CHS News  9th September 2015

A very warm welcome to our new and returning pupils as we look forward to a happy and productive term. Dates of Christmas Plays and the Carol Concert as well as other events are on the Term Calendar.

Music Lessons

There were over 80 music lessons to fit into the academic timetable last year so achieving a workable arrangement, especially at the beginning of the academic year, is a challenge. We will notify parents about the lessons as soon as possible but, in the meanwhile, would appreciate your patience and understanding.


Guitar Club

As parents will remember from the Summer Concert, we had some star guitar performances thanks to their teacher Miss Brooke and we would like to encourage a new generation of players with the introduction of an after school Guitar Club on Monday afternoons. Please e-mail the school office asap if you would like more information.


New Language Teacher & SENDCO

As we mentioned in our end of summer term e-news, we have a new support teacher joining us this term, Miss Joanna Urbanek, BA Hons (Roehampton), PGCE (KCL), Specific Learning Difficulties OCR Programme (UCL), Diploma in French (Redbridge). Miss Urbanek’s background as a language teacher and her SEN qualifications make her a valuable addition to the CHS staff team. She will be teaching French through the school and will also become our SENDCO (Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Coordinator) and provide support both in the classroom and for pupils. If additional individual support is required then this can be provided in school as an extra. Our new SEND policy is available via the CHS website.



Other Staff News

This term, many CHS staff have taken on new or additional roles which includes Miss Arthur joining Miss Pack and Miss Hayward on the Junior One floor and Miss Pluskowska joining Miss Rollins in Form Two. As well as her background as a classroom assistant, Miss Arthur also trained as a paediatric nurse which will make her a valuable member of the J1 team. Miss Pluskowska, meanwhile, will be able to put her language degree to good use in Form Two. The full CHS staff list is on our website.


In her role as the new whole school IT Coordinator, it will be Miss Rollins’ responsibility to remind parents of just how important it is to make every effort to ensure our children are kept safe and, just like our teaching staff, the children from Form One upwards will be asked to sign an undertaking to use the internet responsibly. Form teachers will go through the wording on the form with the children who will be asked to sign it and then take it home for parents to countersign and return it to school. For further information, please see Acceptable Use Policy (IT & Computing) via the CHS website.

Mr Bruce will also be back this term to support the boys preparing for the January exams and take games with the junior form groups.


New Menu

Following consultation with a local nutritionist and after trialing a number of new recipes last term, we have designed a new lunch menu, which follows a three-week rotation with seasonal changes (and not forgetting the very popular traditional Christmas Lunch in December).


Please view the menu on the CHS website.


e-news: 19 May 2015

Half Term

The first half of the term finishes on Thursday, 20th May, at normal end of the day times and the second half of term resumes on Monday, 1st June.


Representing the school

We take great pride in the fact that our children are often complimented on their good manners both in and out of uniform and preparatory and senior schools also comment on our pupils’ considerate behaviour. We are currently reminding our children about this and warn them that our neighbours are very vigilant and will never hesitate to let us know if this is not the case. A run in the park is probably the ideal way to finish the day after school but certainly not climbing on bicycles or motorbikes (which indeed is very dangerous). We are sure we have parental support with this and if you have carers collecting your children then we would ask you to make sure they are aware of both school and parent expectations.


SUMMER CONCERT on FRIDAY, 12th JUNE, beginning 2.30 pm prompt

Please be in your seats for 2.25 pm


Next special date is the Summer Concert. The children are very enthusiastic about performing and music auditions are currently taking place. We hold the concert at the Steiner Theatre, which is a lovely venue to showcase the children’s performances, and we remind parents that this is not a suitable occasion for younger children.


Please e-mail the office and include:

  • Your child or children’s name(s)
  • Name of guests attending
  • If you would like to bring an extra guest (ie: more than two) then please let us know as soon as possible




e-news: 8 May 2015

Following a rather sickly Spring Term it has been lovely to see the children return looking fresh and rested after the break. Whilst the weather has been variable we managed tennis without rain on Thursday morning and are looking forward to another games session at the beautifully refurbished Kensington Centre today. We were not so lucky with outdoor clubs on Wednesday although contingency plans were in place. For the seniors, there is a rounders club and an IT coding club and we are keeping the juniors extremely fit with an athletics club and a cricket club.


Thank you for getting your children to school so promptly for games on Thursday. Whilst the last minute change was irritating, the organisation of the academic timetable in school is much improved with the extra time.


There are many events and activities planned including the Summer Concert. Music auditions take place throughout the first half of this term and Mrs Hopkins has reminded the children that plenty of diligent preparation is recommended to ensure participation in the performance. The CHS music teachers will certainly be keen to encourage their pupils and if your child studies an instrument out of school and would like to audition please let Mrs Hopkins know. We make use of our music assemblies so the children have the opportunity to play in front of an audience. The morning mini-concerts are always a pleasure to watch and often reveal unsuspected talent.


The Summer Concert is at the Steiner Hall and can we remind parents now that this is not a suitable occasion to bring along younger children; it is very unfair to our young performers if this is not respected. Sports Day and Prize Giving are all family friendly events.


New cabling installed during the Easter break has brought a great improvement to our internet reception but so many changes in our IT system has brought its share of glitches too. Our e-mail facility has been particularly vulnerable and if you have sent an e-mail that has not been responded to, do please resend. We do thank parents for their understanding in the meanwhile.


Pen and paper nevertheless are still very much part of school life and the children’s diaries are for them to share with parents on a daily basis so please check them everyday as usual.


Another quick reminder, please make sure your child brings in their water bottle every day.






What a wonderful end to an extremely busy Spring Term. Thank you for all the hard work and creative costume-making to support our end of term World Book Day Celebrations. As we write, the school is a buzz of literary characters celebrating the works of Roger Hargreaves, Julia Donaldson, J K Rowling and Norman Juster among others. The children are enjoying a truly memorable day with no visible sign of a formal lesson - sorry parents!


A huge thank you to Miss Rollins for organising our World Book Day Celebrations including a very successful day with the author Robert Weston who was a great hit with all the age groups.


At tomorrow’s end of term assembly we will be presenting the poetry certificates to the children commended by Miss Wendy Innes as well as taking the opportunity to listen to some of our favourite poems again. Although we will not have our lovely Mrs Hopkins with us, she has been in touch and is looking forward to being back and in full voice in April.


Well done to all the staff and children for producing such beautiful work presented throughout the school for Open Day. We too agreed with the parents who commented on the high quality of the work and the displays.


We look forward to welcoming our children back on Wednesday, 22nd April.


Wishing you all a very happy Easter break.


The Hamptons




On Monday 30th March and Tuesday 31st March we will be having a celebration of reading in school.


On Monday 30th March, we will be joined by Robert Weston, author of ‘Zorgamazoo’, ‘The Creature Department’, ‘Prince Puggly of Spud and The Kingdom of Spiff’ and ‘Dust City’. Every class will be participating in a hands-on workshop with the author. There will also be an opportunity for the children to buy signed books from Robert Weston during the day (more details to follow).

On Tuesday 31st March we will be holding World Book Day. Each form will be given an author or book that they can dress as a character from. Please ensure that your child’s costume is suitable for park time and if not then please send your child to school with a change of clothes. See below for the authors or book series that your child may select from.


Junior 1- A character from a Julia Donaldson book.

Form 1- A character from the Mr. Men series by Roger Hargreaves.

Form 2- A character from a Roald Dahl book.

Form 3- A character from a J K Rowling book.

Form 4- A character from The Brother’s Grimm series.

Form 5- A character from from a Michael Morpurgo book.

Form 6- A character from Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster.


During the day the children will be taking part in lots of different fun activities celebrating the different books and authors.

We look forward to a fantastic few days!

CHS Newsletter 13th February 2015

Exam Results

It was a tough first half term with children and staff alike brought down by a series of nasty tummy bugs and recurring colds and flu but the final day of the half term. Friday 13th no less, has been a memorably positive day when the girls received their entrance exam results. They certainly matched the boys’ success with offers from City of London, Francis Holland NW1, Francis Holland, SW1, Godolphin & Latymer, Greycoat Hospital, Lady Eleanor Holles, Latymer, North London Collegiate, Queens College, Queen’s Gate, Queenswood (Herts), South Hampstead, and St Paul’s. In addition there were offers of an academic scholarship as well as four art scholarships. The boys also did us proud collecting offers from North Bridge House, Sussex House, Wetherby Prep, Westminster Under School and University College School.


Junior One Forest School Trip

The two recent Forest School trips courtesy of Paint Pots Nursery School were a great success. The children thoroughly enjoyed, digging, planting, building campfires and heating hot chocolate and we have never seen CHS children looking so muddy! The philosophy behind Forest schools is to encourage and inspire children through an innovative approach to outdoor play and learning in a woodland environment.



As part of the new Safeguarding Programme, the girls in Forms Five and Six were given a talk and then a workshop by members of the ChildLine organisation about all forms of abuse and how they can protect themselves. This was a most sensitively delivered programme which the girls both enjoyed and found helpful.


Read, Write, Inc Presentation for Junior One parents by Miss Hayward (RWI Coordinator) and Ms Johnson

Now that every Junior One child is on the RWI reading scheme this was an ideal time to explain to their parents the key learning objectives and how they can best support their child on the programme from home. Always a highlight for parents was the video of their children reading in the classroom.


Harry Potter Day at CHS on Thursday, 5th March

As an antidote to a month of entrance exams, scholarship tests and interviews and developing an idea from Miss Rollins, Mrs Bruce and Form Six had great fun organising a Harry Potter Day at CHS which began with morning assembly when the girls presented a variety of useful potions they had created. The spells may explain why Form Two had suffered a breakout of Harry Potter scars on their foreheads. During the day, each form was invited up to Form Six to find out more about the girls’ spells and potions and Mrs Bruce’s Harry Potter quiz revealed that some of our pupils have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of events at Hogwarts!


 A Visit from the Police!

Our neighbours may have been taken somewhat aback to see a host of CHS children inside a police car outside the school but all was well and no one was taken away for questioning. The children had a lovely time when Sergeant Ramsey came to visit CHS last Tuesday. Junior One and Form One were able to try on his uniform, including riot gear, and to sit in the driver’s seat and control the lights of his police car. This was an excellent opportunity for the children to be reminded about road safety and stranger danger.


Form Five’s Trip to Kensington Palace 

Year Five’s history topic this term is The Victorians, a wonderful period with endless options of study available and, most conveniently, Kensington Palace has a permanent exhibition of Royal memorabilia from the period as well as providing excellent school workshops. Sadly, several of the girls missed the trip due to illness but those who went had a most informative time.


Sainsbury’s Vouchers

Once again, the school is collecting Sainsbury's Active Kids vouchers. This is a wonderful scheme that has encouraged the school to work together in saving up as many vouchers as possible which can be exchanged for Sports and Science equipment. We will be collecting vouchers until Tuesday, 5 May 2015.  If you would like to donate vouchers then please send them in to Miss Rollins in Form Two.


Additional events we are looking forward to:

Friday 13th March – Junior One & Form One to the London Fire Brigade Museum

Friday, 27th March – Poetry Competition with guest adjudicator, Miss Wendy Innes from Great Beginnings Nursery


And for Parents:

Friday, 5th March – the CHS Poetry Afternoon, 2.30 pm, at the Steiner Hall

From the Principals Mr & Mrs Hampton

Thank you for helping us with the Christmas Plays

The school fairly buzzes with excitement before the Christmas Plays. The children cannot wait to perform for their parents so it was great to see such an excellent turn out on the day. The ingenuity of parents to produce such impressive costumes and the skill of the make-up artists all adds to the sparkle that makes the afternoon such a special occasion for the children.

It was rather difficult to recognise just who was who under the very professional face painting of the animals in Junior’s One’s story of A Very Snowy Christmas but what a great debut from this young group. Well done to Miss Johnson and Miss Hayward for coaching such a successful performance out of these still, very new pupils and thank you to Rose Briones, Mrs du Cann, Mrs Pasiechnikova and Ms Bordi for such skillful face painting.

We were extremely impressed with Form One’s disciplined performance and beautiful speaking voices in Father Christmas Goes On Holiday as they described FC’s travels round the world – and relieved to learn he will be back in time to wrap up presents for the 25th! This was a lovely performance from the children; they looked and sounded wonderful and we did enjoy their Indian dancing. Thank you to Mrs Simich who organised and provided the make-up.

We simply loved Form Two’s hilarious, green-faced aliens in Aliens Love Panta Claus and the idea of reindeers wearing pants was brilliant fun. We will certainly be looking out for Panta Claus this year! This was a witty, very jolly production which the children loved presenting and we loved watching. A big thank you to Ms Bordi, Mrs Rizvi, Mrs Mediokritskaya and Mrs Fischer for helping with the make up.

We doubt if many will be able to forget Form Three’s lively production of The Elves and the Shoemaker. This was a well-crafted, well-acted play with confident performances from everyone - some unforgettable! We really enjoyed every moment down to the final So long, Farewell! Thank you to Mrs de Silva, Mrs Pasiechnikova and Mrs du Cann, once again, for their make-up skills.

Form Four was very much involved in deciding what they would perform and in the play’s concept and development and they clearly enjoyed performing it. The girls looked lovely, acted confidently and their singing interlude was beautifully sung. How delighted the girls were to see Aida Tursyn (now at Francis Holland, NW1) who came to help Mrs Kanatova, Ms Meggeson and Mrs Papeians with hair and make-up. Thank you to all for their help.

Form Six’s passion for detective stories and for Sherlock Holmes in particular was the inspiration for the choice of The Hound of the Baskervilles 2. Some very mature performances emerged from the older girls, hinting of things to come as they move on to their senior schools, while Form Five were keen to demonstrate that they have rather a flair for comic acting! Glamorous hair and make-up plus an outbreak of moustaches were courtesy of Ms d’Anglejan, Ms Kanatova and Mrs Papeians. A very big thank you to Mr Pilz for the loan of his Bee Smoker for the special effects and very well done and thank you to Mrs Larke who was in charge of the smoker as well as some audible stage effects!

A final thank you, as always, to Mrs Hopkins for her support. The music and songs are integral to each performance. The Sherlock Holmes theme (from the BBC production) was a Mrs Hopkins ‘special’, cleverly adapted by her for the senior girls to play. Well done and thank you to Renee Regis and Laura Papeians de Morchoven (from Form Four) who joined the senior group on violins and Mrs Alvanis who coached them in their parts. As always, its good teamwork that produces the results!
Well done to all.

CHS Newsletter 1st December 2014

News for 2015
As we approach the end of the term, we have some further developments to announce for the new term.

Mrs Walsh from Pembridge Hall will be joining us in January
Mrs Anne-Marie Walsh, will be taking over the Form Five year group in January. Mrs Walsh is a very experienced teacher who comes to us with a complete understanding of the London school system. She has been both a class and subject teacher at Pembridge Hall since 2000 and has wide experience of preparing pupils for the Common Entrance and competitive London Day Schools. Her current role, as their Maths, English, Gifted & Talented Coordinator, means she has taught scholarship classes in Maths and extension classes in English to Year Six candidates as well as booster classes to those children who struggled in either subject. We feel Mrs Walsh will be a substantial addition to our teaching team and we are very much looking forward to welcoming her to CHS in the New Year.

Newsletter 21st November 2014


A very big thank you to Miss Johnson and Miss Hayward for organising a successful fund raising event. An impressive sum of £409 was raised for Macmillan cancer support. There was a wonderful array of cakes at both the Junior One and Form One coffee mornings, demonstrating the baking skills of many of our parents and children.


Form Three thoroughly enjoyed meeting Miss Mayer this week who will be joining us in January. Whilst we are hoping to see Mrs Bell back next term, she has been advised that she may have to take maternity leave earlier than planned. Therefore, it was particularly useful that Miss Mayer had the opportunity to meet the children and familiarise herself with Form Three’s timetable to ensure a gentle hand-over.


As some parents may be aware, Miss Steel is a very successful competitive athlete and last weekend she competed in Holland playing Wallball for Team GB. Competing in both singles and doubles categories, she won the silver medal in her grade in the singles category. This was her first international final and a promising step for the next international competition in February.

Christmas Plays & Carol Concert

Friday 28 November

Christmas Plays at the Carisbrooke  Hall, at the corner of Seymour Street and Edgware Road, W2

Doors open at 2:00pm Performances begin at 2:30pm

This is a family friendly event but we do expect to have a courteous audience. To avoid younger children causing a disturbance during performances please keep them at gallery level where they will have the best view and can be taken out of the auditorium if they become too noisy or restless. This is near the cloakrooms and there is plenty of space for buggies. This is also the best position for parents who may have to leave during the performance.

We hope that as there will be an official DVD of the plays available before the end of the term, parents will be able to sit back and enjoy the performance without disturbance.

The Carisbrooke Hall will only admit guests who are on their list so please make sure you return the form below.

Children leave with their parents or carer  from the hall after the plays, which will finish about 3.45 pm.

Tuesday 9 December 

Carol Concert  at St John’s Church, Hyde Park Crescent, W2

Doors open at 2:00pm singing will begin at 2:30pm

All the children participate and this is your final – and not to be missed if possible - opportunity to hear the children play and sing before the end of the year. Under the direction of Mrs Hopkins, this is always a joyful event and friends and family are all welcome.

Children leave with their parents or carer from the church after the concert which will finish about 3.30 pm.


Please advise names of guest attending both events by Monday 24th November:



Name(s) of child/children:




Guests attending Plays




Guests attending Concert