we will see the children back in school on Tuesday 3 May. 


Have a lovely long weekend,


E-News 22/4/2022

Good afternoon CHS Parents


It was wonderful to welcome the children back to Connaught House after the Easter break. We have heard stories of adventurous Easter egg hunts at castles and the children seemed delighted at all the chocolate they managed to eat!



The Key Stage One children will be taking part in one of our local Spring Workshop at the Marriott Hotel, Marble Arch, on 27 April between 2-3pm.  This is all part of the Marble Arch Community Partnership Programme that Connaught House School is proud to be part of and follows on from our successful Christmas Card collaboration with the Penfold Community Hub.



Please be reminded of the new after school Dance Class offered at CHS.  The Dance Club will take place on Thursday afternoons, starting on Thursday, 28 April.  Alyssia, Principal & Owner of Alyssia Fleur School of Dance, plans to teach two groups at 3.40pm to 4.15pm (Junior One, Form One & Form Two) and at 4.30pm to 5.15pm (Form Three, Form Four, Form Five and Form Six).  Please do notify us ASAP if you are interested in enrolling your child.


Form to complete 

Last summer our CHS  parents were involved in consultations relating to the statutory updates to the PSHE (Personal Social Health and Economic) curriculum and  RSE (Relationships and Sex Education).  To follow up on your helpful input, please access the link below and complete the questionnaire.  Your feedback and partnership in this key subject is most helpful.  It should not take more than a few minutes to complete.

Please make sure you complete the correct form for your child.


Form to complete for Form One, Form Two and Form Three parents only:


Form to complete for Form Four, Form Five and Form Six parents only:



If you have already completed the above forms, thank you.

Best wishes for a wonderful weekend,


E-News 30/3/2022

Dear Parents


What a whirlwind on which to end what has been a superb Spring Term!


Our Science Week, led by Mrs Rogers, included a fabulous Silly Science Workshop (held at the Sylvia Young Theatre School) where our children had the opportunity to participate in a number of experiments.  This was followed by our dress up in STEM costumes.  I was so impressed to see the variety of famous inventors, explorers, scientists, palaeontologists, buildings and even the odd virus that presented themselves for school on Tuesday morning!  The day continued with STEM based activities in all the classrooms and culminated in a whole school assembly where a selection of children received certificates and presented some of their work.


Congratulations to:

Margaret - Junior One

Michael - Form One

James - Form Two

Alma - Form Three

Christina - Form Three

Olimpia - Form Five

Amara - Form Six


Margaret - Junior One (3 to 5 years)

Poppy - Junior One (3 to 5 years)

Sofia - Form One (5 to 8 years)

Darcy - Form Three (5 to 8 years)

Estella - Form Five (8 to 11 years)

Amara - Form Six (8 to 11 years)

who were chosen within their categories as CHS winners of the Science Poster Competition.  It was a tough decision to choose between each piece of work as so much dedication and thought had gone into producing such clever posters.  Special mention to Monty who created a fine poster on the growth of stalagmites, Ethan who had a clever idea on the growth of the air travel industry and Jeremy who followed the development of the human brain.  There were just too many to choose from.

The Easter Bunny visited Connaught Square Gardens today, hiding the children’s beautifully made Easter egg pictures.  The lack of chocolate certainly did not deter the children from having a genuinely happy egg hunt in the gardens.


Competition News

Children from Forms 5 & 6 competed in the UK Linguistics Olympiad and special mention goes to Riddhi in Form 5 who has progressed onto the next round.

We are also incredibly impressed with our CHS Debating Team who headed off to Queen’s Gate School and gave an impressive performance winning each of their debates and coming in at a creditable fourth place out of 22 schools.  Well done!

More praise goes to our General Knowledge Team comprising of Mimi, Luca, Riddhi and Alexandra who participated in a National online challenge against 170+ other primary schools achieving an outstanding 6th place overall.  They have been invited back to the second round next term.

Attached, you will find our annual CHS General Knowledge Quiz.  These 25 questions form half of the overall Quiz.  The full 50 questions will be given to all pupils from Form 3 and up on their return in the Summer Term.  Please do encourage your children to research the topics to enable them to answer the questions.  The remaining unseen questions normally determine the overall winner of the General Knowledge Trophy.  The questionnaire will also be linked on Google Classrooms for the participating Forms.

Congratulations to Estella and Aurelia who both competed in the Richmond Music Festival in their respective age groups.  Estella won 1st prize for the under 11s solo performance playing Air Varie No:2 by Charles Dancla.  To match her older sister, Aurelia received 1st prize for music versatility performing flute and violin solo on Concerto No:1 by Accolay.


Next Term

We are excited to be adding to our after school clubs with a Dance Club on Thursday afternoons, starting on 28 April.  Principal & Owner of Alyssia Fleur School of Dance plans to teach two groups at 3.40pm to 4.15pm (Junior One, Form One & Form Two) and at 4.30pm to 5.15pm (Form Three and up).  Please do notify us if you are interested in enrolling your child.

As many may have noticed, our lovely Ms Evans is expecting a baby towards the end of the summer term.  Stepping into her place as Form Two teacher for the final few weeks is our own Mrs Desborough who is not only a wonderful art teacher but also a highly experienced Key Stage 1 teacher.

Continuing with baby news, Ms Antolini Lemos recently had a healthy little girl expanding her family to 4.  Congratulations!

We are looking forward to Ms McLatchie returning after her maternity leave to continue with violin lessons.

Please do notify Dr Ashworth if you are interested in taking up any private music lessons.

Wishing you a very happy and healthy Spring holiday and we look forward to welcoming our children back in school on Wednesday, 20 April 2022.  *Please remember that Form One will need their swimming gear in school on Friday, 22 April 2022*


Best wishes.


CHS Team

E-News 25/3/2022

Dear CHS Parents


I hope that you agree, this morning’s Open Day was a huge success.  We had a full house of pupils touring their parents through the school, coupled with the smell of Donata’s baking, and Dr Ashworth’s piano playing drifting through the building, this all made for a wonderful experience for the children.

Mrs Hampton was delighted that such a large number of pupils from Forms Five and Six volunteered to return to school in the afternoon to act as CHS ambassadors by touring prospective parents around the school.  All the parents found the children to be totally charming and very polite.



The art of debating is one which spans the generations and which all pupils should be encouraged to delve into whether at home or at school. It was with this in mind that a team of bright and enthusiastic Form Six students travelled to Queen’s Gate School in Kensington this Thursday for a prestigious debating competition for 10 and 11 year olds.

The side was led by Adiel alongside Alexandra and Hannah. They were up against twenty-one other teams in a two hour debating spree which covered three main topics.  This house believes that Disney characters offer bad role models for children.  This House believes that Theatre, Music and Dance lessons should be taken off the main school curriculum and become optional clubs.  This house believes that it is better to give than to receive.

Our three protagonists were pitched against other schools and were told whether they were to be proposing or opposing the motions. They offered definition of terms, rebuttals and points of information.

Amazingly, the team won each of its debates and were commended by the organisers for their proficiency and confident delivery. Due to the subjective nature of the voting, we were placed fourth overall, but with every intention of entering more similar competitions in the future and hopefully inspiring other pupils to take up the fine and noble art of debating.


I would like to share some good news regarding the Richmond music festival which took place last weekend.   Estella (Form Five) and Aurelia (Form Four) both competed 2 classes on the string day,  both girls received 1st prize as well as trophies.  Estella received 1st prize for under 11 years old string solo performance, playing a violin solo, and Aurelia received 1st prize for music versatility class where she performed a flute and violin solo.



Next week is Science Week at CHS and the children may dress up in any way linked to STEM  (Science, technology or maths) on Tuesday 29th March.

Please note, on Wednesday 30 March, the last day of term, CHS will finish at:

  • 12.15pm for the Junior One and Form One children
  • 12.20pm for Form Two and Form Three
  • 12.30pm for Form Four, Form Five and Form Six children


We wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday and hope you have a restful weekend,


Best wishes



E-News 18/3/2022

Dear CHS Parents


We hope this email finds you all well and enjoying this beautiful weather we are blessed with at the moment.

Last week started with a posy making workshop with the Junior One and Form One classes. The children created absolutely beautiful flower arrangements.  We were so impressed with the variety of colours and the enthusiasm these little ones showed!



Friday 25 March - Open Morning - Please book your time slot if you have not already done so.



Junior One: Konstantin for being very helpful in class!

Form One: Sofia for amazing accuracy in mathematics

Form Two: Toshin for amazing French!

Form Three: Izzy for telling the time so well

Form Four: Luca for great effort with his water cycle explanation

Form Five: Riddhi for excellent comprehension work

Form Six: Ibrahim for an exemplary effort to learn the 16 times tables

Wishing you a happy weekend.

E-News 11/3/2022

Good afternoon CHS Parents


This week kicked off with adrenaline pumping through the Form Three and Form Four football team as they played Hampden Gurney.  Mr Taiwo has commented:


‘Despite not winning this time, our football team managed to score 3 fantastic goals. Our goals came from Luca and Charlie.  We may have lost the match however we definitely WON when it came to commitment on the pitch, putting into practice tactics we have worked on in training and representing CHS with pride. Your boys and girls should be very proud of themselves. 


Special mention to the captain for the day Christina who fought tirelessly on the pitch and bossed the game from the middle of the field, Ivan who made some tremendous saves, the 2 goal hero Luca and Charlie who was voted player of the match by his peers.'


Maths Update Friday 11 March 2022

This past week has seen Form Six engrossed in the latest Sumdog Maths extravaganza. This online competition was open to schools in the borough with students answering a swathe of Maths questions during seven days of exciting challenges. For the fourth time this academic year, Form Six has ended up as Champions. A scintillating team performance from all eight students. A huge well done to Adiel who topped the leader board with 991 points, ahead of Ibrahim and Hannah. There are many more competitions on the way for this brilliant team of Mathematicians.

Meanwhile, two other incredible Mathematicians have soared to new heights in a recent national tournament. Having top scored for the school in this year’s Primary Maths Challenge, Alexandra (Form Six) and Riddhi (Form Five) were fast-tracked into the prestigious bonus round for their age group. This entailed a brain-baffling series of problem solving puzzles to compute online, alongside a few hundred of the top Maths geniuses around the UK. When the final scores came in Riddhi scored a fabulous 19 out of 25 and Alexandra just one ahead with twenty – or 80%. The competition organisers have demarked a total of either 19 or 20 as a silver medal standard. Both of these superb pupils will be receiving their certificates and other competition prizes in due course. Well done on what is an astonishing achievement.

Poetry Recital

Wow, what an amazing afternoon of poetry recitals!  All the children across the school delivered the most wonderful verses, from Spike Milligan to Benjamin Zephaniah.  We were both moved and entertained with the variety and content of the poetry chosen by our senior pupils.

On this note, we would also like to congratulate Riddhi from Form Five who has been awarded a Distinction at LAMDA in Speaking Verse and Prose Grade 3.  Well done Riddhi!


Next week

We are very much looking forward to having a Posy making workshop on Tuesday for the Junior One children and I’m sure parents will witness their beautiful work at the end of the day.


Open Morning - 25 March 8.30am-11.30am

We are delighted that the restrictions around Covid have now been lifted and we are able to host our annual Open Morning at CHS.  Being mindful that a number of our families have not yet experienced this super event, we would like to explain its purpose and what to expect:

The objective of this day is for the children to take ownership of showing you their work.  They will be your tour guides on this morning and they will be taking you around the school to future classes and to meet new teachers.  The opportunity of joining in a chorus or singing a solo with Dr Ashworth in the basement is rarely missed and our Open Days are never complete without sending you off with a cake or something delicious.  Please expect to be with your child in school and anticipate that the visit will take roughly an hour.  Children will remain the responsibility of their parents during this Open Morning and may leave once the visit has been completed.  Ordinarily we would not have timed entry for Open Morning.  However, as we continue to have cases of Covid 19 within our school community, we have elected this year to allocate a number of time slots for entry into each classroom to prevent overcrowding.  We will be in touch next week with a reminder on how to book time in your child’s classroom.  This does not restrict you from visiting other forms along your journey through the school.  However, we would ask you to remember not to overcrowd any one space.


Gold Stars this week go to:


Junior One: Klara for excellent number work this week

Form One: Mila for really neat, well presented work all week

Form Two: Emeer for being sensible, kind and hard working all week

Form Three: Charlie for giving 110% all week!

Form Four: ​Kola - for working quickly on his shape monster

Form Five: Riddhi and Olimpia for their brilliant poetry recitals

Form Six: Katherine for her outstanding confident recital 


Best wishes for a lovely weekend

CHS E:News 11/2/2022

Dear CHS Parents

Carnival Day today is everything we could have wished for, with all the children coming to school dressed in a multitude of colours and characters.

We made every effort to meet our ambition of travelling the world in 8 hours, from Amelia Earhart and Emily Pankhurst to Neil Armstrong and Sherlock Holmes.  Our school is buzzing with activity.  The children have baked pizzas and cakes, participated in fun quizzes, danced and designed everything from headdresses to celebrate Brazilian Carnival, to 3D junk modelling where they created famous landmarks; creations included The Parthenon, Big Ben, The White House and Burj Khalifa.

What a triumph the day has been!  Thanks must be given to the teachers involved with organising today’s events, lead by Ms Burke.

We all participated in World Safety Day on Tuesday.  Mrs Hampton was delighted to lead the assembly for our senior classes and was so impressed with the children’s choices and opinions that they shared during the session.  May we take this opportunity to remind our parents to be vigilant with firewalls at home: https://www.lgfl.net/sales/security-and-safeguarding


Coffee Morning

My sincere apologies to our parents who joined us for our ‘Behaviour' coffee morning yesterday.  Sadly, the force of technology was certainly not with us and Mrs Lachger was unable to access the meeting.  Nevertheless, all was not lost and it was a wonderful opportunity for parents to share their views and experiences related to children’s behaviour.   Thank you to those parents that made recommendations, which included books such as 'Mum what’s wrong with you?’ by Lorraine Candy and 'Tiddler' by Julia Donaldson.

Our Year Six pupils who sat for the 11+ entrance exams will be going home to a number of offers to prestigious schools and a flurry of scholarships.  We congratulate them and celebrate their hard work and dedication that has been put in.




  • Parent’s Remote Evening week of 21 February (Form Five will be in person)
  • Poetry Competition on 23 February


Artwork of the week goes to: 

Fayyadh in Form One for his lovely pyramid


Gold Stars this week 


Junior One: Niko for being very creative and drawing pictures of aeroplanes

Form One: Michael for super cross curriculum work all week

Form Two: Nayel and Andreas for amazing effort in PE

Form Three: Ilya for his excellent effort in Maths this week

Form Four: The whole class for doing some amazing work whilst Ms Burke was absent!

Form Five: Olimpia for excellent problem solving in Maths

Form Six: Amira for her super webpage creation. Amazing!


Best wishes for a restful and lovely half term week,


CHS Team

E-News 28th January 2022

Good afternoon CHS Parents


We hope this email finds you well.


Poet visit on Monday, 1 February

We feel very lucky to have the poet, James Carter, coming in on Monday, 31 January.  Mr Carter will be delivery assemblies and workshops throughout the school during the course of the day.  He is a critically-acclaimed children’s poet and writer–in–schools. It may be helpful to see if there are any questions your child might have over the weekend that they can ask Mr Carter on Monday.  You’ll find all kinds of information on the link below: poems, music, writing tips, an interview – as well as information on his work in schools, libraries and literary festivals: http://www.jamescarterpoet.co.uk/


Carnival Day on Friday, 11 February

CHS will be holding a themed dress up day on Friday 11 February.  The theme will be ‘Around the World in 8 hours’.  We would love the children to dress up as a creative character,  e.g.


  • My name is Cleopatra and I am the Queen of Egypt
  • My name is Frida Kahlo and I am an artist from Mexico
  • My name is Bruce Springsteen and I am a singer from America


We would encourage the children to be as creative as possible and to be able to have some insight into their character and background.



Gold Stars this week    

Junior One: Poppy for always trying her hardest!

Form One: Alexander for his amazing animal knowledge

Form Two: Mariam for an amazing dolphin shaped poem

Form Three: Maxi for being focused, sensible and reliable

Form Four: Jeremy for his vocabulary work

Form Five: Hugo for beautifully presented work on weathering in Geography

Form Six: Alexandra for brilliant simultaneous equations


                              HOUSE POINTS


Clifton - 855                                                               

Sussex - 663




Awarded to four pupils in Form Four for their amazing Oldenburg-inspired clay food sculptures.  Well done to Aurelia, Clara, Tao and Christina! 


Wishing you a wonderful weekend,


Best wishes