E-News 11th June 2021

Good afternoon CHS Parents

We hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather we are currently blessed with, the children certainly appreciated the park this week.

Mrs Rogers took Form One to the Toy Museum on Wednesday and they all thoroughly enjoyed the outing, they returned brimming with creative ideas about toys coming to life and other stories.

Form Two and Form Three ventured to Kew Gardens yesterday to support their current science projects.  The outing was made all the more enjoyable with the sun shining and spirits running high, with understandably favourite adventures in the children’s gardens.

Form Six were asked to design a new fleet of boats which have been sent on a mercy mission to the frozen north. They were asked to hand decorate hand-crafted wooden boats over the half term which will be placed on the Arctic ice sheets. The US/European venture is named, ‘Float Your Boat’ and is the latest in pioneering technology which help track the movement of ice on the Arctic Ocean. Eighteen elaborately-decorated boats were shipped from the school to the research base located near the North Pole. The boats will be tracked via GPS giving a precise measure of how far and how quickly the ice sheets are melting. It’s hoped that some of the boats may even be discovered in the future and reunited with their expectant pupils in a real-life ‘Frozen’ drama that these eleven-year old's will never forget

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,


E- News 3rd September 2020

Dear CHS Parents


We hope you have enjoyed your summer, whether you have remained near or far.


The aim of this email is to signpost some key aspects of the way ahead as we move towards our Autumn Term, starting Wednesday September 9th.  We are in the fortunate position of having already reopened fully to all pupils at the end of the summer term and are therefore feeling clear and confident about the measures that we already have in place and the ways in which we will continue to mitigate risk as we expand our provision this term.


As we are frequently reminded by our government, it is crucial for children’s wellbeing to resume their education at school and we are looking forward to welcoming all of our children and staff back this term. We intend to provide a school life that is as close to normal as we can whilst mitigating risk as far as possible. To this end, we have worked tirelessly to update our risk assessments and procedures.


At the front of our minds has been the question of how best to minimise contact between individuals - pupils and staff, within the school, and how to maintain social distancing within the constraints of the school site. In addition, our planning has focused on the ways in which we will ensure good hygiene, enhance cleaning protocols and minimise contact with anyone experiencing symptoms during the school day. We have given a great deal of thought towards PPE and whilst we acknowledge that there are no risk free solutions, though we would dearly like there to be, we have written a comprehensive procedure addressing all of these issues.  A comprehensive guide to reopening can be found in our updated ‘CHS Covid-19 Autumn Term 2020 Procedure’. This is available in Policies at the bottom of the Home page and should be read by all parents ahead of the start of term. 

Below we have summarised the key points for your attention:

Minimising Contact and Social Distancing


Following the Government’s ‘Planning Guide for Primary Schools’ we have grouped  the school into three extended bubbles, each containing no more than 30 pupils and four members of staff. These bubbles will be maintained throughout the day and all activities have been reorganised to accommodate these groupings.

Our combined bubbles are as follows:

Bubble 1: Junior One & Form One with four members of staff.

Bubble 2: Form Two  & Form Three with four members of staff.

Bubble 3: Form Four,  Form Five  & Form Six with four members of staff.

As far as possible, we ask families to limit outside contact with those who are not in their child’s bubble.


We have postponed all visits to external venues for this term.

PE, Games and Dance sessions will either take place in Hyde Park or on the school premises.

Once we deem the risk to be lowered, we intend to resume all off site activities as normal, compensating where we can for any activities missed.



We are very pleased to be bringing back our delicious hot lunches in time for winter and, to separate our bubbles, there will now be three lunch sittings.


With the exception of Tech and Mandarin which cannot resume due to Covid19 restrictions, all other clubs will recommence in the week of 14th September.



After school enrichment activities will recommence for Forms Two - Form Six on Weds 16th September.

These will take place outdoors, in classrooms or the dining room, within bubbles.

PERI MUSIC - Our specialist teachers that work in a number of different settings and schools, and are therefore exposed to greater risk of contracting Covid19, will resume lessons remotely via Google Meet or Zoom until further notice.




Desks have been arranged to maximise social distancing between pupils.

Children will continue to use pencil cases provided by the school, so personal stationery can remain at home.



Whilst we cannot make this obligatory, we recommend that all adults wear a mask at drop off and collection.  Public Health England does not recommend that Primary School Children wear masks in school but if you would prefer your child to wear a mask when arriving and departing, please send them in with a named plastic bag in which this can be kept safe in their school bag during the day.


Art, Music and French lessons will be resuming with specialist staff in PPE and employing thorough hygiene measures when moving between bubbles.


Containing an outbreak of Covid19 

Please do not send your child to school if you are in any doubt regarding their fitness and well being.

In the event that a pupil or staff member is symptomatic, they will be asked to

  • Self-isolate for 10 days, or longer if they still have a high temperature
  • Take a Coronavirus test.
  • Follow the advice from PHE.

Members of their household will be told to self-isolate for 14 days. 

If the test is negative they can return to school if they no longer have symptoms and the members of their household can stop self-isolating.

Please do not hesitate to contact Ms De Wynter with any further questions.



See you next Wednesday.


The CHS Team 

E-News - 14/10/19

Dear Parents


Parent Meetings - 15 & 17 October 2019


It is hard to believe that we are coming up to the first half of the Autumn Term already with Parent Meetings schedule on 15 and 17 October.  We remind you that, as a consequence, there will be no afternoon clubs on either of these dates.  Therefore children should be collected at their normal going home time unless they are waiting for parents in the supervision room.


Tea Time Concert


The musical talents of our budding musicians were on display once again on Monday afternoon for our first Tea Time Concert of the year.  This gives pupils and opportunity to perform in front of a small and friendly audience and so gain confidence in performing.  Each term we endeavour to include a mini concert and invite approximately 10 pupils, from novices to advanced performers, to share their enjoyment of music.  Special congratulations to those pupils who stood up for the first time.


Silver Sunday


Our Chamber Choir delighted a gathering of approximately 100 senior citizens and carers at the Victory Services Club yesterday at the start of Silver Sunday celebrations, October 2019.  The audience joined in and sang along with the children to a medley of songs from Mary Poppins.  After singing the children joined in with supervised board games before returning to school.  It was a very special inter-generational event that we look forward to repeating in the future.

For the full article with photos and videos, please click here.




Our annual Macmillan coffee/tea and cake afternoon is coming up on Friday, 18 October and we once again warmly invite parents from Junior One and Form One to bring and buy a cake(s) for this very worthy cause.  Any left over delicacies will find their way to those supported by the Marylebone Project.  Miss Duffy and Mrs Rogers have prepared some fun slide shows of the children this term so far to share.


Maths Talk


Mr Westerman will be hosting a Talk on the CHS methods of maths layout and preferred calculation style and invites parents to participate in this workshop.  This will take place in school at 5.15pm on Tuesday, 29 October.  If you plan on attending please respond by email.


Carol Concert


Please note that we have changed the date and time of our Carol Concert later this term.  We are delighted that St John’s Church has been able to give us our first choice on Thursday, 12 December 2019 at 12-1pm.  The children will be taken home directly from the church by parents/carers to start their Christmas holidays.


Pupil Personal Accident Scheme


Please take a moment to read the following link detailing our pupils personal accident insurance scheme:



World Osteoporosis Day - 20 October 2019 - Appeal Radio 4


For any of our extended families who may be struggling in silence in recognition of World Osteoporosis Day:



The CHS Team


** Half Term Monday, 21 October to Monday, 28 October 2019 INCLUSIVE **

E-News 30 September - Autumn Update

As we progress through Week 4 of the term, Autumn is well and truly upon us. The children should be in winter uniform from Monday. With the J1s now staying for a full school day, we are all settled into the busyness of school life and we have certainly packed a lot in so far.


Our first fundraiser, Jeans for Genes, raised a wonderful £245.40; thank you for your donations! This winter, as part of our community outreach, we are hoping that you will support another of our ventures and donate an old coat (coats only please) to the Marylebone Project who provide shelter for homeless women in the area. If last season’s coat is cluttering up your hallway we can find a welcome home for it.  Unisex coats gratefully received too though sadly we cannot accept children’s clothing. We will be delivering these over to the shelter next Friday, 4 October.


We were pleased with the turn out at this year’s ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions and we hope you found this useful. If you were unable to make it, please do make an appointment directly with your child’s Form Teacher.


All of our Music and LAMDA pupils are to be commended for exams taken over the summer for which the results were excellent. Eight of our senior pupils passed their Music Theory Grade 1 exam, with four Merits and four Distinctions! Very positive results were achieved by our pupils who took their Grade 1 and 2 singing exams and a handful of instrumentalists passed piano, recorder and violin exams with an array of passes, merits and distinctions.  Congratulations to Dr Ashworth and his team!  Some of the children will be sharing their talents with you at our Autumn Tea Time concert at 4.00pm on Monday, 7 October 2019.  Invitations will follow shortly.  In LAMDA, 33 pupils took and passed their exams, ranging from our youngest J1s who took Introductory Stage 1 up to Grade 2 acting once again merits and distinctions were awarded.


In a direct challenge to the wet weather, our football team plus a couple of extra pupils took on St Nicholas on Wednesday afternoon. It was a tight match, with a goal scored by Alexander H and a close score of 2-1 to St Nicholas. A valiant effort was made by our young athletes and we are especially proud of them as, for some of these pupils, it was their first ever match!


This morning Form One arrived to a themed outer space classroom! Astronauts, aliens and moon landings have filled the ground floor with creativity that was out of this world!

E-News 1st July


The weather was on our side finally last Tuesday and we were able to successfully have the whole school and class photographs in the Square.  As this was a far later date than originally planned, Bentleys Photographic have arranged digital ordering to ensure that the photographs are with us before the end of term.

If you would prefer to order directly with Bentley's office, please contact them on 01206 395888 during normal office hours.


Summer Concert

Thank you for coming to our Summer Concert on Friday.  We are sure you will all agree that the children’s performances were, once again, remarkable.  We do hope that the later start accommodated more parents in attendance.  The children behaved beautifully throughout the day and thank you once again to Dr Ashworth for putting together such a treat for the ears.


Upcoming Events

Open Dance for parents tomorrow at the Sylvia Young Theatre - Form 4 to Form 6 at 1.10pm and Form 3 at 1.40pm.

Sadly, we have not been able to secure a suitable venue at such late notice for Sports Day that was rained off.  However, the children will have the event during scheduled sports lessons this week.  We will be taking plenty of photographs and will share the results with you of course.

We are all excited about the school trips on Friday.  Please do note that the school itself will be closed after departure and before return.  Therefore we will not be able to accommodate latecomers on this occasion.

The CHS annual Prize Giving Ceremony will take place at the Carisbrooke Hall on Tuesday, 9 July 9.15am to 10.15am.  You may have noticed the earlier time and date.  This is as a result of taking parents’ preferences into account and Prize Giving will incorporate the Year End Assembly, including speeches from members of staff and input by pupils at the same time.  This is an opportunity to have a glimpse of an assembly that parents do not normally participate in.  We hope in this way every child will be encompassed and feel included in this celebration of the end of the year.  All children return to school with their teachers after this event and Tuesday lessons continue until normal pick up time.


Competition News

Recently Mrs Desborough submitted a number of our pupils’ artwork to the Royal Academy Young Artists’ Summer Show for students aged 7-19.  We ask all of our families to support Petra from Form Four who was shortlisted.  Please see the link below and vote for our girl!




Attached please find a list of Clubs for the Autumn Term showing availability.  Ms White is poised ready to add your child’s name to those coveted places so please do let us know as a first come first served basis will operate.  Those children who are already included in the various clubs continue on as before with pupils moving into Form Four being placed in the Senior Drama club from next term.

We are excited to be introducing a new technology club for our senior pupils.  As a perfect starter course, Junior Coder allows pupils to delve into exciting projects while gaining insight and experience into many aspects of computer coding - including the likes of robotics, mobile apps, animation, graphic design, and video games – taking students from the basics in the field to the point where they can design and build their own ideas.

connaught house school brighton class trip

Form Six Summer Secret Trip

Written by Form Six

For a week we were anxious about where the Secret Trip would take us…

The moment I saw my friends waiting for me at the train station, a rush of excitement flowed through me, knowing that we were all as clueless as newly hatched birds, not having the slightest idea where we were going. Just as we got onto the train, we heard our destination. Brighton! The city with beautiful beaches and alluring aquariums.

The journey was filled with joy and snacks and after an hour and a half our destination.  As we stepped off the train, we were charged up and ready for the day ahead of us. My lungs filled with the smell of the sea; it was amazing.

We began to walk towards our first venue. I looked around to try and figure out where we were going, I saw something! Could this possibly be it? I turned around and asked Ms Grunewald. Her face was hard to read at first but then I saw it, we really were going! Sea life! My heart pounded - I thought I was in a dream, this was going to be amazing.

We gazed at the fish floating around in their tanks, they seemed to be putting on a show for us. I noticed something, a small enclosure with no lid, I turned and told everyone and we walked towards this mysterious thing. What could it be? As we got closer, I realised that it was indeed something you could touch! When my hand bravely dived into the water I was a bit scared at first, so I reached down and touched an orange starfish which felt like a fish finger! At last my hand was brave enough to touch what looked like thick strands of hair floating about in the cool water. The thin tentacles wrapped around my finger and tried to pull me in! I drew my hand back in fear. Then I realised that it couldn’t eat me and I stuck my hand back in for another stroke! It was the strangest thing I have ever felt, it was extremely sticky and dry yet I was underwater. Soon we had to go and watch the turtle feeding. The man talked about turtles and I learnt so much.  In the tank there was a black tipped reef shark, a nurse shark, a unicorn fish and two giant turtles named Lulu and Gulliver. Then when I thought it was all over the teachers surprised us once again, we were going on a … glass bottom boat. We boarded the boat and looked over the edge. Fish surrounded us and went underneath the boat. When we started moving a huge manta-ray came and swept underneath us like a carpet. I felt as if I could see into their world, it was magical.

After an hour and a half of gorging ourselves with pizza, pasta and the rest, we finally left for the beach.

The salty smell of the air started tickling my nose, so I knew we were close to the sea. Seagulls above me squawked with glee, circling the beach as they noticed a bit of bread deserted on the corner of the rocky stairs leading to the pebbled beach. The pebbles of the Brighton Beach lay under my feet as I licked my delicious vanilla ice-cream. It trickled down my fingers leaving them all sticky, as the sun blazed down on me, nearly making me melt too. All the pebbles were different colours, from brown to yellow to orange to grey to black and maybe a bit of green algae placed as a wig on top of them. We took our shoes off , rolled up our jeans and strolled towards the cyan sea. I cold feel the air between my friends and I was buzzing with excitement. As our feet reached the water, a wave crashed  onto us soaking our jeans and tee- shirts. We all screamed with excitement as another one came in , and we threw stones at the ocean to see which throw was the longest.

We sunbathed under the clear blue sky, enjoying every moment. It was all five of us with our teachers having fun in this new city. I was elated! Freedom captured us and we ran around singing without a care in the world.

All I could see were big smiles, making me smile now as I go back to those happy memories.

Sadly, we had to leave the beach, but amazing memories will stay with us forever. On the way back, as joyful as I may have been, deep down I was devastated that the day was already over and we all agreed that we wished we could restart the day all over again. This kept us chatty on the train back.

E-News 21 June 2019

London has been bustling with CHS talent this past week.

St Martin-in-the Fields Choir 

We were delighted to hear that Ansel, Millie and Petra were all offered places in the St Martin-in-the Fields Choir.  The Children’s Voices of St Martin-in-the Fields was formed in 2014 and has quickly become an integral part of the St Martin’s musical community for 7-13 year olds.  The Choir regularly enhances church services and concerts and provides invaluable musical training for young singers.  We look forward to hearing more about their musical adventures.


The Delancey School Chess Mega Final took place at the weekend and we were thrilled to see a trophy arriving into school on Monday morning in Amias’ very proud hands.  This huge chess competition invites thousands of primary aged chess players to compete with one another in heats before the top few are selected for the final.  What a brilliant achievement for Amias, as well as Gabriel and Nicholas who also qualified for the next round. Checkmate!


Our first group sat their Grade One Music Theory tests on Saturday and all came out smiling.  We await their results next term.


Mr Taiwo, not wanting to miss out on the action, took his CHS football team to face Lloyd Williamson School in Hyde Park on Thursday. The final score, 3-1, was a victory for CHS.  Well done to Oscar P, Harry, Filippo, Alexandra, Nicholas, Matteo, Orlando, Alexander, Danny, Gabriel and Massimo.

Form Three

Mr Nagy, our new Form Three teacher, spent the afternoon with us on Thursday getting to know his prospective class and meeting some of the parents. Welcome on board, Mr Nagy!


Next week promises to be just as busy, as we prepare for Friday’s Summer Concert. School photographs are on Tuesday 25th, for which we ask all pupils to wear their summer uniform.  No green tights please and boys in shorts. Of course, there are also parent teacher meetings on Monday and Thursday next week.

Wishing you a celebratory weekend and see you next week.


The CHS Team


E-News 14 June 2019

Travel News

You may be aware that the north carriage of Hyde Park will be closed from 16 June until the end of term.  In our experience, this causes a knock-on effect to traffic around the school, particularly first thing in the morning.  May we respectfully ask parents not to park on the corner of Stanhope Place when dropping off or collecting children as this can cause further problems.


Footie News

Sadly, our annual football fixture with St John’s Wood Pre-Prep was rained off yesterday.  However, this will be rescheduled at the start of the Autumn Term.

Fingers crossed we have better luck with the weather for our football team’s match against Lloyd Williamson School on Thursday, 20 June at 4.30pm which is taking place instead of the regular Thursday Football Club.  This will be another opportunity for our incredible CHS football stars to show their ball skills and any supporters who want to cheer on the team will find them at the ‘Old Football Pitches’ on the south side of Hyde Park (see link below ):



Daunt Books

Mrs Hampton and Ms Grunewald were proud of the children’s exemplary behaviour at our visit to the Daunt Book store in Marylebone today.  A selected member from each class was chosen as a Reading Ambassador to help choose new books for the CHS library.  It was particularly wonderful this year to have children whose families originated from outside the UK as Daunt Books specialise in international travel books.  The children were fascinated by the history of the shop especially when looking at books dating back to the mid-nineteenth century.  Some lovely new books will be available throughout the school next week.


Form Six Secret Trip

Mrs Hampton and Ms Grunewald are looking forward to keeping up with the tradition of a secret trip for Form Six next Friday. Shhhh!   Details will be shared after the event.


Best wishes.


The CHS Team


It was with a heavy heart that we postponed our Sports Day at Paddington Rec this afternoon.  Ironically, as we write this message the sun is shinning through the window!  However, our children’s safety is always a priority and, after careful risk assessment, it was decided that the ground was too dangerous after heavy rain.  In place, 47 Connaught Square has been abuzz with competition with Clifton v Sussex competing in a variety of activities from chess, scrabble and monkey roll to our budding ‘architects’ creating the tallest and longest lego constructions.  Mr Taiwo ran a fast paced Red Rover with Mr Westerman supporting the children in designing the most ergonomic paper aeroplane.  As the children have put it, today was a happy surprise with Clifton winning our first indoor sports day.


Dates for your diary 


Tuesday, 11 June - whole school photograph has been POSTPONED due to bad weather forecast and has been rescheduled for Tuesday, 25 June


Friday, 14 June - our carefully selected reading ambassadors will be accompanying Mrs Hampton and Ms Grunewald to Daunt Books for a special tour of this historic building and to choose some more books for the CHS library


Thursday, 20 June - Form Two parents are invited to meet Mr Nagy the new Form Three teacher from September.  Invitations will follow next week.


Wishing you a happy and dry weekend!

E-News 23 May 2019

Sports Day 

We will be kicking off the second half of the summer term with a bang! Our annual Sports Day is scheduled for 2.00pm on the afternoon of Friday 7th June at Paddington Recreation Ground. This is a family event and we hope that the later start time enables all of our families to enjoy an afternoon in the sun following the races.


CHS POP up Art Gallery

Tomorrow afternoon, Mrs Desborough, Ms Grunewald and myself will be heading off to 3 Porchester Place (next to Roni’s café) to set up our very first CHS Pop up Art Gallery! This will be open to view from Tuesday 4th June to Thursday 6th June. Do come and see the wonderful work from our budding artists in Forms Two to Six.


We would love to populate our Facebook page with pictures of pupils during assemblies, sports events and concerts. If you are comfortable in doing so, please  take a few moments to give your parental consent via the Sims Parent Lite App.


Miss Mayer’s New Adventure 

Since 2015, Form Three have sailed across oceans on Viking ships, discovered lost settlements, sparkled at Carnival and discovered a series of never-seen-before animals! Originally joining CHS to cover a maternity leave, Miss Mayer has left no stone unturned to ignite the imagination of the children in her care and to ensure that, whenever possible, learning is great fun. Behind the scenes, Miss Mayer has instigated and contributed to many school events and, when teaching, she has often shared her personal interests with the class, bringing these into her teaching. She is a keen horse-rider and her knowledge and love of rugby remains very impressive.  Now in search of her own new adventure, Miss Mayer has secured the opportunity to teach at the Park House English School in Qatar and our best wishes go with her.

Having worked closely with Miss Mayer for the past year, Mrs Rogers will be taking over as our Key Stage One Coordinator.

Mr Nagy takes on the role of Form Three form teacher from the Autumn Term.  Currently teaching at North Bridge House, and a former colleague of Ms Grunewald, Mr Nagy has seven years teaching experience within Upper Primary in the independent sector. He has a Graduate Diploma in Education and a law degree from La Trobe University, Melbourne.  He has a passion for mathematics and general knowledge and is a keen walker and traveller with recent treks through the Alps, Nepal and Camino de Santiago in Spain. It looks like an exciting year ahead for Form Three!

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire CHS Teaching Team for their wonderful support during my first two years as Principal, as well as to wish those who are leaving every success as they take up their new posts. We now look forward to welcoming all our new teachers to the CHS Teaching Team in September.


Wishing all our families a very happy half term break.


Mrs Hampton & CHS Team