CHS News June 2017


Charity Fair

On Monday, 3rd July, in the afternoon, the children of Form Six will be organising an event in aid of Children With Cancer UK. They will be running a series of stalls in the dining room for the other year groups to visit during the afternoon. This particular charity was voted for by the KS2 children following presentations from each of the Form Six girls who talked about a number of different charities.

There will be traditional games of skill and chance, as well as refreshments on offer. Please send in with your child a named envelope containing no more than £10 for them to spend.


LAMDA exams

We wish the children who are taking their first LAMDA exams this weekend with Miss Horgan all the best!


Mr Taiwo

We are delighted to announce that Mr Taiwo will become our permanent games teacher from September. Already a very popular teacher with the children, Mr Taiwo will teach games, including football, and sports science to all the year groups.


Miss Karin Broeders

Miss Karin Broeders will be joining Miss Hayward in September as our new Reception Teacher. Miss Broeders has a BA Hons in English from The University of Western Ontario and a BA Hons in Education from York University, Ontario. She has QTS status and has been specialising in the Early Years for the last few years in the UK. Miss Broeders has trained in the ReadWriteInc Programme and has experience working with EAL children (English as an Additional Language). Miss Broeder’s personal interests are very diverse (ideal for a teacher): she loves English Literature, particularly Shakespeare, creative writing, drama, art and singing. She is an animal enthusiast, has a curiosity about living things and enjoys the outdoors and keeping active!

Miss Broeders will be spending some time with Junior One this term and new Junior One and parents will have the opportunity to come and meet her at the beginning of next term.


Mr & Mrs Alvanis

After an association of nearly 27 years with the school, we sadly say farewell to Mr Alvanis and Mrs Yoshida Alvanis who will be leaving Connaught House to concentrate on their music projects. Mr & Mrs Alvanis, both distinguished musicians, have shared the teaching of violin to our pupils for over a decade, providing them with a foundation of excellence in the learning of such a demanding instrument. We wish them all the best for the future.


Holly McLatchie

We have a lovely new violin teacher, joining in September, who is another alumni from the Royal College of Music. Holly McLatchie has taught at several well-known, London preparatory schools, including Heathfield House and St Benedict’s. She will be happy to teach individual pupils as well as establishing a violin group, depending on numbers.


Music Lessons

If you have not already done so and would like to enroll your child in extra curricular music lessons, please complete the music application form as soon as possible. As well as individual lessons, Miss Land (woodwind), Miss Brooke (guitar), Miss McLatchie (violin), Dr Ashworth (singing & piano) would all consider setting up group lessons. We will aim to facilitate all requests.  However, a wait list situation does sometime occur.


Our current Form Six have taken great advantage of the music on offer at CHS through the years. All read music, sing and play the recorder. The instruments they play between them now include the treble recorder, flute, saxophone, clarinet, oboe, guitar, piano, Russian Harp, drums and violin. Many have achieved Merit and Distinction in their ARBSM music grades.

Miss Land came in last week to give a presentation to the children about recorder and flute playing and it would be lovely for Dr Ashworth to have some up and coming musicians for the school orchestra next year.





Mrs Hopkins

We know everyone is now aware that, for family reasons, Mrs Hopkins is moving to deepest Essex which is sadly just too far away for her to continue commuting to CHS. During her tenure as Head of Music, Mrs Hopkins has added her own, inimitable sparkle to the music we have always enjoyed at CHS. There can be few CHS pupils, past and present, whose eyes do not light up at the mention of music and Mrs Hopkins. Yet the fun is always purposeful as the high standard of music at CHS bears testament to. It is a wonderful legacy for us to cherish.


Dr Ashworth

We are confident that Mrs Hopkins’ successor, a practising musician and teacher with his own style of musical joie de vivre, will be able to continue this legacy.


Dr Ashworth has an impressive CV, both as a musician and as a music educator. He has a doctorate from the Royal College of Music and has over ten years experience as a teacher and as Director of Music in London preparatory schools.


Dr Ashworth also has an emerging international profile as a composer with recent works including an opera for the International Opera Theatre in Città della Pieve, Italy. Admirably qualified and experienced to take on the role of Head of Music, he will also be able to provide individual singing and piano lessons for CHS pupils.

In addition, Dr Ashworth has met many of the children and has been impressed with their enthusiasm and high standards. He is keen to expand the children’s performing opportunities. We look forward to welcoming him to CHS in September and anticipate an exciting music year ahead.


Summer Concert

In the meanwhile, we are looking forward to the Summer Concert at the Steiner Hall next Friday, 16 June.

CHS News May 2017

Boys for 11+
We have been thrilled by the positive responses and feedback from existing and prospective parents and are already looking forward to preparing our first cohort of boys for the 11+.  
Supporting our local school community
Recently Miss Grunewald has been in great demand acting as a guest adjudicator. Today she is judging the poetry at North Bridge House School and next Friday she has been invited to Wetherby Prep Poetry Competition. 
Summer Term School Clubs
The children have all been enjoying the extra-curricular clubs on Wednesday afternoons. The Junior Forms (2 & 3) have been exploring the many types of local flora and wildlife that Hyde Park has to offer in their Habitat Studies with Mr Westerman and Miss Arthur. Needless to say, our Junior Art Club run by Miss Pack and Miss Weston, has been a huge hit. The Senior Forms (4, 5 & 6) have been energetically playing Touch Rugby with Miss Steel, Miss Hayward and Miss Pluskowska or employing their creative skills in Jewellery Making with Miss Grunewald and Mrs Walsh.
After School Football Clubs
The Friday Junior Club is full to overflowing and looks to be a great success. A trickle of girls into the Senior Club on Thursday means that Mr Taiwo will be happy to welcome a few more participants – girls should not miss the opportunity to join the biggest women’s team sport in England!
Summer Concert Music Auditions on 23 May (F2-6) & 24 May (F1)
The auditions will be held on Tuesday, 23 May for Forms Two to Six and Form One’s auditions will be on Wednesday, 24 May (as they are out on a school trip on Tuesday). 
Mrs Hopkins will speak to each form group about signing up and the children must remember to bring their music and their instrument (if required) to the audition on Tuesday (23rd).  Any child who studies an instrument, whether in or out of school, is most welcome to audition.
NSPCC Fund Raising
Thank you for the marvellous contributions received on behalf of the NSPCC which totalled over £900.  This is especially generous of parents when it followed on from the recent Readathon donations.  Incredible support!
Summer Uniform
Just a reminder that we are in May and all children should be in summer uniform.
Miss Mayer’s Marathon
Congratulations to Miss Mayer who completed the London Marathon on Sunday, 23 April, a course of over 42 kilometres/26 miles to raise money for Cancer Research. We are proud to say that Miss Mayer is one of several CHS teaching staff who have competed in marathon runs over the last few years to raise money for charity. A very big thank you from Miss Mayer to the CHS children and staff who turned out to support her!
Best wishes.
The CHS Team

CHS News March 2017

Final Week of Term

Due to the busy Spring Term calendar, we always celebrate World Book Day a little later which allows Form Teachers to organise a series of fun-packed activities for the last few days of the term - from dressing up as a Roald Dahl character to a taste of William Shakespeare for the seniors.



Please note no Venue Games, Supervised Homework or School Clubs but both Chess and Drama Clubs continue this week.


End of term on Thursday, 23 March

Just a reminder about the end of term finishing times - Junior One & Form One: 12.15pm; Forms Two & Three: 12.20pm; Forms Four, Five & Six: 12.30pm.


Summer Term dates for your diaries – the Summer Term Calendar will be sent to parents at the commencement of the term.



Please make the time to attend this NSPCC workshop on the first Friday of term about CHILDREN’S ONLINE SAFETY. Parents really cannot afford to miss the opportunity to learn more about protecting their children from the ever-increasing dangers of the internet. Workshop with refreshments will be in the school dining room.


MEETING FOR PARENTS OF BOYS IN FORM TWO on Thursday, 27 April at 4.00pm.

This is a presentation for parents about the process and preparation for our boys for Prep School entry.


MEETING FOR PARENTS OF BOYS IN FORM ONE on Thursday, 4 May at 4.00pm.

This is a presentation for parents about the process and preparation for our boys for Prep School entry.



Ms White will contact parents next term about the meetings that will be organised during the week beginning Monday, 22 May.


HALF TERM from Friday, 26 May to Friday, 2 June inclusive

School will finish at the normal times on Thursday, 25 May.


NEW CHILDREN’S MORNING on Friday, 26 May – times to be confirmed.

Introduction to Junior One for parents of children joining CHS in September.


SUMMER CONCERT on Friday, 16 June at 2.30pm.

Mrs Hopkins’ wonderful summer concert at the Steiner Hall. Please note this is not a suitable event for children under five years of age.


SPORTS DAY on Friday, 23 June at 10.30am at Paddington Recreation Ground. After the event, the rest of the day is a school holiday.



Prize Giving will be at 11.00am the Carisbrooke Hall and finishes about 12noon when the Summer Holiday begins.


Happy Easter!

CHS News February 2017


School Results

Congratulations to the Form Six girls who received a record number of individual place offers this year, including the offer of a Scholarship.

It is pleasing to know that Francis Holland (Regents Park), Queen’s College and Queen’s Gate offered places to all our applying pupils and Queen’s Gate also awarded an Academic Scholarship. In addition, there were place offers from Eaton Square Upper School, Francis Holland (Sloane Square), Godolphin & Latymer, More House, South Hampstead, St James and Trevor Roberts as well as Oundle School in Northamptonshire.


The boys did well this year too with place offers from Devonshire House, Latymer Prep, St Philips (SW7) and Westminster Cathedral Choir School and with one CHS pupil achieving the highest examination score in the Choir School exam.

All the children are to be congratulated on their well-earned success.


Poetry Competition Friday, 24 February & Poetry Afternoon Friday, 3 March

We are enjoying a poetry fest in School at the moment and our Poetry Competition took place on Friday. Miss Alice Olney, the Senior Mistress from Wetherby Prep, was a lovely adjudicator and judged the poems written and recited by the children in Junior One, Forms One and Two. She congratulated everyone on their presentation and good eye contact and mentioned that, even though this was their first competition, she was impressed that each of the Junior One children were confident enough to recite their poems, most from memory. Form One were praised for their smiles and their similes and Form Two for their imaginative poems and use of expression.


Mr Phillip Williams, Headmaster of Eaton Square Upper School (which opens in September), judged the seniors’ poems. The selection of poems was delightful and it was clear that every child had put in a huge amount of effort in finding and learning their poem. Form Six’s choices were highly ambitious and many of the recitations captivating. Mr Williams was impressed and we were extremely proud of them all.


Next Friday, 3 March, will be our Poetry Afternoon at the Steiner Hall when you will have the opportunity to hear each of the class poems as well as the competition winners.


Open Morning

The next date for your calendar is Open Morning on Friday, 17 March.

CHS News January 2017

Although it was a relatively short Christmas break the children returned looking fresh and ready for action, which was just as well as the beginning of term has certainly been busy! Starting with the prep and senior school entrance exams and ending with a mini-blizzard!


Prior to the start of the term, Miss Grunewald led a Mindfulness Workshop for staff as many children do find this simple form of meditation helpful at stressful moments.


The Drama Club set off to a good start and, judging from the comments of the children participating, it looks as if it will become a very successful after school activity.


This term, Junior One, have begun French.  The children were also very excited when they boarded the coach for the first time to the Little Venice Sports Centre for their first gym class.


A warm welcome to Petra and Leah who have joined Form Two and Form Five respectively - both girls have made a good start to the term.


Finally, we would all like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their often very thoughtful, generous gifts at the end of last term. If CHS staff are a little broader round the waist at the start of this term then this is most certainly due to so many delicious treats received!


Seasons, by Josie, Form 6

Winter is a terrorist.

He snatches the last traces of summer and steals the only life leaving the landscape barren, bare and cold.

He fears only spring, who melts his cold ice and brings back life to the earth, turning the snow to fresh rain. He causes the rabbit to cower and keep its white coat.


Summer is a cicada, chirping in the green, green grass.

Only when the first rays of sunlight warm the earth,

May he spread his wings and fly.


Spring is a gurgling burn.

He trickles down the mountain, watering the flowers as he goes, letting the animals drink from his pure waters.

Their thirst takes control of them though and his last forgotten droplets are burnt by the sun as it rises to take his place and start summer.


Autumn is a brittle conker, thudding on the ground,

Finding nuts for squirrels and preparing the animals for the long and hard winter ahead.

He is whisked away by a child who sickens him by soaking him in vinegar; his hard work never pays off.

Then he is cracked and left to rot in the long, hard winter, while all the animals he helped are tucked away, warm and full through all of it.

End of Term News December 2016

As we approach the end of a very successful and full Autumn Term, we wanted to share with our parents and families our final news of the year.

School Visits

In order to foster and refresh the relationship between CHS and the various London preparatory schools where we continue to send our boys, Mrs Victoria Hampton and Miss Grunewald have now had the opportunity to meet the various new Heads and Registrars at University College School, Westminster Under School, St Philips, ICS School, Westminster Cathedral Choir School, Latymer Prep and Sussex House. We also had the opportunity to welcome Phillip Williams, the future Headmaster of the Eaton Square Upper School which opens this September.


Stained Glass Workshop

Form One had a visit from Amadea’s grandmother, who gave the children a lovely talk about making stained glass windows. The children were able to show the beautiful lanterns and windows they made with her at the following assembly.




Song of the Sea

The visit to see the award winning Irish animated film, Song of the Sea, was another success and has inspired some lovely writing from many of the girls.


British Library

The senior girls delved into the treasure trove of amazing books on display at the British Library, cherry picking fantastic phrases and useful words, in order to stimulate their creative writing back at School.


Natural History Museum

Forms One & Two enjoyed watching a traditional tales puppet show followed by a visit to see the dinosaurs.  No sign of the Christmasaurus however!


School Plays

Everyone enjoyed watching the Christmas Plays at the Carisbrooke Hall. We were impressed by how confident Junior One were and how loud and clear their voices were in the Stick Man.  We loved Form One’s charming play, Bear Stays Up for Christmas, which was beautifully performed by the children, and Form Two’s Christmasaurus that was equally well presented and looked wonderful. We absolutely loved the creativity of Form Three and Four’s Don’t Cook Father Christmas; their spirited characters and sparkling performances were unforgettable. Form Five & Six had great fun with Dick Whittington and sang their specially chosen songs with all their usual gusto - thanks to Mrs Hopkins who is always both accommodating and encouraging of our musical aspirations.


NB: A grey woolen hat was left behind in the hall after the performances.  Please contact the office if this hat belongs to you.


Carol Singing at the Victory Club

Our senior choir, accompanied by form teachers and Mrs Hopkins, were once again enchanting in their rendition of tradition carols for the visitors and staff at the Victory Club.  The girls were presented with teddy bears afterwards as a memento of their visit.


Green School Hat

Mrs Larke has sourced an alternative winter hat (at a cost of £10) as our regular supplier has been out of stock for some time.  Please email her directly if you would like to make an order at:


Club News

The Supervised Homework Club has been a great success (not least for the tasty tea) and will continue next term. Please note sessions have finished for this term and, if you would like to sign your child up for next term, then please let Ms White know as soon as possible.

This is also a reminder that Wednesday Clubs for Juniors and Seniors have finished for the term. 

We are very pleased to be able to offer a Junior and a Senior Drama Club starting in January.  Gillian Horgan who is a Lamda Accredited Drama Teacher will be holding Drama Clubs on Tuesday afternoons, after School, with 8 places available (on a first come first served basis) for Junior One to Form Two pupils and 10 places for Form Three to Form Six pupils.  The termly charge will be £140.  Please do notify Ms White if you would like to reserve a place.


This Christmas we will be fundraising for Great Ormond Street Hospital where Miss Arthur used to work and where Miss Pluskowska currently volunteers.  In aid of this excellent cause, the children will be asked to make a donation in order to each decorate a bauble for one of the Christmas trees that will be displayed in the School entrance hall this week.  Please could you send in your donation (minimum £1) in a named envelope tomorrow morning. 


Wishing all of our pupils and families a very restful and happy holiday.


CHS Team

Parent Questionnaire Feedback - November 2016

Thank you to everyone who completed the Parent Questionnaire at our recent Parent Teacher evening. Your feedback is highly valued and fundamental to our programme of continual improvement.


With the exception of a few parents who ‘did not know’, all other responses either agreed or strongly agreed that:

  • My child is happy at CHS
  • My child feels safe at school
  • My child makes good progress
  • My child is well looked after
  • My child is well taught
  • The school makes sure pupils are well behaved


In Junior One, Form One and Form Two we have been piloting a new report system this year, to provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of your child’s progress, based on tracking their achievements and following their learning journey through the National Curriculum objectives. We will be extending this to the rest of the school as the year progresses.


The majority of parents agreed or strongly agreed that their child receives appropriate homework for his/her age. However, two parents did not know, two felt there was too much and one said there was too little in Maths. Whilst every teacher endeavours to dispense homework that is appropriate for each child, this is not always easy to predict. We value your feedback via your child’s homework diary/reading record. 


The questionnaire did highlight that a number of parents are unaware of our anti-bullying policy and our procedures for dealing with bullying. Bullying is taken very seriously at Connaught House School and we have included a summary of our policy. We hope this will reassure you of our commitment to ensuring that our School is a happy place for all and that you can approach any member of staff should you have any concerns. The full version of the policy, along with all of our policies, including each curriculum subject, safeguarding, first aid and IT are available at any time on the School website.


Once again, thank you for taking the time to complete the questionnaire. The answers help us to understand where there are doubts or concerns and as a result we can provide parents with timely, appropriate and helpful information.

CHS News November 2016

School Visits

Mrs Victoria Hampton and Miss Grunewald are currently very busy with visits to various prep and senior schools. These visits began with Wetherby Prep where they met Alice Olney, Senior Mistress, and Emma Hart, Senior Deputy Head. This visit was followed by a trip across the park to meet Alexander Wulffen-Thomas, the new Headmaster, at St Philip’s. During the coming weeks, Mrs Hampton and Miss Grunewald will be visiting University College School, Westminster Under School, Westminster Cathedral Choir School and Sussex House. Miss Grunewald and Mr Westerman visited City of London School for Girls for a delicious breakfast and an impressive tour of the building and facilities where they gained valuable information relating to the entry process.


Visiting CHS, we have had the pleasure of welcoming Georgina Hood, the Principal of Paint Pots Nurseries and Philip Williams, who will be the head of Eaton Square Senior School, a new coeducational senior school opening in September 2017. This week, we were particularly delighted to welcome Vivienne Durham, the former headmistress of Francis Holland, Regents Park, who now works for an educational consultancy.



Following a survey conducted by the Form Six girls on pupils’ favourite lunches, there have been some tweaks to the Autumn/Winter menu for the second half of the term. You can access the new menu via the School website. We were impressed to learn that popular choices were both healthy and nutritious although almost everyone has room for a slice of Laura’s chocolate pudding!


School Photographs

After last year’s very successful individual and joint CHS sibling photographs arranged just in time for Christmas presents, we have once again invited Bentley Photographic to photograph all the children on Monday 14th November. This gives you plenty of time to arrange hair cuts if needed.


Junior and Form One Coffee Morning

Mrs Victoria Hampton and Miss Grunewald are looking forward to welcoming parents from the junior classes in the dining room on Monday morning between 10:00 and 11:00.


Road Safety Talks

This week, Mrs Walsh arranged a visit from Westminster’s Road Safety Officer to give all the children a talk about road safety. Afterwards, many of the children were heard discussing the differences of Pelican and Toucan crossings and all the children were delighted with their gift of a flashing light.


Miss Wilkins

A warm welcome to Miss Olivia Wilkins who is helping in Form One for the second half term as part of her work experience. So far, Miss Wilkins has not stopped smiling since she arrived so it looks as if Form One are making her feel very welcome.


Book Fair with Daunt Books (Marylebone High Street)

Miss Grunewald’s Book Fair attracted a good turn out of parents and was a great success. Working with a local, independent bookshop meant that we were able to provide a wonderful selection of books. Happy Weekend Reading to all!


Parent Meetings with Staff w/c 17 October

By now, Ms White will have e-mailed all parents with a meeting time with their child’s form teacher. Whenever possible, we give you a time closest to any request and parents with two children are allotted consecutive times so It is much appreciated if you confirm your attendance.


Daunt Books

Form Three had a wonderful workshop at Daunt Books in Marylebone High Street on Thursday on the language of Roald Dahl.  Junior One had a thoroughly lovely time with Coco the guide dog on Wednesday.


More Dates for your Diary

Form Three have a visit booked to the Museum of London on the 17 October, Forms Four, Five and Six are seeing the film the Song of The Sea on 17 November and Forms Five and Six have a trip organised to the British Library on 23 November.  Further information will be sent to parents in due course.

A reminder that half term is the week of 24-28 October.



Children should now be wearing winter uniform which incudes the regulation grey hat (girls) and grey cap (boys), green and yellow stripe scarf and green gloves. Girls should wear green tights or green socks if preferred. NB: we are aware that John Lewis are awaiting stock of the bobble hat – we do not recommend the one size fleece hat for younger children as the sizing is fairly large.


Requests about absence

Parents are politely reminded that, other than for illness, you are required to ask permission from the Principal to take your child out of school either for religious festivals or unavoidable family occasions. As far as you are able please notify the School about any medical appointments as this does help with lesson planning.

 School Visits

Mrs V Hampton and Miss Grunewald will be visiting Wetherby School on Monday, 10 October.  Mr Phillip Williams, future Head of Eaton Square School, Mayfair, will be visiting CHS on Tuesday, 18 October.



Music Lessons

We have some times still available for Miss Land (recorder and flute) and Miss Rogers (piano). Please contact the school office if you are interested in lessons for your child.

Junior One Visits

Well done to our new Junior One who completed their first full week of school last Friday.  During this week, Claire Vanstone visited the classroom to talk about being a nurse and staying healthy. Next week, Hilary and her guide dog, Coco, are visiting Junior One as part of their topic on senses. 


Former Pupil’s News 

We recently heard from Professor Sparti about her daughter, Giulietta Hope, whose work has been selected for the Young Artists’ Exhibition at the Royal Drawing School 2016, 19-22 Charlotte Road, London, EC2A 3SG. Giulietta currently attends Queen’s College School in Year Eight and was awarded both an academic and an art scholarship from Queen’s. Information about the exhibition can be found at:


Tuesday Football Club 4-5 pm

We had a wonderful first football session with Mr Simi yesterday afternoon and would like to remind all parents of children in Junior One, Forms One, Two and Three that, weather permitting, there are 3 more taster sessions coming up.  The cost will be £10 per session. Please contact Ms White for details if you would like your son/daughter to participate.


A date for your diary:


Nasal Flu Vaccine

The NHS Foundation Trust are offering children in Years One, Two and Three the nasal vaccine in CHS on Monday afternoon, 5th December.  Parents will be sent a permission form if they would like their children to take part in the programme.