E-News 20th November 2020

Dear Parents


We hope this E: News finds you all well and keeping warm as this weather has clearly taken a turn towards Winter.  We would like to remind you again to ensure your child has sufficient undergarments on to keep them warm during school hours as we are still maintaining a high level of hygiene and minimising risk, so windows and doors remain open.

We understand the toll using anti-bacterial gel combined with this chill can have on the children’s hands and lips.  With this in mind, if you wish to send some hand cream or lip salve in with your child, please ensure you complete a medical form (attached) to reflect what you child is using.  Please also send the cream in a clear bag with their name clearly marked on.  This may be kept in their school bag and self-administered as needed during the day.

Thank you to everyone who brought in their Christmas Card forms.  Please note that we can no longer accept any more forms as the deadline was today.  

With fewer facilities open and we appreciate parents may have to be creative with this, on Monday, 7 December we would love to welcome all the children and staff to arrive to school in festive clothes, ready to celebrate their CHS Christmas party.  Another reminder will be sent closer to the time as we would love all the children to be united in the festivities and wearing some fun clothes.  Christmas jumpers and reindeer ears most welcome. Please do bear in mind the children will go to the park, so no party frocks without thermals!

We are half way through our Doodle Maths competition.  Form Four are marginally in the lead, being closely chased by Form Three.  Top Doodler is Emma in Form Three and Christina in Form Three has made the greatest progress.  Any encouragement for our pupils to log on and complete their daily exercises is most welcome.


Wishing all our American members of the CHS community a very Happy Thanksgiving for next Thursday!


And wishing you all a happy and restful weekend.


Best wishes



E-News 14th November 2020

Dear Parents,

Happy Diwali to all those families celebrating this festival of light!  Another celebration during this strange year of lockdown with our children in Art Club enjoying making their beautiful devas to share at home.


Two minutes of silence were marked by all at 47 for Armistice Day, remembering those fallen in the line of duty.  We were very impressed with the children, who were very thoughtful in their questions and held the silence respectfully. Our beautiful front door poppy wreath was made by the children in Form One.


We would like to thank you all for being so supportive of the changes made to allow our football club to continue in line with the new restrictions.  Please note that as it is getting darker earlier each week, we will have to leave the park slightly earlier and will communicate this with parents on a week-to-week basis.  Children should be encouraged to bring in water bottles and football shoes/shin guards on their football club day.

We would like to apologise for any technical issues experienced this week on our website, but glad to report the website is now up and running efficiently.

Upcoming dates:

Next week we will be marking road safety and anti-bullying week with remote assemblies, addressing these subjects age appropriately. Please note that the anti-bullying policy for parents can be downloaded from the school website.

Mrs Desborough has been busy with her artists preparing Xmas card designs.  This year, you can view your child’s work online, details are in all your children’s school bags today.

Information relating to the flu vaccine will be circulated next week.

Once again, we respectfully ask families to follow the latest guidance relating to the pandemic with vigilance and awareness.


With best wishes


The CHS Team

E-News 6th November 2020

Dear Parents

Welcome back to the second half of this unusual Autumn Term.  Once again, we find ourselves in a national lockdown. However, thankfully, the government has permitted schools to remain open at this time, recognising that, “...being in school is vital for children’s education and their wellbeing.”  We are doing everything within our power to reduce the risks of transmission within the school and our goal is to maintain a degree of normality for our children.  Our risk assessment has been updated and you can refer to this on our website. Our small class sizes are working in our favour at this time. However, as a school community, we do need to work together to mitigate risks.  To this end, please can we remind parents to reduce socialising outside of school at drop off and collection times.   The new national restrictions from the government state, "Parents are allowed to form a childcare bubble with one other household for the purpose of informal childcare, where the child is 13 or under……nannies are able to continue to provide services, including in the home.”  However, playdates with other families should be avoided at this time.


As I am sure you are all aware, the weather has dropped significantly and, as we are having to keep the windows open in school to ventilate the building, we urge you to dress your children in additional clothing,  including thermals and polo necks that may be worn underneath their uniform.  Duffle coats should now be worn to school with fleece hats, scarves and gloves.  From next week, all children from Years Two and above, should bring in a spare games kit that will be kept in school, only to be used if the child gets wet whilst in the park.


The latest guidance recognises that schools are permitted, where reasonably necessary, in order to support parents at work, to continue to provide out of school activities.  We are currently looking at ways to adapt some of our clubs in line with the latest guidance and we will notify you of our decision and possible changes at the beginning of next week.


Whilst our intent is to remain open throughout this period, there is obviously a chance that we will be faced with remote learning.  In preparation for this, we encourage all parents to ensure that they have the right technology ready for child/ren to facilitate effective learning.  This would include a working printer, further guidance can be found on the school website, under ‘Policies’.


On a lighter note, Dr Ashworth is starting to prepare for our Christmas Carol Concert on 10th December at St Johns Church, Hyde Park.  Whilst this event will take on a different format, we suggest parents mark this date in their diaries and hope that this is an event that we can all enjoy, safely and socially distanced, together on the last day of term.


Until then, thank you for your continued support.  Our children are happy and thriving in school and we feel very fortunate to have a full house with staff and pupils continuing to work safely and well under these new measures.


Wishing you a lovely weekend,


Best wishes,



E-News 22nd October 2020

Dear Parents

The first half term of this academic year has certainly brought lots of creativity to 47 Connaught Square, from Space to the Romans, Tea with the Tiger, to debating Greek Gods and a house full of spooky and magical creatures.  Our final week of this half term has brought out the imagination of our pupils and staff.

An enormous thank you to our senior teachers who seamlessly moved to remote learning for the past two weeks.  And bravo to our pupils who have all logged in on time, in uniform, and have tried their hardest with remote learning.  We are all excited to be coming to the end of quarantine and, I am sure, more than my own family will be looking forward to a run in the park tomorrow afternoon.

A link to your child’s report was sent to you earlier in the week.  You will need this to access their report that will be released on Monday 26 October.

Although COVID can be symptomatic, I am pleased to report that we have not had any further confirmation of positive tests in the senior bubble.  I would like to remind you not to bring your child in to school if anyone in the household is symptomatic of COVID.  These symptoms include: continuous dry cough, fever, loss of sense of taste/smell.  As per the government website, ‘Self-isolation- if you have symptoms’ means you and all household members must remain at home. Do not go outside your home for any reason, that is to work, school or public areas, and do not use public transport or taxis. The guidance for households with possible coronavirus infection page has more information on self-isolation.’

You would have noticed that all of our pupils have been sent home with remote learning packs yesterday and today.   This is just in case we find ourselves in a circuit break lockdown after half term.  Please do not confuse these packs with homework, they are only to be used in the event of our remote learning coming into play.

The second half of term will see cooler weather, and we urge you to ensure that your children are wearing extra layers.  The windows on each landing and throughout the school are being kept wide open to circulate the air as we have been advised.  This has a knock on effect of creating a rather chilly school.  We will ask parents to dress their children’s outer layer in the school uniform, however, thermal vests, long johns, tights and potentially even polo necks may be worn under shirts for warmth as it gets colder.

We are fortunate to be in the centre of London with an array of wonderful galleries, museums, zoos and city farms at our fingertips that will be open over half term. Do remember to book tickets ahead of time to avoid disappointment.

Wishing you a happy and safe week.


16th October 2020

Dear Parents


It has been a quiet week without the Seniors, we have really missed them and look forward to them returning after half term.   We have so much praise for our Seniors who are working so diligently remotely and are especially impressed with their tenacity, despite some experienced technical issues.  Our Senior teachers have once again gone above and beyond to keep their classes stimulated during this period of remote learning.

The Junior Ones arrived in fantastic attire at school this morning, ready for their ’Tiger who came to Tea’ themed day; they will be finishing this afternoon with a proper tea party with Ms Duffy and Ms Doyle.   The Form Ones arrived shortly after, and were very excited to enter their Space themed classroom this morning.  They are continuing their day surrounded by far away galaxy images whilst creating stories around possible ‘Life on Mars’.  Thank you to Mrs Rogers and Ms Moreno for creating this.

We want to again thank all the CHS children and staff on their continued high level of regard for safety and hygiene whilst at Connaught House.

The flu vaccine is scheduled for December as per our previous email and if any parents have any queries or questions regarding this vaccine, please can I direct you to Patricia Stephens, Immunisation Nurse Specialist on 02033175076, who should be able to help.

There will be more protests this weekend for our local families, details as below:

Saturday 17 October from 1pm, Stand Up to X – March for Freedom

  • The group is expected to assemble at Speakers Corner at 1pm and march to Downing Street via Oxford Street.
  • 400-500 people are expected to attend but numbers are difficult to predict.
  • There will be an proportionate policing plan in place.

Please follow @MetPoliceEvents for up to date police information.

We are looking forward to our seasonal dress up day on Thursday 22 October, the last day of school!

Now that we have entered into Tier 2 restrictions, and have personal experience of children who have tested positive displaying little or no symptoms of this virus, we do urge our families to respect the measures of social distancing that have been set by the government.


Wishing you all a safe and relaxing weekend,


9th October 2020

Dear Parents

Thank you for your continued support and understanding in these unusual times.

We certainly have had a busy and productive week at number 47!

Children are now well into the swing of being back in school and whilst we are making every effort within our means to continue school life as normal, we are prepared for another potential lockdown.  To this end, please do have a good read through the attached ‘Remote Learning Policy’ as it has been re-written to reflect the most up to date guidelines in this very fluid situation.

London Grid for Learning, who provide our internet access and protection, are offering free online security, which can be found and followed on this link below: https://national.lgfl.net/smartbuy/homeprotect

Our parent/teacher meetings are scheduled to take place the week beginning October 19th.  We are unable to invite parents into school so these will be facilitated via a Google Meet.  Ms De Wynter will be in touch on Monday to organise the timings.

Festival fancy dress day - Thursday 22 October

Many much loved and traditional celebrations are coming up before Christmas and we are aware that social distancing measures may prevent the children from enjoying these at home.  We are therefore looking forward to adding a festival fancy dress day to our calendar on the last day before half term.  The children may come to school in a seasonally appropriate costume (nothing too scary please!)  Please do remember the age of the children throughout the school is from four years old.  They will need to bring in their PE kit to school to change into for Sports.  Please note that half term will begin on Friday 23 October and the children are expected back in school on Monday 2 November.

We would like to draw your attention to the below planned protests this weekend for those living locally who may wish to avoid the congestion:

  • Saturday 10 October 9am-4pm: Annual Religious Procession from The Hussani Association (1st day)
  • Saturday 10 October 1pm-5pm, StandUpX Protest: The protest will begin at Hyde Park through to BBC Broadcasting House, Portland Place. The exact route is not yet known and numbers are not confirmed. A policing plan is in place.
  • Sunday 11 October from 12pm: Annual Religious Event from The Hussani Association (2nd day): This will be a static event at Marble Arch. 200 people are anticipated to attend. A policing plan is in place.

Flu Vaccine

A number of families have been enquiring about the flu vaccine this year.

We have a booking for Tuesday, 8 December for this vaccine.  We would have preferred an earlier date, however, as you can imagine, their services have been inundated and as a result, our booking is later than we would have liked.  Further information regarding this will be sent nearer the time.

We would like to reiterate our request that parents do keep their children at home if they, or anyone in their household, are displaying COVID symptoms.  We advise families to contact NHS 119 and follow their guidance.  

If a child/household or member of staff does test positive for COVID-19, once they have completed the requisite time in isolation, our insurers have instructed us to require confirmation of a negative result prior to returning to school. 


With best wishes,

Keep safe,


E-News 2nd October 2020

Dear Parents

We have all managed to stay well and healthy for a fourth week so an ongoing thank you to all our families for being so vigilant and to the staff for adhering to the Covid measures we currently have in place.

Just to let you know that we have had some fibre-optic work being worked on locally which has involved the digging up of the road and re- organisation of cables, etc.  This has lead to some interruptions in our connectivity regarding Google Meets, so our apologies for this, fortunately we seem to have reverted back to normal internet function now.  When you are on a Google Meet video call, can we ask that you connect to this call via your child’s Gmail account.  In this way, it ensures that the log on details are correct and avoids potential difficulties.  Using a laptop/desktop is preferable but if you have downloaded the Google Meet App on your mobile device, this should work too.

We are currently organising a virtual Parent's Evening for the week before half term and will send out invitations next week.

For those parents who have yet returned the Music and Artwork disclaimers, please do so asap as there are upcoming competitions that your child would potentially miss out on if we don’t have this on record.

We feel fortunate to have enjoyed good weather so far this term and we have made the most of the beautiful outside space we are so lucky to have on our doorstep.  We will continue to ask pupils to arrive in their PE kit on Thursdays and Fridays, but it is now necessary to bring  a change of clothes, either a second set of PE kit or uniform, to change into if the children get wet.

With best wishes for a lovely weekend!


E-News 25th September 2020


Dear Parents

I hope this email finds you all well and healthy.

We’d like to let you know about 'Walk to School Week’ which is scheduled to take place on w/c 5 October 2020, during International Walk to School Month.  This is a five-day walking challenge aimed at primary schools and is a fun and engaging week-long activity, raising awareness and celebrating walking for all. Pupils will be well on their way to reaching their recommended 60 minutes minimum of physical activity per day before even reaching the school gates! Not only will it set them up for a positive day in the classroom, it will also help create healthy habits for life. It would be lovely to see some of the CHS children involved in this of possible.

Please remember your allocated drop off times are as below. These staggered times were created to reduce the risks associated with Covid-19.  This will avoid children waiting in the hall or outside in the cooler weather:

Mon, Tues, Thurs                                                       Friday

Junior One 8.10am - 3.10pm                                 8.10 - 2.40 

Form One   8.20 - 3.20                                            8.20 - 2.50

Form Two    8.30 - 3.30                                            8.30 - 3.00

Form Three 8.40 - 3.40                                            8.40 - 3.10

Form Four   8.40- 3.50                                             8.40 - 3.20

Form Five   8.45- 3.55                                             8.45 - 3.25

Form Six     8.45- 4.00                                             8.45 - 3.30 


Please note that from next week, 28 September, the Junior One collection times will resume to 3.10pm from Monday-Thursday and 2.40pm on a Friday.

The school is getting cooler along with the weather.  Whilst all windows are opened to ensure there is ample air ventilation,  we now advise the winter uniform be worn; with jumpers and cardigans brought in daily.  Please note that the children must have their 3-in-one coats permanently in school, so they can still play come rain or shine.   We remain relaxed with ties, berets and caps until the weather dictates otherwise.  As always, please make sure everything is labelled.  The children should bring in their uniforms on Thursdays and Fridays to change into in case they get wet. This change of clothes should be held in their PE bag.

We do hope that our virtual ‘Meet the Teachers’ meetings this week, and next week’s scheduled meetings, prove to be helpful.

As the Junior parents will be aware, Juniors were sent an Art competition disclaimer yesterday, thank you to those who have returned these already.   To those who have not, if you could ensure these are completed and returned over the weekend, we would be most grateful.  The Seniors will be sent a disclaimer for Art and Music shortly so please ensure these are signed and completed at your earliest convenience.

A heartfelt thank you for Monday’s donations for ‘Jeans for Genes’ Day.  We are very happy to share that we raised an amazing £250!  Thank you to all those families who donated!

For those local residents, we wanted to make you aware that there are planned protests on Saturday 26 September from 12pm, this is for the StandUpX Protest Rally.  The protest is expected to start in Trafalgar Square at 12pm. The attendees intend to depart from Trafalgar Square at 3.30pm and march to Speakers Corners in Hyde Park via Regent Street and Oxford Street.

Finally, we’d like to thank all of our families that have been extremely cautious with the onset of seasonal colds.  It is incredibly hard to gauge whether or not the children’s symptoms could be related to the pandemic.  We therefore advise all our families to please call NHS 119 and follow their advise relating to testing and remaining off school, particularly if your child has a new continuous cough, fever or loss of sense/smell. If testing is advised, please do notify the school immediately so we can proceed accordingly.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Best wishes




E-News 18th September 2020

Dear Parents


The Second week into the Autumn Term has gone by in a flash and our children are becoming more familiar with the new ‘normal’.  Talk of bubbles has become second nature!  We have been very impressed with the children’s maturity and conscientiousness in following these new rules.


Congratulations should be given to all our new members of our CHS community, particularly those in Junior One, who have settled in so well.


You should have all received invitations to your ‘Meet the Teachers’ via Google meet. We do appreciate that the times may not fit with everyone’s diaries but hopefully you will understand that with a school split into three bubbles and every effort going into maintaining them safely, the timings for these events have proven very tricky.  If you are unable to attend your form meeting, please rest assure that all relevant information will be posted in video format on your child’s Google Classroom (please note that parents will be muted during the live presentation), along with any FAQ’s from the meeting itself. Individual parent/teacher meetings are scheduled for the week before half term, dates and times will be allocated in due course.


Please note that no un-prescribed medication is being administered by the staff at CHS this term due to Covid restrictions and guidelines.  Please ensure any prescriptions are clearly labelled with your child’s name on in a labelled see through bag.


Seasonal bugs are about and there is every likelihood that children are going to be picking them up.  Current advice is that if there are cold symptoms, including a runny nose, phlegm and sneezing, then this is likely to be a cold.  Please do keep your children at home if they are too unwell to be in school.  A fever, continuous cough, loss of smell and taste should be checked with NHS 119 and advice followed. 


Please note that all those involved in the Football Club on Thursdays and Fridays will receive confirmation of cancellation by 2pm that day.  We are unfortunately unable to bring this club indoors so if it does rain heavily, it will be cancelled.


Wishing you a restful weekend


Best wishes



E- News 13 July 2020

Dear Parents


Congratulations to all of the Connaught House Community for remaining positive throughout what has been an exceptionally unusual term.  I would like to highlight how immensely proud we have all been of the children and how they adapted to the new safety measures followed in school.  We would also like to thank our dedicated staff for maintaining the Connaught House School high levels of care and attention and tailored education, whether that was remotely or in school.


We are pleased to be resuming lessons with our specialist teachers in the Autumn Term.  Dr Ashworth, Mme Gellar and Mrs Desborough will be following the strict social distancing and hygiene measures that have been put in place, and are very much looking forward to returning to school.


In our previous email, we shared the good news that Saif in Form One has been selected for the Young Artists’ Competition at the Royal Academy.  Please join us in celebrating our young artist in residence by voting for his work on the below link:




We are sure you will all agree that this is an outstanding piece.


Everyone enjoyed the final days of term, especially what turned out to be a very special prize giving in Connaught Square Gardens, despite the odd drop of rain!  The support the children showed for one another was lovely to experience and we received some praise from our Connaught Square neighbours, who took a moment to watch the goings on in the square.


The week culminated in a round of emotional applause for our Year Six leavers, who will be heading off to their new schools: Francis Holland, KPS, City of London and St Paul’s.  We wish them every bit of luck for the future and hope they will stay in touch with their friends at CHS!


Our updated procedure for a planned full re-opening in the Autumn Term, including information regarding peri lessons and after school clubs, coupled with our recalibrated risk assessment, will be available on the CHS website by Friday.


Finally, we would like to thank all of our parents once more for your kind words of support throughout this period; this has kept the team in good spirits.


Many thanks, best wishes and have a safe and lovely summer,