E-News 19/11/21

Dear CHS Parents

We hope this email finds you all well.  We have had a wonderful week with tours, matches and plethora of gold stars and certificates awarded.

Congratulations to Hannah Z and Katherine who both received certificates during assembly.  Hannah was awarded a certificate for an impressive thousand day streak on Doodle Maths and Katherine achieved her silver chess certificate.

KPS Tour 

Mrs Hampton has received praise from her colleagues at Kensington Park School from the group tour on Wednesday.  Ms Lovett, Head of Admissions said, ‘I can honestly say it was probably my favourite open evening!  The children were absolutely lovely and are a credit to their parents and indeed, CHS.  I hope to see many of them come through and join us in the coming years.’  

Football Match

Our senior CHS team acquitted themselves superbly on Thursday morning in a fixture against Halcyon Senior School. The end result was 3 - 0 to the opposition. However, the final score was never important in this match with the focus firmly on the performance and if our young champions could rise to the challenge playing against older students which they surely did.

Mr Taiwo was proud of his football team.


Food bank for Marylebone Women’s Refuge

We were happily overwhelmed this week with the volume of dried food and toiletries donated towards this worthwhile local charity.  Ms Arthur and Ms Stock have arranged delivery this afternoon to the charity site with many thanks to you all.


Daunt Books

The Daunt Book sale will take place on Monday 22 November from 8.30am in the dining room.  Bearing in mind social distancing, parent’s entrance will be via the outdoor stairs directly into the basement.  Parents visiting the fair are kindly asked to wear a face covering whilst in the building.  During the day the children will be escorted in their forms to the book fair.  Please bear in mind that the average cost of a book will be roughly £8, and whilst the children should bring in cash, there will card payment facilities if you wish to pay by card.


Roman Day for Form Three

We are looking forward to welcoming our Form Three Romans on Monday 22 November.  This event is becoming a tradition in the Autumn Term as the children sum up their history topic.

Coffee morning with Mrs Hampton

Mrs Hampton will be hosting the last coffee morning of 2021 on Thursday, November 25th at 10am.  She will be joined by Mrs Antolini Lemos, our English as an Additional Language support, to discuss the hurdles that our young multi lingual speakers face and strategies to support them.

Christmas lights 

We are delighted that once again, our Senior Choir has been invited to sing for the community.   They will be situated underneath the ‘Love, Actually’ tree on Kendal Street from 4.30pm.  We welcome pupils and parents to join in this festive event.  Invitation is at the bottom of this email.

Christmas Concert DVD and USB order

This year’s Christmas Concert is on the last day of term, 10 December, at 11am at St Johns Church, Hyde Park.  We are so pleased that our parents and guests will be able to enjoy this event with us once again.  Due to continued Covid risk management,  we will ask parents to remain in their seats during the whole performance and not to leave their place to photograph or film the event. Mrs Hampton has organised for a professional videographer from 2020 TV to record the performance.

Gold Stars    

Junior One: Luca for always been a kind friend

Form One: Luca W for brilliant character description

Form Two: Aria for clear and confident story telling

Form Three: Alma for enthusiastic problem solving

Form Four: Eleanor for great sequencing and interpretation of the Bayeux Tapestry

Form Five: Olimpia for creating an informative and attractive mountain leaflet

Form Six:  Adiel for using amazing powerful verbs in her creative writing

Art work of the week

Alexandra in Form Six Cross hatching in the style of Morandi

House Points

Clifton: 1475

Sussex: 1387

We would finally like to finish this email by wishing our Form Six children, who are embarking on their 11+ entrance exams next week, the very best of luck.

Best wishes


World Mental Health Art Competition Winners

E-News 29th October 2021

Dear CHS Parents

I hope this email finds you all well and healthy.

The children have settled in positively after the half term break and lots of them are looking forward to their spooky weekends!

Form Three welcomed a new student teacher to their class this week.  Mrs McDonald, who is currently a teaching assistant at St John’s Pre-Prep,  will be with us for the rest of this term.  Sadly, we will be shortly sending a fond farewell to Ms Knox who will be leaving at the end of next week to continue on her gap year.

We were delighted to welcome back former CHS pupils from our 2020 and 2021 Form Six classes.  The children met up in school and joined our Seniors in the park for a session with Mr Taiwo, before returning to the building to give our current Year Six some feedback on what to expect in the coming months.  Audrey, Petra, Jeanine, Harry, Teresa, Orlando, Maya and Harriet offered some great coaching advice from their experiences at City of London, Alleyn's, St Pauls, Wetherby and Kensington Park School, that we are sure will be of use to the Form Six’s at this point.

Congratulations to Mimi in Form Three who recently received a distinction in her RCM Violin Grade Four exam, we are looking forward to hearing Mimi play at our Christmas concert.


Following the UNICEF assembly that was lead by Ms Duffy on Tuesday, I am attaching news regarding our recently formed connection with UNICEF and our ambition to reach our silver award.



We are looking forward to seeing the finalist's work in our recent Mental Health and Wellbeing art competition, which will be displayed at a pop up Art Gallery based at 14 Porchester Place.  We have been assured by ’The Sisters London’, that our children’s work will be in their window towards the end of next week.


Christmas card forms will go out with all the CHS children in their bags today, please complete and return by next Thursday at the very latest to make sure your children’s cards will be processed and ready in time for Christmas.



We are very excited to welcome the author, James Sellick, on Wednesday, 3 November, who will be coming into school to present his book 'There’s a Rang-Tan in my bedroom' on deforestation and palm oil.   He will be signing his books which each child will take home with them at the end of the day.   We have asked our seniors  to do a little research about the work that Greenpeace are doing in connection with deforestation and to prepare any questions for the author on Wednesday, please see the following link for your information: https://jamessellick.com/rang-tan



Whilst the weather has been unseasonably warm, the school is cool because we remain vigilant in airing the building.  Our windows throughout the building are open and children coming into school without a vest and their school jumper are getting cold during the day.  Therefore, please make sure they are dressed warmly, wearing a vest and bringing in their jumpers or cardigans.

The school is focusing on our pupil’s behaviour at collection and it will help us if parents and carers can prevent any younger siblings from calling attention to older brothers and sisters.  We would also ask parents and carers, together with younger children, not to sit on the front steps.




Food Drive - Ms Arthur has once again agree to arrange the Food Drive for Westminster Food Bank.  We will be inviting children to bring non perishable goods between Monday 15 November to Friday 19 November.  A list of recommended goods will be shared on Friday 12 November. 


Coffee Morning - Mrs Hampton has had to change the date of her next coffee morning, from 18 November to 25 November.  Invitations with the link to the virtual meeting will be sent shortly before this date.


Flu vaccination - Information regarding the nasal flu vaccination, together with the consent form, will be sent out next week, but we can confirm that this service will be administered on Monday, 29 November.  


For Your Information Only

Colliers Property contacted us apologising for any disruption caused by works currently being undertaken by G Network along Connaught Street.  There will be a second phase of these works on Connaught Street between Porchester Place and Portsea Place, which will run from 25 October until 3 November.


Best wishes for a lovely weekend,



E-News 15.10.21

Dear Parents

We certainly ended the first half of this Autumn Term with a busy and fun filled week, full of adventure and positive work from the children.

School Trip 

Our Form One had a super trip to the Science Museum on Wednesday, followed by an intergalactic space day at school. Fabulous costumes and fun activities had the children immersed and enthused all day. Miss Moreno and Mrs Rogers have shared pictures of the Space week with the class via the Form One Google classroom

Online Author Event

On Wednesday 13th October, Form Five took part in a virtual author event. The talk was led by Joseph Coelho, who is an award- winning children’s author, performance poet and playwright. He inspired the Form Five’s to write their own poems and think about how they could become writers too!


Virtual Coffee Morning

Mrs Hampton was delighted to welcome Ms Stock and her guests Dr Peter Parnes and Dr Lorraine Walker, both clinical psychologists, to her virtual coffee morning on Thursday. As always, the conversation was flowing and interesting topics were discussed about our children’s mental health and wellbeing following the disruptions of the pandemic. Parents can contact Dr Peter Parnes and Dr Lorraine Walker at Psychology4 via email: office@psychology4.com​.



This week, our pupils in Forms Two and Five took part in the Youngwriters Poetry competition to celebrate World Poetry Day on October 7th. We were impressed with all the children’s efforts and end this E-news with two beautiful poems written by Mariam in Form Two and Riddhi in Form Five.


Wishing you a happy and healthy half term.


CHS Team


Autumn Season 

By Mariam F2


I can see autumn leaves falling down around the autumn breeze.

I can hear shiny conkers bumping down the trees, they make a clanging noise while they bump down.

I can feel the wind blowing in my face, it makes a woooooing noise that I love very much.

I can smell lovely spicy gingerbread cooking in the oven that makes wonderful smell.

I can taste orange pumpkin that I love very much.


This is who I am 

By Riddhi F5


A little girl, with warm eyes and yet a cold glare,

Olive skin and midnight hair.

An upturned nose and raised chin,

Never to be described as dim,

I am that little girl with no care.

Notes from Mental Health & Wellbeing Coffee Morning

Dear Parents,

Mrs Hampton was delighted to welcome parents from across the school to her coffee morning on Thursday and would like to share the notes taken from the session with you.

Guest speakers, Dr Parnes and Dr Walker discussed adults having many years of experience of living in 'normal' times, but sadly for young children, the 'pandemic' years are forming a significant part of their childhood. Not surprisingly, the number of children and adults experiencing heightened levels of anxiety has risen dramatically.  For many, it is proving difficult to 'dial back down again'.  Dr Walker stressed the need for parents to take care of their own mental health, to enable them to create a 'calm' response at home.

From our questions and answers session we found that in the Early Years classes, many children found sharing more tricky and in the upper school, particularly Form Six, pupils have not had little time to settle back into school, before being asked to focus on 11+ exam preparation. Dr Parnes explained that by just being available for children to talk to and feel that their concerns could be heard by their parents, was of huge benefit.

A parent raised the interesting point, that during the pandemic we encouraged our children to be 'on line' nearly all day and now we are having to take back the devices and limit screen time.  Dr Walker suggested it might be helpful to frame such discussions in terms of 'differences' - different responses are required at different times.

Miss Stock asked when and how parents should seek support when they have a a concern about their child's mental health.  Dr Parnes said that parents just know when something is not right and that talking to their child's teacher was a good first step. Teachers can work together with parents to solve and sort most concerns.  However, persistent patterns of behaviour that are of concern and not serving a child well, can benefit from support and guidance. A few supportive session or even a one-off chat with a professional mental health practitioner can avoid small issues becoming big issues.

Dr Peter Parnes and Dr Lorraine Walker can both be contacted at Psychology4 via email: office@psychology4.com

We hope you found these notes helpful and look forward to welcoming you to our the next coffee morning on Thursday 18th November.

With best wishes,


The CHS Team


Match Report 8th October by Hugo in Form Five

Connaught House school vs Princess Gardens.

40 minute game - 20 minute half

We started off well defending but  Princess Gardens found  some opportunities to go through the gaps of the defence. During the first five minutes, they found a chance to score but we carried on trying going on towards the second. There were a few really good saves by Ibrahim. At the end of the first twenty minutes, Princess Gardens scored a second goal so we all knew that we had to improve in the second half. Princess Gardens gave away the ball therefore putting Luca on the counter attack - they kicked the ball away making it a corner. Jeremy kicked the ball in and Luca SCORED!!!!

Second Half

We made a few changes to get everyone in different positions to mix things up a bit. We changed goalkeepers from Ibrahim to Hugo at the start. We started off really well making our way into a few counter attacks. Suddenly GOOOOOAAAL! Oscar (Form 6) scored a cracker in from the back post. Half way through the second half we had an equal amount of possession in both halves leaving it 2-2. The last kick of the game was a good one for us because Al got a good couple of shots and so did both Oscars.

The final result was 2-2.

E-News 8th October 2021

Dear CHS Parents

We hope this email finds you all well.

We had a brilliant first football match of the season on Thursday with the Senior Football  team taking on Prince’s Garden Prep School.  The match was evenly fought with a draw of two-all, with man of the match voted as Hugo from Form Five, who was outstanding on the field and spectacular in goal.

Congratulations to Mr Taiwo for running the London Marathon and successfully completing this amazing feat!

We participated in a fantastic Art competition, organised by Sister London, as part of Mental Health and Wellbeing Awareness Day, which was judged this afternoon.  The judges were very impressed with the amazing talent and thoughtful slogans that the children came up with.  Class winner’s work will be exhibited locally in Connaught Village and our overall winner, Hannah from Form Five, will be able to see her winning artwork transformed into a tote bag that will be available for sale, with all proceeds going to a local charity.  Details of the exhibition will be shared nearer the time.

Congratulations to:

  • Junior One - Clara
  • Form One - Alexander
  • Form Two - Andreas
  • Form Three - Charlie
  • Form Four - Meera
  • Form Five - Hannah M
  • Form Six - Katherine

The above artwork will be exhibited at Mrs Hampton’s virtual coffee morning and on the CHS website.

Further congratulations to former Form Six pupils who received certificates form the Royal Park’s ‘Urban Tree Festival 2021 School Challenge’.  These certificates were for ‘Outstanding submissions ‘ where the children created informative posters describing the elder tree.

Form One will be taking a trip to the Science Museum on Wednesday 13th October, followed by a ‘Space’ themed fancy dress up day on Thursday 14 October.  This has always been a wonderful opportunity for the children to get creative and have fun amongst a galactic like classroom.

Mrs Hampton is hoping to see some friendly faces at our virtual coffee morning on Thursday, 14th October at 10am, where the focus will be on Mental Health and Wellbeing.  Invitation and link will be sent out on Monday.

The teachers look forward to seeing you all next week for Parent’s  Meetings.



Please remember to notify any absences or appointments to secretary@connaughthouseschool.co.uk

There will be no Drama, Art or Enrichment Club next week due to the Parent’s Evenings.   Therefore, collection will be at normal time.

The last day of this half term for the children is on Thursday 14 October, as it is an INSET day on Friday for staff ahead of half term.

Best wishes


E-News 1st October 2021

Dear CHS Parents


We hope this email finds you all well.

Forms have been sent out to book your parent’s evening slot, for the week beginning Monday 11 October.  With this in mind, please note that there will be no after school drama or art clubs on Monday 11 October & Tuesday 12 October.

Our pupils’ artwork that was submitted to the ISA competition can be seen on the school website, with this link:  ISA art competition entries 

Competition results:  

The pupils at Connaught House School have been among the daring contestants competing in the first Sumdog Maths contest of the new term. This competition involved children from schools in Westminster. Our main competition was from St Stephen's Primary School who had a number of high quality children taking part. Each student could answer up to a thousand questions online over the seven days of the tournament. These are set into a plethora of exciting games which the children take part in using a tablet or laptop.. It really is very intriguing and enhances their Maths skills. When all the points were added up and double checked, the pupils from Form 6 came out as overall winners. We also had three pupils in the top three places, with Adiel coming top scoring with 982 points, Amara second with 976 and Hannah Z in bronze position with 973 points. This was an amazing achievement by the class. Well done to all the Form 5, Form 4 and Form 3 students who also took part in this thrilling event. The next Sumdog Competition takes place next Half Term and will be against teams across the UK. This will be tough! Are they ready for it?

We are very happy to report that the top doodlers this week were Form 1!  Congratulations to these children, they have been working really hard so far so this is well deserved.

Please note that we expect the children to be in winter uniform from Monday 4 October – if it is cold, the children should wear a vest.  We would like to remind you that all the windows in the school remain open to ventilate the school.

Reminder for Half term dates – 15th to 22nd October inclusive

With best wishes

CHS Team




ISA Art Competition CHS Entries 2021

E-News 11th September 2021


Dear Parents,

The first week of the Autumn Term has gone by in a flash. Our children have come back wide-eyed, energetic and eager to learn. With new faces throughout the school, congratulations should be given to all the fabulous new members of our CHS community. Pride of place goes to those in Junior One, who have settled in so beautifully.


We are very pleased to welcome Miss Knox to the CHS team. She has recently completed her BSE in Social Anthropology at Manchester University and will be with us during the Autumn and Spring terms.  Her talents were first seen as a gap year assistant at Thomas’ School where she demonstrated a passion for Sports and Dance. She has been timetabled to support most of our PE sessions.


I am also delighted that, following the Government’s Step 4 guidance, we are able to return to relative normality. To that end, Forms Two to Six stepped on to the school coach this afternoon to the Kensington Leisure Centre. The pupils were able to enjoy their first off-site games and swimming lessons for many months.


The notorious British weather is being suitably unpredictable, so please make sure that your child has brought their 3in1 jackets, white trainers, sun hats and art aprons. The Form letters explain which items are needed for which day such as swimming on Fridays or ballet on Tuesdays. These must be labelled and in school for Monday.

Forms three to Six have a class recorder lesson on Monday. If any child has their own recorder, we would like them to bring it in with them (it should be named). For those that do not have a recorder, the school will allocate a newly sterilized one for their personal use.

We do appreciate that there have been some delays with Perry Uniform. Until items are back in stock perhaps second hand uniform would be helpful. To help us through we are planning a second hand uniform sale next Friday 17th September at 3pm.  We will have a gazebo in the park, near where our Football Club training takes place. Entrance to Hyde Park is from Stanhope Place.  Any supportive parents that would like to assist in the sale should email Mrs Hampton directly.

Our School pupil council has asked the school to support the RSPCA this year. Any funds collected from the second hand sale will go to this famous organisation which is almost 200 years old!



We have scheduled virtual ‘Meet the Teachers’ sessions for Forms One to Six for the week beginning 20th September. The Meet link will be posted on your child’s Google Classroom. You will need to login as your child. The session will last approximately half and hour. If you are unable to attend, you will be able to access the slides presentation on your child’s Google Classroom.

Individual parent/teacher meetings are scheduled for the week before half term. The dates and times will be allocated in due course.


As well as Coronavirus there are seasonal bugs, including the norovirus, around and there is every likelihood that some of our children could become unwell this term.  Current Covid advice is to take a PCR test if there are any symptoms. These include: a runny nose and sneezing; a cough; high fever or loss of taste and smell. Your child should remain at home until they have received a negative result. If your child is in close contact with someone who has tested positive they should have a negative test before returning to school please. Whilst waiting for test results you child will be marked with an X on the register. This will not affect their attendance percentage. If a child tests positive, they will be marked as absent due to sickness.

For pupils who are well enough to complete school work whilst recuperating from their illness, work will be set on the child’s Google classroom. When possible, one to one sessions may be scheduled with an assistant during the week or invitations to join the class virtually may be considered. Please remember that our teachers cannot teach both online and in the classroom at the same time and our priority is to teach well in school. Any pupil who is absent for any other reason, such as extending holidays abroad, will not be set additional work by the form teachers. As normal, permission for exceptional circumstances must be sought from Mrs Hampton before taking time off during the school term. Please do read Remote Learning Policy & Covid Contingency planning.


Unfortunately, one of our fully vaccinated members of staff has just tested positive for Coronavirus, which means that we are down one member of staff. Mrs White, our former secretary will temporarily re-join the team from next Wednesday, to provide some additional support. Staff who were in close contact have taken the necessary tests and other precautions.


We have had a number of requests for additional clubs, however, until the second half of term, we have decided to remain with the clubs that are being offered by CHS staff. If we are comfortable opening the school up to additional specialists (who are likely to be exposed to many more children from other venues) then we will circulate our plans in October. Our priority is to give our children an uninterrupted and proactive Autumn Term.

Wishing you a restful weekend