Keep your children safe online at Christmas

Parent Live Sessions on Facebook

Your Children will have spent much more time on devices in 2020 – either for schoolwork or during leisure time. That is nothing to feel bad about, and we encourage the positive use of technology. However, as we prepare for online Christmas festivities, gifts of new devices or games, or perhaps online tutoring and catch up sessions we wanted to let you know about an opportunity to help keep your children safe online. There will be live drop in sessions for parents on Wednesday evenings at 7pm on the @LGfLDigiSafe Facebook page this December with tips for what to watch out for, how to stay safe, what to talk about, and parental controls for new and existing devices, as well as the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.

Head to to sign up for a reminder on the day. The event will be run by experts in the DigiSafe team at London Grid for Learning which is a platform that we use in school:

Please also remember before buying Christmas presents that games have age ratings linked to their content, not their difficulty (games are rated 18 for the same reasons as films - inappropriate language, sex and violence).

There are plenty of great reasons to make technology part of your Christmas, so remember to talk about positives with your child – one great way to find out what they do online and also have fun together is to ask them to show you what they do and to teach you to play their games.

Finally, if you need general help and support over the holidays, you can call the NSPCC / O2 parent online-safety helpline on 0808 800 5002 for general advice or help with parental control settings for your home internet or devices

E-News 4th December 2020

Good afternoon

Well done to the Form Six's and Form Five's this week who have both undergone exams and interviews. They have managed so well and the younger years have been very grown up, respectfully keeping the noise to a minimum whilst these were going on in school.

Marylebone Project

We would like to say a huge thank you to all those donations made this morning towards the Marylebone Project. We were overwhelmed and so grateful for the effort that parents made with donations. Cans, pasta and all sorts of goodies were dropped off this morning to a delighted team at the charity who wanted to extend their thanks to you all.

Travel plans over Christmas
Please notify CHS if you are planning on travelling abroad over Christmas. We will need these details so we we can ensure any quarantine is adhered to if needed in order to safeguard the school and community in the new term

DVD/USB of Christmas Carol Concert
Although parents are not invited to this year’s carol concert, the children have been working hard to put together something special. There will be a combination of festive poetry, solo performances, duets and musical recitals, along with the traditional Christmas Carols. I am sure that your children are looking forward to enjoying watching the show together with you during the Christmas break. As it will be a very fast turnaround from filming to delivery, we ask all parents to notify the school office by Monday, 7 December so the format can be ordered in good time. Orders can be confirmed on

All pupils must be in their winter duffle coat when they return to school in January 2021. Gilets can be worn underneath for additional warmth but are not sufficient on their own now that the weather is very cold. Please also make sure that both parts of your child’s 3-in-1 jacket is named on their return in January.

The Christmas cards/mugs/coasters have arrived this afternoon and will be ready on Tuesday afternoon at pick up.

The post box is closing on Monday 7 December, so please make sure any Christmas cards that the children want to write to their classmates/teachers/pupils in other years, are brought in by this date. All cards will be sprayed before the designated postman delivers them.

Christmas pick up times on Thursday 10 December:


Best wishes


E-News 27th November 2020

Dear Parents

Carol Concert

This week the school has become alive with Christmas Song as the children are preparing for their Carol Concert on 10th December.  Fortunately, we find ourselves in Tier 2 from 2 December, which allows us to perform this event in church.  However, after a great deal of thought and risk assessing, we will not be inviting parents to the event.  This will be recorded professionally by 2020TV, who have filmed our Christmas plays in the past.  Although our children will be singing within their bubbles only, hopefully, with the magic of film, they will be able to combine the three separate recordings into one school concert.  The DVDs will need to be pre-ordered at a cost of £14 or £19 on a USB format.  These will be invoiced in next term’s fees and will be available to collect from Mrs Hampton from the school on Tuesday 15th December between 10am – 2pm.  Hopefully, this will allow you to relax and enjoy the concert in the comfort of your own homes with your children, popcorn optional.  As always, we ask parents to be sensitive and not to share this footage on social media in order to respect the privacy of our children.  Please note that the children must wear their school uniform on the last day of term not their PE kit.

Giving back to the community - Marylebone Project and St Johns Hospice

This year has been challenging for everyone, and at CHS we feel there has never been a more important time to give back to the community. We would like to create a festive hamper to give to our chosen charity, Marylebone Project (Women’s Homeless Charity).  If you would like to donate canned and boxed food items, along with any sealed/new toiletries, such as toothpaste, you will find a donations box in the entrance at school on Friday 4th December only. In school, the children will also be making Christmas cards and decorations for St John’s Hospice as another way to spread festive spirit and cheer.

Flu Vaccines

Please may I also remind you to forward your nasal flu forms through asap, thank you to all those parents who have already done this.

Post Box

The children were delighted to see the Christmas Wreath hanging on the front door this morning and as we head into the final 2 weeks of term, the Christmas elf, along with a host of Christmas decorations will be appearing daily.  If your children would like to write their Christmas cards to their classmates, they can post them using one of our three ‘socially distanced’ Christmas boxes.

Hobgoblin Remote Theatre Visit

Although we haven’t been able to arrange any trips this term, we are looking forward to enjoying Goldilocks in Junior One and Form One, and The Best Christmas Ever in Form Two upwards.  These events will hopefully allow the children to escape into a magical festive world during our final week of term.

Christmas Party on 7th December

Our traditional Christmas party is planned for the afternoon of 7th December.  We invite all of our pupils to arrive in festive attire.  We encourage Santa hats and elf ears!

Finally, we would like to say how proud we are of our Form Six pupils who have embarked on their 11 + exams with maturity under unusual circumstances.  Praise must also go out to one of our young boys in Form One who has excelled in Doodle Maths this week and is our top doodler!


Best wishes for a warm and restful weekend,



From the Principals Mr & Mrs Hampton

Thank you for helping us with the Christmas Plays

The school fairly buzzes with excitement before the Christmas Plays. The children cannot wait to perform for their parents so it was great to see such an excellent turn out on the day. The ingenuity of parents to produce such impressive costumes and the skill of the make-up artists all adds to the sparkle that makes the afternoon such a special occasion for the children.

It was rather difficult to recognise just who was who under the very professional face painting of the animals in Junior’s One’s story of A Very Snowy Christmas but what a great debut from this young group. Well done to Miss Johnson and Miss Hayward for coaching such a successful performance out of these still, very new pupils and thank you to Rose Briones, Mrs du Cann, Mrs Pasiechnikova and Ms Bordi for such skillful face painting.

We were extremely impressed with Form One’s disciplined performance and beautiful speaking voices in Father Christmas Goes On Holiday as they described FC’s travels round the world – and relieved to learn he will be back in time to wrap up presents for the 25th! This was a lovely performance from the children; they looked and sounded wonderful and we did enjoy their Indian dancing. Thank you to Mrs Simich who organised and provided the make-up.

We simply loved Form Two’s hilarious, green-faced aliens in Aliens Love Panta Claus and the idea of reindeers wearing pants was brilliant fun. We will certainly be looking out for Panta Claus this year! This was a witty, very jolly production which the children loved presenting and we loved watching. A big thank you to Ms Bordi, Mrs Rizvi, Mrs Mediokritskaya and Mrs Fischer for helping with the make up.

We doubt if many will be able to forget Form Three’s lively production of The Elves and the Shoemaker. This was a well-crafted, well-acted play with confident performances from everyone - some unforgettable! We really enjoyed every moment down to the final So long, Farewell! Thank you to Mrs de Silva, Mrs Pasiechnikova and Mrs du Cann, once again, for their make-up skills.

Form Four was very much involved in deciding what they would perform and in the play’s concept and development and they clearly enjoyed performing it. The girls looked lovely, acted confidently and their singing interlude was beautifully sung. How delighted the girls were to see Aida Tursyn (now at Francis Holland, NW1) who came to help Mrs Kanatova, Ms Meggeson and Mrs Papeians with hair and make-up. Thank you to all for their help.

Form Six’s passion for detective stories and for Sherlock Holmes in particular was the inspiration for the choice of The Hound of the Baskervilles 2. Some very mature performances emerged from the older girls, hinting of things to come as they move on to their senior schools, while Form Five were keen to demonstrate that they have rather a flair for comic acting! Glamorous hair and make-up plus an outbreak of moustaches were courtesy of Ms d’Anglejan, Ms Kanatova and Mrs Papeians. A very big thank you to Mr Pilz for the loan of his Bee Smoker for the special effects and very well done and thank you to Mrs Larke who was in charge of the smoker as well as some audible stage effects!

A final thank you, as always, to Mrs Hopkins for her support. The music and songs are integral to each performance. The Sherlock Holmes theme (from the BBC production) was a Mrs Hopkins ‘special’, cleverly adapted by her for the senior girls to play. Well done and thank you to Renee Regis and Laura Papeians de Morchoven (from Form Four) who joined the senior group on violins and Mrs Alvanis who coached them in their parts. As always, its good teamwork that produces the results!
Well done to all.

Christmas Plays & Carol Concert

Friday 28 November

Christmas Plays at the Carisbrooke  Hall, at the corner of Seymour Street and Edgware Road, W2

Doors open at 2:00pm Performances begin at 2:30pm

This is a family friendly event but we do expect to have a courteous audience. To avoid younger children causing a disturbance during performances please keep them at gallery level where they will have the best view and can be taken out of the auditorium if they become too noisy or restless. This is near the cloakrooms and there is plenty of space for buggies. This is also the best position for parents who may have to leave during the performance.

We hope that as there will be an official DVD of the plays available before the end of the term, parents will be able to sit back and enjoy the performance without disturbance.

The Carisbrooke Hall will only admit guests who are on their list so please make sure you return the form below.

Children leave with their parents or carer  from the hall after the plays, which will finish about 3.45 pm.

Tuesday 9 December 

Carol Concert  at St John’s Church, Hyde Park Crescent, W2

Doors open at 2:00pm singing will begin at 2:30pm

All the children participate and this is your final – and not to be missed if possible - opportunity to hear the children play and sing before the end of the year. Under the direction of Mrs Hopkins, this is always a joyful event and friends and family are all welcome.

Children leave with their parents or carer from the church after the concert which will finish about 3.30 pm.


Please advise names of guest attending both events by Monday 24th November:



Name(s) of child/children:




Guests attending Plays




Guests attending Concert