E-News - 16 November 2018

Dear Parents


The first event of our busy build up towards the end of Term begins next week with Parent Meetings on Monday and Tuesday.


Form Five sat their Kensington Park School assessment this week under the watchful eye of Mrs Walsh and we were very proud of their maturity in sitting this, their very first external exam paper.  Parents and children from Form Three to Form Five have been invited to tour KPS on Wednesday, 21 November at 5pm.  Please do ensure that Ms White has your name down if you would like to attend this tour.


We are eagerly anticipating our Chamber Choir’s participation in the Connaught Village Fair on Thursday at 6pm.  Do come along and support our children and enjoy the local festive cheer!


After last year’s successful Book Fair, Daunt Books are returning on Friday, 23 November.  Children can bring in money (up to £10) clearly labelled in an envelope to buy books of their choice and they will be escorted to the Dining Room to make their selection.  Parents are invited to come along both at the start and at the end of the day to choose an early Christmas present or two from the many books on display.


We are thrilled to share with you the news that our Form Six girls have performed brilliantly in the Primary Maths Challenge achieving Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.  This was a 45-minute national test of 25 questions set by the Mathematical Association and correctly answering the necessary 80% to receive a Gold award was no mean feat.  This positive result should have set our girls on the right course for their upcoming 11+ examinations in the New Year.


A belated well done goes out to two other pupils also who, unfortunately, missed last summer’s Prize Giving ceremony.  They were awarded with their prizes in this morning’s assembly with the French Cup going to Katherine and a prize for achievement in History going to Ariana.


Forthcoming dates for your diary - invitations to each event will be sent out separately:


Friday, 30 November - Christmas Plays at the Carisbrooke Hall

Tuesday, 4 December - Forms One & Two Open Dance at the Sylvia Young Theatre School

Tuesday, 4 December - Senior Drama Club Performance in school

Friday, 7 December - Forms Three to Six Open Swim at Kensington Leisure Centre

Wednesday, 12 December - Carol Singing in St John’s Church followed by the end of term at 12pm


With best wishes.


The CHS Team

E:News - 9 November 2018

Dear Parents


Working with Marble Arch London (https://marble-arch.london) Mrs Hampton is actively trying to improve the safety for our families within the Edgware Road area,  This includes extending the time for pedestrians crossing the roads and clear signage being added to the junctions on Seymour Street and Stanhope Place.  To this end Transport for London have a number of proposals for new pedestrian crossings, improved junction and a introduction of a 20 mph speed limit.  There are several upcoming events organised by Marble Arch London where interested parents can meet the Tfl team and discuss the proposals.  Any parents who feel they can support Mrs Hampton in her endeavours are asked add their voice by visiting the link below to view the plans and provide your feedback:




Form Six are delighted to have Ms Grunewald back in school after a period of convalescence and they have all enjoyed being back together for English!


Many of our pupils are visiting senior schools currently and we have had very positive feedback from those who visited Francis Holland North, Queen’s Gate, Highgate, Kensington Park and South Hampstead, amongst others.  We are also looking forward to our CHS Parent tour of Kensington Park School (Forms 3-5) at the end of the month in line with the priority pathway that exists between our two schools.  This will include the parents of boys, our first coeducational cohort, who have opted to take the 11+ and remain at CHS until Form 6.


Please do remember that individual and sibling photographs will be taken on Monday morning (12th) in time for possible Christmas gifts for grandparents, etc.


We are thrilled with the uptake of the children’s personalised Christmas cards.  The order deadline has now passed and so unfortunately we can no longer accept any late orders.


The positive response to the digital online booking programme for Parent Meetings has been excellent.  For those few parents who have yet to make an appointment, please do so at the earliest opportunity as very few time slots remain available.


This term we were lucky enough to have a former pupil, Miss Sadh, rejoin CHS as a work experience volunteer to gain a better understanding of a career in teaching.  During the 8-week period that she spent in school, she has made herself very useful throughout the year groups, supporting our Junior One pupils in their first weeks, enjoying the creativity that Mrs Rogers has brought to Form One and, more recently, observing and working in the senior classes.  On behalf of all members of staff, we would like to extend a big thank you and good luck to Miss Sadh for a career in education.  We cannot think of a person more suited to becoming a teacher and we look forward to remaining in contact over the years to come.



Wishing you all a very happy weekend.


The CHS Team

E:News - 2 November 2018

Dear Parents


After a thoroughly busy and productive first six weeks of the Autumn Term, our pupils returned refreshed and raring to go for the second part of the term.


A huge thank you to the parents from Junior One and Form One who raised an impressive £150 for MacMillan Cancer Support at our annual coffee and cake sale.  Some delicious treats were shared and it was an opportunity for our parents to meet one another and watch a delightful video of our Junior One children in action.  Beneficiaries of left over cakes went to our friends at the Victory Services Club and the local homeless.


The children were abuzz with anticipation about our newly formed School Council.  The Councilors, who were democratically chosen by their classmates from each form (Junior One to Form Six), met for the first time on Thursday to vote for a Committee Chairman and Scribe.  In today’s Good Works Assembly, each member of the Council was awarded a badge to wear with pride over the coming months.  We look forward to receiving their ideas and suggestions in due course.


Ms Carroll was very pleased with the results of the children’s Christmas cards as we hope parents are as well.  Please do send in your order form and payment to the office as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.


We are very grateful to those parents who found the recent memorandum regarding the school uniform informative.  We do appreciate that with the colder weather fleece hats, along with the school scarf and gloves, may be needed for extra warmth.  Please do ensure that a spare hat is kept in school along with the 3-in-1 coats for Park time.


We were thrilled to have visits from past pupils, Natalia and Leah.  Natalia is thriving at South Hampstead High and she shared her knowledge of moving into senior school with our current Form Six.  Mrs Hampton was very happy to hear that Natalia has kept up her wonderful achievements in music and is part of her school’s Chamber Choir.  Since starting in September at Godolphin & Latimer, Leah has already received an accolade for the best rocket design in Physics and won both the 50m breast stroke and free style races when representing her school at the U12 London Swim League gala.


With the nasal flu vaccination programme scheduled for Friday next week, please do ensure that all paperwork has been returned to school in time for your son/daughter to be included.


Early notice for haircuts, etc, as individual and sibling photographs will take place on Monday, 12 November.


You will have seen from the Calendar sent to you earlier in the week that Parent Meetings are scheduled for Monday, 19th and Tuesday, 20th November.  We are rolling out a new online booking system where you will be able to choose a time for yourselves to meet with your child’s form teacher.  The link will be sent to you next week.  Please note that on these days there will be no Drama Club or Art Club after school.



The CHS Team

E:News - 28 September 2018

Dear Parents

We are now well into the Autumn Term and the school is abuzz with activity and music.

Well done to our new pupils - one in every Form Class and all in Junior One - for their smooth settling in, and to everyone, teachers, parents and pupils, for welcoming the challenges of the new year with gusto and good humour.  In Thursday’s whole school assembly, Mrs Rogers introduced the children to a ‘magic’ word that we are hoping to embed in the CHS lexicon. The word is ‘yet’ and holds the key to adopting a growth mindset when approaching learning challenges with the knowledge that though we might not have a certain skill yet, there is always the possibility of learning it.  (See Carol Dweck's book Mindset if you are interested in finding out more).  

Forms 5 and 6 went to Hyde Park’s Lookout Centre for their first successful trip of the school year and enjoyed the orienteering.  Our first charity event of the year raised an impressive £252 pounds for Jeans for Genes; thank you for your generous contributions.  Clubs have got off to a good start with our Forms 5 and 6 Ukulele group already strumming their first melody.  Mr Taiwo’s new Forms 3 & 4 Thursday Football Squad enjoyed the autumn sunshine in Hyde Park and showed impressive ball skills.  Ms Horgan, our Drama teacher, proudly awarded a host of LAMDA certificates to pupils in assembly last week for exams that were taken in the summer term.  These were for Introductory, Entry and Grade level awards up to Grade Three.  All the children received either a merit or a distinction in Drama.  Music certificates - again all merits and distinctions - were also given out and a special well done to Ansel in Form 4 for completing a Touch Typing Award over the holidays. What a useful skill to have acquired!

Last Friday Ms Grunewald attended a Head Teachers’ lunch where there was some interesting discussion about the new Consortium exam for which our Form 6 pupils have begun preparing.  Our Form 5s have begun to think about their Senior School options too and a small group of girls attended an Open Day at Francis Holland, Regents Park with very positive feedback.

Best wishes.


The CHS Team

E:News - 15 June 2018

Once again we have another exciting and very full couple of weeks ahead for CHS.

Music Exams

Music exams are taking place on Monday (18th) and we wish those selected pupils, along with Dr Ashworth, the very best of luck.

Parent Teacher meetings

On Tuesday (19th) and Thursday (21st) we have the final parent teacher meetings of the year and look forward to filling you in on your child’s progress.  Please do inform Ms White if you are unable to attend your allocated appointment.

Football Fixture

On Thursday (21st) we have invited our friends at St John’s Wood Pre-Prep to join us in three 10-minute five-a-side football matches.  We are delighted that Mr Taiwo has arranged our first ever inter-school friendly games fixture. We look forward to sharing the results with you in our next E:News and I am sure you will join us in wishing our CHS teams in Forms One and Two the very best of luck.

Sports Day

Sports Day will take place on Friday (22nd) at Paddington Recreation Ground between 2pm and 4pm.  This year we have created a slightly different format.  Information will follow on Monday.

New Form Teacher Meetings – Parents

On Monday (25th) you are invited to meet your child’s forthcoming teacher and be guided through the curriculum for the next academic year along with a preview of the summer homework.  This will be accompanied by a presentation on Doodle Maths by Mr Westerman and Ms Grunewald in the hopes that all of our pupils will benefit from this useful mental maths App.

Open Dance – Forms 3 to 6

Miss Kate and all our upper years are looking forward to parents joining them at the Sylvia Young Theatre School on Tuesday (26th) for an Open Dance afternoon.

Summer Concert

On Thursday (28th) the CHS Summer Concert will be held at the Steiner Hall from 2.30pm to 3.30pm.  Invitations will follow nearer the day.  We are looking forward to seeing all of our pupils perform whether as a solo artist or in group compilations as part of the orchestra or choir.  This will be the very first performance of our newly formed Chamber Choir.

Form Six Secret Outing

Mrs Hampton and Ms Grunewald have planned a very exciting surprise trip for our girls in Form Six before they head off to senior schools.  We are extremely proud of their efforts and hope they enjoy this well deserved outing.

Drama Exams

Selected pupils from Miss Horgan’s Drama Groups will be taking their LAMDA exams in Barons Court on the weekend of the 30th/1st.  We wish our budding thespians the best of luck.

School Trip

For our penultimate day of the year, on Tuesday (3rd), the entire faculty have grouped together to arrange whole school trips.  Forms Two and Three will be heading off to Celtic Harmony while the rest of the school will be exploring different activities at Knebworth House.

Art Exhibition

Whilst the school are enjoying their trip, Miss Forbes will be preparing our first CHS Art Exhibition for parents and pupils from Form 3 to Form 6 to view their portfolios in school on the first floor.  This will take place from 4.30pm to 5.30pm.  We very much hope you are able to pop in to view the children’s efforts.

Prize Giving & End of Term

For the last day of term our traditional Prize Giving ceremony will take place, once again, in the El Alamein Room at the Victory Services Club between 11am and 12pm.  Children will leave the venue with parents to start their well-deserved summer holidays.

Best wishes.


The CHS Team

E:News - 27 April 2018

Dear Parents

Please find attached the CHS May Calendar which we hope you find helpful.  Please do check the website for the term’s maintained calendar for future dates.
School News
Congratulations are due to Teresa for an outstanding result in her Grade III Music exam where she achieved a pass with distinction.  Whilst receiving her certificate in Assembly on Monday, we were particularly impressed to hear her dedication to her daily practise.  Keep up the good work Teresa - we are so proud of you.
Good luck to our pupils in Form Five who are competing in the National Youth Writers Award.  We enjoyed excerpts from their Hero stories read to the whole school in this morning’s Assembly.
Former Pupil
Josie who you may remember sang so beautifully in our Summer Concert last year and who joined Godolphin & Latymer Senior School in September is both very happy there and proving to be a great success. She has just been accepted into the junior programme at the Royal Academy of Music.  She also received a commendation at G&L - a very, very rare honour - for her campaigning work and fundraising over the last two terms for her Ocean Matters.  She will be joined this September by Leah, from Form Six, who we are sure will also prosper in her secondary school of choice.
London Marathon
Congratulations to the CHS contingency who ran in the Marathon.  You will have heard that conditions were not the best and the runners battled with the heat.  However, Mr Taiwo completed the course and is well on his way to achieving his targets for the two charities of his choice.  Olive’s Mum, Annie Cooper, ran the distance in the outstanding time of 3hours 37minutes and this inspirational performance has qualified her for the Boston Marathon.  Unbeknown to us previously, Vera’s Dad, Thomas Vester, ran as well and finished in 3hours and 41mins. Thomas ran for Great Ormond Street Hospital which is a charity close to their heart.  If anyone wants to read the story and support this amazing cause, here is the link: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/this-one-is-for-molly
Best wishes.
The CHS Team

E:News - 20 April 2018

CHS has got Talent

Our new term kicked off with some star performances in our charity fundraiser, 'CHS has got Talent’. We were entertained with jokes, dancing, singing, piano, guitar, magic, arts and crafts and even some counting from a newly numerate Junior One!   An impressive £204 was raised for ‘Brixton Soup Kitchen’ and ‘Crisis’ the two charities for which Mr Taiwo is running the London Marathon.  The charities were introduced to the children in this morning’s whole school assembly.  Should you wish to donate, please visit https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SimiTaiwo.   Good luck to Mr Taiwo for Sunday’s event!

RAF pilot lands in Form Three

An introduction by Mr Grosjean led to an unusual visitor arriving in Form Three on Monday. Flying Officer Aregones was accompanied by Miss Pauline Dufour, editor of a new French Junior RAF magazine, who had engaged the services of Miss Mayer and Form Three to interview the pilot.  The children are now compiling their article and we eagerly await a copy of the inaugural magazine in June which celebrates the centenary of the RAF.

Reading ambassadors visit Daunt Books, Marylebone

Following a very successful Book Fair in November, we were invited to Daunt Books, Marylebone for a private tour.  This special bookshop, allegedly the first custom built one in the world, has occupied their site in Marylebone High Street since 1912.  Our group of hand-picked pupil ambassadors were enthralled by the history of the building, the volume of books in the travel section, including antique editions, and the carefully chosen selection of books shared with them by Julia, our contact at Daunt Books. Thank you to Massimo, Alexandra, Orlando, Melina, Matilde and Jena for a wonderful trip where books were selected for each class using credit accrued from the Book Fair. Mrs Hampton and Ms Grunewald were thoroughly impressed with the children's maturity and they enjoyed this outing immensely.

Clubs & Sport

The Wednesday school clubs began this week with Yoga and Flower Pressing for the juniors and Book Club for the seniors which, delightfully, took place in the beautiful Connaught Square Gardens.  Other classes have used this tranquil space for maths this week.

Our new art club began on Tuesday with Miss Forbes attended by seven pupils.  No doubt this will be a hugely enjoyable and creative club.

The Drama, Homework and Chess clubs also began successfully this week.

Form One have taken the plunge and started swimming lessons at Kensington Leisure Centre today.  Parents will have the opportunity to observe an Open Swim later this term.

General Knowledge Quiz

The children from Form Two upwards, sat their General Knowledge Quiz today.  Each quiz was a combination of prepared and unseen questions.  We will be reporting back on the winners next week!


Adrian Ellis, the Headmaster from St John’s Wood Pre-Prep, is visiting the school on Wednesday and we look forward to showing him around the building.

Hot weather 

Warmer weather has now arrived and we would remind parents that the children must all be wearing summer uniform by 1 May.  Please ensure your child brings in their sun hat and water bottle every day.  On particularly hot days, sun screen should be applied before your son/daughter comes into school.

The CHS Team

E:News - 9 March 2018


Firstly, a huge thank you to our CHS families, parents and children alike, for their support this week whilst the school was being inspected by Ofsted.  The Inspectors will review all the evidence they collected and will issue their report within a month.   The Inspector did ask me to thank all concerned for their patience and cooperation.  She also asked me to let you all know that she very much enjoyed her visits to the classrooms and meeting the children this week.  When the Ofsted report is available it will be published on our website.  We are delighted that the feedback recorded in the Parent Questionnaire on Ofsted’s Parent View was very positive. The results can be viewed here https://parentview.ofsted.gov.uk/parent-view-results/survey/result/125311/current
I was very proud to read that 100% of our CHS parents, who took part, strongly agreed that they would recommend the school.
Once again, the CHS staff stepped up to the plate with great spirit, hard work and enthusiasm.  I am honoured to be leading such a marvellous team.
As I write this our Form Two children are heading off to Kensington Leisure Centre for their final swimming lesson where their parents have been invited to watch.  The venue is located on Bomore Road, W11 4HB.
Upcoming Dates
Forms Five & Six will be visiting the Houses of Parliament and Churchill’s War Rooms on Tuesday, 13 March.  The children will have a tour of the Houses of Parliament where they will be learning about its history and in The War Rooms they will explore how the country was run during World War Two.
On Wednesday, 14 March, we are looking forward to welcoming once again Chris Jay from the charity Enable Me.  This is a very worthwhile organisation and an event that deepens the children’s understanding of living with a disability.  Please do take the time to visit their website here http://enablemeproject.org.uk
Open Morning - existing pupils
We are looking forward to seeing all of you in school on Friday, 16 March between 8.30-11.30am for this annual event.  We have organised a slightly different programme with Dr Ashworth in the larger space of the dining room where he will be looking forward to accompanying any of our budding musicians who would like to share their music with friends and family.  Miss Forbes will be stationed in the Music Room with the pupils from Forms Three to Six with art portfolios belonging to our senior pupils.  Of course, I am sure she will be very happy to discuss the art curriculum with parents of younger pupils.
Open Afternoon - prospective pupils
For our Key Stage 2 children who have been invited to Open Afternoon on Friday, 16 March, please do let us know if your child will be returning to school at 12.20pm-2pm.
Now that Easter is approaching we would like to remind you that whilst the giving of chocolate, sweet treats or Easter eggs is most welcome, please remember that we are a NUT FREE school.  No products of any kind for children or staff can be accepted into the school with any trace of nuts.
With very best wishes.
Mrs Victoria Hampton

Ofsted Visit

We are expecting a visit from Ofsted tomorrow until the end of school on Thursday.  We have emailed parents separately in this regard.

Thank you.

The CHS Team

E-News - 2 March 2018


Thank you for your understanding this week with regard to early closure and the postponement of the Parent Teacher Meetings as we contended with the ‘Beast from the East’. We very much look forward to the arrival of spring!

World Book Day 

Today we celebrated World Book Day which was a roaring success.  It has been a real celebration of literature with a colourful array of book characters filling our classrooms. From Little Red Riding Hood to Obelix, one of King Arthur’s Knights and an assortment of magical creatures, all on display during our whole school assembly, in which every child (and the teachers) introduced themselves and their characters in a fancy dress parade.

Open Morning 

You will by now have received your Paperless Post invitation.  This is a family event and all visitors are welcome, from younger siblings to grandparents.  However, the children will be in your care throughout this busy morning. Teachers and pupils are working hard to prepare the school for this annual event and we know that you will be very proud of their efforts. You may arrive from 8.30am onwards and we will be rounding up at 11.30am.  Any pupils hoping to showcase their musical talents with Dr Ashworth in the dining room should bring their instruments and music.

Tea Time Concert on Monday, 5 March from 4.00pm - 4.30pm 

We are very much looking forward to launching this new event.  Please note that due to space constraints this is by invitation only. However, we do hope that this will prove to be a successful event that we can repeat on a termly basis, allowing more of our pupils to play and sing for you.

Open Swimming for Form Two on Friday, 9 March 1.00pm - 1.50pm

Parents of Form Two children will have already been invited to observe their children’s final swimming lesson of the term at Kensington Leisure Centre.


The Delancey School Chess Challenge is well underway and will culminate with certificates and awards presented by Miss Jackson on Monday, 12  March  in our whole school assembly.

Enable Me Charity Day on Wednesday, 14 March 

Chris Jay will be returning once again for our bi-annual workshop, a half-day of events for pupils from Form One up relating to life with a disability. This is an enlightening event which has proven very thought-provoking for our pupils in the past.

Government Childcare Choices Scheme - see www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

As they say ‘every little helps’ and Connaught House School has now joined the HM Government Childcare Choices Scheme.  Please take the time to access the website and explore the support, for which you may be eligible, that in previous years has not been available to independent schools.


The CHS Team