CHS News 21st June 2016


It was difficult to imagine there could be any improvement on the concert last year but congratulations to everyone as the playing and singing was better than ever. It was very hard to keep a dry eye! The summer concert reflects the year’s hard work and commitment by both pupils and their teachers including the weekly assembly performances that help to build up the children’s confidence and pleasure in performing.

Mrs Hopkins continues to inspire us all!


SPORTS DAY at Paddington Recreation Ground, beginning 10.30am

We are looking forward to seeing parents and families this Friday, 24 June, for the annual competition between the two houses CLIFTON – SUSSEX. Mrs Larke’s creativity in the devising of new races for the day has to be seen to be believed!  Your child should be in School at the normal time on Friday morning, dressed in sports kit.  All the children go together by coach to Paddington Recreation Ground and parents arrive for 10.30am.

The programme finishes around 11.30am/12noon and the rest of the day is a school holiday for the children.


CHS News June 2016


On Wednesday, 1st June, CHS had a visitor from Science Boffins. 'Boffin Becky' came in to discuss and demonstrate some very exciting experiments including workshops on 'Space' creating the solar system, plasma balls and polymers, showing how electricity can be conducted by other elements, creating static shocks and finally producing slime; please see photograph. Many of the children were inspired to try different science experiments both in and, we suspect, out of School!  'Boffin Becky' was an exemplary scientist and very enthusiastic teacher and we are looking forward to welcoming her back again in the future.


With end of year tests over and the sunshine returned, our school trips are underway.


Junior One thoroughly enjoyed a farm visit on Tuesday. They went on a tractor ride, petted baby animals, watched a goat being milked and cheered in a pig race - the winner was Harry Trotter! The rain kindly held off until the last few minutes of the visit so the children were able to explore the kitchen garden and then had the opportunity to spend their own money in the farm shop. Miss Pack and Miss Hayward reported that “Our farm leader said that she had never had such a well-behaved class in all the time she has worked there and it was lovely that the children were so curious and asked so many relevant questions.”  A most successful trip for Junior One!


Form One had a great time at the Horniman Museum on Monday. They took a coach across London, seeing the wonderful landmarks of our city. They enjoyed a workshop in the morning learning about different types of fish, dressing up and then going into the aquarium to discover interesting facts about their chosen creatures. The children enjoyed a walk around the main hall before devouring their lunches. After that they enjoyed a stroll through the gardens and visited the animals taking time to appreciate the view. A short break was taken by the musical playground and then they enjoyed the last workshop in the gardens exploring trees and minibeasts. A great deal of fun and learning was had by all.


Form Two had an excellent trip to Windsor Castle on Thursday! They were given a front row seat to watch a special Changing of the Guard for the Queen's 90th Birthday accompanied by many different pieces of music, some of which the children recognised from their lessons with Mrs Hopkins! We were also lucky enough to have a lesson in the State Apartments about Queen Elizabeth II where the children enjoyed dressing up as Queens, Knights, Butlers and Guests at our very own coronation. Despite the hot weather and large crowds the children behaved brilliantly and thoroughly enjoyed their day.


Form Three had a wonderful trip to Windsor and the surrounding areas of Berkshire. On the coach journey out of London the children saw how the landscape changed and how the traffic lessened.  Their first stop was Manor Farm in the village of Old Windsor where they met several ponies and saw old farm machinery. The girls were able to compare hay and straw in the hay barn and they spotted some very noisy Saxon ducks that had just laid an egg. The class then took a short drive to Englefield Green passing a cricket ground and a church before heading towards Virginia Water and Ascot.  Along the route they saw Royal Ascot Racecourse and large Union Jack flags flying overhead. After a picnic lunch, they walked through Windsor checking signposts displaying the map symbols they had learned about in the classroom. The children visited Windsor and Eton’s small train station and discussed how it is much smaller than stations in London. The lovely day ended by the River Thames when the girls used their pocket money to purchase an ice cream to enjoy nearby in the shade.  They finally walked back to the Castle and, on the way, fed the hungry ducks and swans on the riverbank.  A wonderful day was had by all!

The senior forms have their excursions to look forward to.

Miss Ellie Grunewald joins us this afternoon to spend time amongst all the classes in preparation for her new role starting in September.

As a rather lovely and kept secret, the children will be surprised with a mini birthday party, complete with Union Jack cupcakes, in celebration of the Queen’s Birthday today.

CHS News May 2016


More Smiles Appeal at St Mary’s Hospital

The end of term photography competition raised £145.95 for the fund and we received a lovely thank you letter from Laura Watts, Head of Community and Events Fundraising, thanking CHS children and parents for their good efforts.


Marble Arch Business Improvement

Following on with community matters, we had a visit from Ruth Sherski and Roberta Boschi, two very helpful ladies who explained more about the Community Project for the Marble Arch area. They are very keen to hear from local people about any concerns such as dumped rubbish, noise or vagrancy issues.

Marble ARch partnership



Test Week

During next week, several form groups (but not all) will be tested on maths and literacy using INCAS (Interactive Computerised Assessment System). These are diagnostic and not competitive tests and the expectation is that they will be a useful indicator of the children’s skills and their attitude to learning. Teachers will use this information to discuss the children’s progress with parents at the Parent Meetings after half term.


During the week after half term, teachers will give the children a general test (or tests) covering subject knowledge for the year, most of these will have multi choice answers. Form Teachers will provide more detailed information to children and parents next week.


Reminder about Half Term

School finishes at the usual time on Thursday, 19th May, for the half term break.

On Friday morning, there will be the New Children’s Induction Morning when we are looking forward to meeting the 2016 Junior One group. Very hard to believe that our current Junior One will soon be ready to join Miss Steel in September!


During the second half of the term, the form groups will have the opportunity to spend time with their new form teacher when they visit their new classroom and, later, their parents will have the opportunity to meet the new teachers at an after-school presentation.


In the meanwhile, we hope the children a lovely sunny half term, whether staying in London or off to exotic places!



CHS News 22nd April 2016

The Summer Term promises to be action packed with a busy timetable for everyone and many activities beginning this week.  Please look at the Term Calendar for more information. The Games Schedule is on the website and Junior One will be thrilled to hear that Miss Kate will be continuing her dance lessons this term.


Summer events to look forward to include the Summer Concert (17 June at 2.30pm – Steiner Hall), Sports Day (24 June at 10.30am – Paddington Rec) and Prize Giving (6 July at 11am – Carisbrooke Hall).  The Concert at the Steiner Hall is a wonderful reflection of the children’s enthusiasm for music, nurtured by Mrs Hopkins and well supported by the music teachers and staff team. The Steiner Hall is a particularly lovely venue for the occasion but do note that the event is not suitable for younger children. Sports Day, held at Paddington Recreation Ground, is definitely an occasion for all the family to enjoy together.  Prize Giving at the Carisbrooke Hall on the last day of term is always a real celebration of your children’s achievements.


Clubs this term include plenty of physical activities, some out-of-doors when weather permits. The seniors have a Games Club (including running and Quick Cricket) and Yoga. Juniors have indoor/outdoor games and Nature Detectives.


School trips, so far confirmed for this term, include visits to Bocketts Farm, Windsor Castle and a Windsor trip, the Horniman Museum and the British Library. Form Six have their annual Mystery Trip to look forward at the end of the term too and, as a well earned treat in the middle of the exam week, Miss Steel has organised a special Science Afternoon on Wednesday, 1st June.

Parent Meetings are scheduled for  Tuesday, 31st May, and Thursday, 2nd June and there are reports at the end of this term.


As part of our ongoing school development plan we have reviewed our end of year exams and will be moving on from SATS papers to standardised tests including SPAG, CATS 4, INCAS and NFER assessments. We believe these tests will provide very useful information on our pupils’ development and results will be shared with parents towards the end of the term. Further information will be sent in due course.


Finally, the World Book Day activities were a great way to end the Spring Term and well done to all who participated in the Photography Competition and Book Character Costume in aid of the St Mary’s Hospital More Smiles Appeal. The total amount raised was £145.95.

CHS News 24th March 2016

The Spring Term always starts with an emphasis on exams and finishes with a celebration of creativity.  This year was no exception and congratulations are due to our boys who are heading off to Latymer Prep, Devonshire House School and Wetherby Prep and to our Form Six girls, who will be heading on to Latymer Upper School, Francis Holland SW1, Queen’s College, Queen’s Gate and More House in September.


Poetry Afternoon at the Steiner Hall was a huge success as always and particular thanks go to Miss Diane from Paint Pots and Mrs Bruce for their wonderful judging skills in marking out commendable readings.


We were thrilled that so many parents and family members enjoyed our Open Morning.  Mrs Hopkins in particular had a steady stream of musicians and thanks go to Ms Urbanek and Mr Westerman for overseeing the very entertaining advertisements ‘written, directed and performed’ by the Spring Term Film Making Club.


The Spring Term completed with another fun filled and action packed week.  The children had a wonderful time celebrating books with classes and teachers working together to create special memories that we hope will nurture a love of reading for years to come. The children’s costumes were very creative and certainly encouraged description of each character.  Particular thanks are due to parents who participated in Our Book Day by reading books from their childhood to individual year groups. The array of photographs of pupils reading in interesting settings that were sent in made for a very enjoyable final Assembly.  Contributions totaling £146 were sent on to St Mary’s Hospital, More Smiles Appeal, so a very big thank you to all who donated.


Wishing everybody a very happy Spring holiday and we are looking forward to welcoming our children back refreshed and raring to go on Wednesday, 20 April 2016.

CHS News 29th February 2016

E-NEWS FOR SPRING TERM 2016                     



We welcomed two very special visitors this year to act as adjudicators for the annual Poetry Competition: Mrs Bruce was back with us again to judge the seniors and Miss Diane from our local Paint Pots Nursery judged the junior competition.

This was another impressive year with very confident performances from the children. The juniors write their own poems and Junior One wrote about their favourite animal; Form One wrote about whales and Form Two, inspired by Roald Dahl, wrote about a character from George’s Marvellous Medicine. Miss Diane was impressed by the children’s imaginative content and use of vocabulary that made a final choice very difficult. The poems will be on display for Open Day so you will be able to enjoy their efforts too.



This Friday, 4 March beginning 2.30pm at the Steiner Hall, 35 Park Road, NW1

A reminder that this event is held at the Steiner Hall, Rudolf Steiner House and begins at 2.30pm. The programme will take about an hour. Each class will recite a choral poem and there will also be a selection of individual recitations by children commended in the competition last week. We would kindly ask parents to be in their seats by 2.25pm.

The performance should finish about 3.30pm and children will leave from the hall with their parents at the end of the afternoon.


CHS News 6th January 2016

Happy New Year and welcome back! The Christmas period has been an eclectic mix of floods and early daffodils and we already have tree blossom in Connaught Square. However, as we are not entirely sure if this mild weather will remain, we do have contingencies for ‘snow days’ and various eventualities. Thank you to parents who have offered to be ‘points of contact’ and we will be in touch fairly shortly with details about how we intend to set up this additional parent communication link.


Key dates for your Spring Term diaries:


This is on Friday 4th March, at the Steiner Hall, beginning at 2.30pm and lasting about one hour.


This is on Friday 18th March and we have brought the time forward to 8.30am finishing at 11.00am. We hope many parents will find the earlier time more accommodating for their work schedules and any ‘feed back’ about this would be helpful.


CHESS GROUPS are now both on FRIDAYS beginning 15th January

First session for the GROUP ONE is at 8.15am beginning next Friday.

First session for GROUP TWO is at 8.45am beginning next Friday.


JUNIOR & SENIOR CLUBS 3.30 – 4.30pm

First club sessions begin next Wednesday, 13th January and the activities will include Filmmaking, History and Baking for the seniors and Science, Hip Hop dance and a Model-making workshop for the Juniors.



Hard to believe that it was this time last year we began putting our admin system on to SIMS (Schools Information Management System). Thanks to parents for filling in what probably felt like endless information forms followed by a big thank you to Ms White for her stalwart efficiency and patience first checking and then programming in the data.

Stage One is almost completed but, of course, there are more stages to go including our continuous staff development programme. Two new Interactive touch boards In Form Five and Form Six classrooms means we now have IT boards in every classroom. To support their use there was another IT INSET for staff with Shorifa Khanam, our Consultant Primary Curriculum Advisor, prior to the start of the term.


The purchase of new books, however, has not been overlooked and we are just about to take delivery of Mrs Walsh’s and Miss Burke’s wish list of books from Waterstones. Encouraging the children’s independent reading remains key to developing their ideas, experiences and critical thinking as well as the development of their knowledge both within and beyond the confines of the national curriculum. We are sure these lovely new books will enthuse their new readers.



We are aware that some uniform items (swimming costumes for instance) have been difficult to obtain recently and so a review of options and availability is under way. If you have had significant problems obtaining clothing items please inform the office this week.



There has been one case of Chicken Pox reported during the Christmas break and, whilst we suspect we are no longer in a period of incubation, please be aware and do notify the school if your child shows symptoms of the illness.


It is perfect weather for head lice and so we do ask our parents to be extra vigilant.


CHS News 8th December 2015

Christmas Performances & Events

Following the Christmas Plays, we barely drew breath as we prepared for the Carol Concert at St John’s Church this afternoon. Please do remember to pick up your copy of the Christmas Plays DVD as you arrive.


A special thank you to all our parents who helped with the face painting on the day. As always, your children’s costumes were superb and Miss Meggeson’s masterful hairdressing skills quite literally blew us away.


The children had a wonderful time at the Christmas Lunch and at the Christmas Party yesterday, where they enjoyed a variety of traditional games, Wink Murder being one of the seniors’ favourites!


The CHS Post Box was full to the brim this morning with our Form Six acting as Christmas postgirls and delivering to the classrooms – a tradition going back fifty years!


Last Day of Term

Tomorrow is our final morning of term with the children being collected at five-minute intervals from 12:15 for Junior One to 12:30 Forms Five and Six. There will be a grand assembly with a mixture of Christmas carols and favourite songs along with some terrible Christmas jokes!


Another CHS tradition is that the children are allowed to bring a toy in on the last day of the term. This is known to the children as ‘Toy Day’ and there are clear rules attached:

Children can bring in toys, games and board games that they can play together with their friends. Please do not send any digital games or any valuable or sentimental toys that would cause upset if damaged.


Contact details

Ms White has asked for her new email address to be shared with you: that should be used for any admin or general office correspondence. Additionally, if you have not already done so, we would like you to take note of our new CHS text number: 07860 027 415 - please do note that this is a text only number.


Finally, every member of staff would like to join us in thanking parents for the wonderful and very generous gifts received and to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.


We are looking forward to seeing the children back and ready to go for the Spring Term on Wednesday, 6 January 2016. In the meanwhile, we hope everyone manages a relaxing break!


Best wishes,


The Hamptons

CHS News 23rd October

Dear Parents

As always, we have been busy and here is some news about what has been happening in school and events to come:


Monday 9th November          J1 Yellow Forest School Trip 

Monday 16th November        Individual and Sibling School Photographs 

Thursday 19th November      Dr Monsen Evening Talk: Supporting Our Girls - to be confirmed

Friday 27th November           Christmas Plays 2:30 pm at Carisbrooke Hall

Tuesday 8th  December         Christmas Carol Concert 2 pm at St John’s Church


Christmas Plays DVD

After the success of last year, I have once again organised a film of the Christmas Plays and will send out an order form nearer the time. The cost of the DVD’s will be £17. 


Junior One keeping busy

Our new Junior Ones have settled in beautifully and we are beginning to discover their various personalities.   During this first half term, to complement their topic about the senses, Miss Hayward arranged for both a local nurse and a seeing-eye dog handler, complete with dog, to talk to the class. In addition, the Green Group have already enjoyed a Forest School trip with the Yellow Group’s visit coming up after the half term.

New Children in other forms

Well done to Sofia, Marcos, Daniela, Millie and Dasha, all new to the school this term, and who have all made an excellent beginning to the academic year,

Author Visit to Form One

As I write this e-news, Form One are hosting a visit from the children’s author Angela Fish (courtesy of an introduction from Ms Grachvogel) who is reading exerts from her recent book, Ben and the Spider Gate. This is clearly a great success!

Form Three Visit the Museum of London

Form Three enjoyed a very interesting and informative visit to the Museum of London, this was to support their project on the Romans. Miss Mayer was keen to report that the CHS children were the best behaved children in the museum.  We are very proud!

Former Pupils 

Form Six were delighted to welcome several familiar faces as former pupils took advantage of their extended half term to visit CHS: this included Ava Dance (Francis Holland) and Leila Khan (Queens Gate) followed by Ariella Michaels (Francis Holland) and Adina Tursyn (Putney High School). Lucy Reeve (Latymer Upper School) and Giulietta Hope (Queen’s College) have been in touch and hope to arrange a visit before the end of the term. We also had news of another former pupil now an actress, Jessye Romeo, who was in a recent production at the Unicorn Theatre as well as a visit from Aris Raissis, a well established Portrait and Figurative Artist. who attended CHS in the 1970s!

Busy Teachers

Its not only the children who have been busy. Three of the teachers who have taken on new roles this term attended professional development days: Miss Steel, our KS1 Science coordinator, has returned bubbling with ideas about developing the CHS science curriculum; Miss Rollins, IT & Computing Coordinator, has been enthusiastically guiding the rest of the teaching team through the IT curriculum and Miss Burke is making sure that we keep up to date with Safeguarding requirements.

On behalf of all CHS Staff & the Hampton Family we wish everyone a very happy half term.

Victoria Hampton

Assistant Principal


As part of our PSHE, British Values and Citizenship curriculum, we are holding a Disability Awareness Day next Tuesday, 22nd September.

Two members of staff from the charity Enable Me, Chris Jay and Seb Trezise, will be leading a variety of activities including discussions and debates, designing logos and participating in Boccia, a sport similar to bowls played by athletes with severe physical disabilities.

Enable Me was launched in 2005 and recruits and trains disabled volunteers to visit schools to raise disability awareness and to educate and inspire young people to change any negative attitudes. The theory is that by enabling disabled people to communicate and tell their own stories, a positive message will ripple out across the school and into the wider community.

I am certain that our children will be both moved and inspired by the days events and expect that they will want to discuss them with you.

If you would like to find out more about the charity their web site is:

Victoria Hampton

Assistant Principal