E- News 13 July 2020

Dear Parents


Congratulations to all of the Connaught House Community for remaining positive throughout what has been an exceptionally unusual term.  I would like to highlight how immensely proud we have all been of the children and how they adapted to the new safety measures followed in school.  We would also like to thank our dedicated staff for maintaining the Connaught House School high levels of care and attention and tailored education, whether that was remotely or in school.


We are pleased to be resuming lessons with our specialist teachers in the Autumn Term.  Dr Ashworth, Mme Gellar and Mrs Desborough will be following the strict social distancing and hygiene measures that have been put in place, and are very much looking forward to returning to school.


In our previous email, we shared the good news that Saif in Form One has been selected for the Young Artists’ Competition at the Royal Academy.  Please join us in celebrating our young artist in residence by voting for his work on the below link:




We are sure you will all agree that this is an outstanding piece.


Everyone enjoyed the final days of term, especially what turned out to be a very special prize giving in Connaught Square Gardens, despite the odd drop of rain!  The support the children showed for one another was lovely to experience and we received some praise from our Connaught Square neighbours, who took a moment to watch the goings on in the square.


The week culminated in a round of emotional applause for our Year Six leavers, who will be heading off to their new schools: Francis Holland, KPS, City of London and St Paul’s.  We wish them every bit of luck for the future and hope they will stay in touch with their friends at CHS!


Our updated procedure for a planned full re-opening in the Autumn Term, including information regarding peri lessons and after school clubs, coupled with our recalibrated risk assessment, will be available on the CHS website by Friday.


Finally, we would like to thank all of our parents once more for your kind words of support throughout this period; this has kept the team in good spirits.


Many thanks, best wishes and have a safe and lovely summer,





Summer Term 2020 E-News

Dear Parents


We are coming to the end of our last full week and have been so impressed with the children’s sensitivity and adherence to social distancing and the current safety guidelines.  Before the end of term, we would like to share with you some of the activities the children have participated in and how they will be spending their last week.

For the last week of term, we are planning on some fun low-key events in the park, such as picnics for all year groups and prize giving.  The Form Six girls have created a wish list for their last week of school and we are trying to enable some of the ‘wishes’ throughout the school.

We would like to request you to bring back any text books, reading books and exercise books; please do not include any worksheets or additional paperwork.  These will need to come in a sealed bag with their name on.  Labelled boxes will be available outside on arrival, from Monday, to deposit these bags in.

Thank you to Ms Danhof for teaching the Form Six children and planning such an enjoyable last term for them, both remotely and back in school!

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce Mr Garvey, who was appointed early in the Spring term, who joins us from The Pointer School, Blackheath, where he has worked as the Form Six Teacher and Head of Maths since 2014.  We’re delighted that despite the hurdles that we have faced this term, Mr Garvey has been able to spend this afternoon in the park with his future Form Six class, with a picnic and drama, all social distancing of course, whilst getting to know Mrs Walsh. He has experience of teaching from Form One to Form Six, but, for the last six years, he has been preparing children for the Eleven Plus and the rigours of Form Six!

He is well travelled and highly athletic, having run over forty marathons.  He has a passion for cricket, stemming from his previous career as a sports journalist.  We are sure that this combination of athleticism, creativity and classroom experience will enrich the upcoming Form Six cohort.

School will be finishing at the normal staggered time on Thursday 9th July, not at the traditional 12 noon for usual end of term.

There will be a General Knowledge quiz on Monday with both seen and unseen questions. The seen questions, which we first shared with you during the Easter holidays, are reattached for your attention and for some reacquainting with the answers.

Despite the lockdown, we’ve had some positive results from competitions that we have entered pupils for. We’d like to commend Saif (Form One) on the acceptance of his artwork for the Royal Academy Young Artist Competition; his work has been have selected his work for online and onsite exhibition.  There will be an opportunity to vote for Saif’s work and we will keep you posted on how to do this.  His painting is inspired by Picasso’s ‘Blue Period’ and is attached for you to have a look at.

Jeanine – our budding writer in Form Six, has been shortlisted in two short story competitions: BBC 500 Words competition where she made it through the first round with ‘Letter for the Court’.  She also received a gift voucher from Daunt Books in commendation of her recent submission to the Daunt Book’s Short Story competition. One to watch in the future!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

Best wishes,

The CHS Team

E- News - 14 February 2020

It’s the end of another busy half term and the last week has packed quite a punch!  Forms Four and Five headed to the British Museum on Monday morning and explored the Egyptian galleries and the Elgin Marbles.  They were impeccably behaved and learnt a great deal to supplement their history studies in school.

On Tuesday after school, the Junior One classroom filled up with an audience of parents and siblings for the LAMDA club performance, ‘Murder on a cruise ship’.  The performance was highly entertaining and children’s talents shone through, but most importantly they had a great time putting the show together.  They were involved in costumes and script writing and this was especially impressive considering they only rehearsed during their weekly club session.  Bravo!

Our footballers kicked off Wednesday at the Bloomsbury Football Tournament where they were undefeated until the knockout in the quarter finals.  Thank you to those parents who braved the cold and cheered and supported the team on.   Four goals were scored by Harry, two goals by Orlando and one by Oscar.  Wolfie and Oscar saved many goals with their amazingly quick reflexes and Ciaran even stopped one with his belly!  All of the team agreed that the Man of the Match was Wolfie.  We look forward to more opportunities to compete against other schools after half term.

The week progressed from sport to classical music, as our Key Stage Two children headed to Wigmore Hall on Wednesday for an interactive school concert, ‘Talking Drums’ where two very talented percussionists played a selection of famous pieces, classical and popular, on tuned percussion instruments; like the Marimba and xylophone.  The children had a blast, clapping, singing and guessing the tunes.  Suhana even got to play one of the instruments on the stage.  Next term we will see Key Stage One heading to this venue for a similar event.

The Thursday Tech Club still has a couple of spaces and is progressing to a new and exciting topic for the Summer term. After exploring different aspects of tech this Autumn, and after creating electr-crafts this Spring, they will be focusing on robotics, using the Ozobot.

During this club students will be exploring the concept of sequencing instructions, coding and engineering fundamentals. They will design challenges, complete mazes and even make their Ozobots dance! During the sessions students will get the chance to learn how to code using the OzoBlockly coding language, and will see their code come to life once they upload their programs to the miniature robot.  The club is open to students from Year 2 to 6 and is charged £175/student.

Today began with a critical thinking workshop, run by Equaliteach, for Forms Five and Six which challenged the children’s thinking on stereotypes and internet safety.  The facilitator addressed topics such as social media and the importance of balanced judgements when reading and responding to information they come across online.

We would like to remind all of our families to stay vigilant and wary of petty criminals in and around Edgware Road.  A trickle of reports regarding mobile phone thefts and pickpockets have been shared recently.

Finally, we end the week with a huge congratulations to our Form Six girls, for whom offers have been flooding in all day!  All of their hard work has paid off!

We wish all of our families a healthy and restful half term.




E-News 1st July


The weather was on our side finally last Tuesday and we were able to successfully have the whole school and class photographs in the Square.  As this was a far later date than originally planned, Bentleys Photographic have arranged digital ordering to ensure that the photographs are with us before the end of term.

If you would prefer to order directly with Bentley's office, please contact them on 01206 395888 during normal office hours.


Summer Concert

Thank you for coming to our Summer Concert on Friday.  We are sure you will all agree that the children’s performances were, once again, remarkable.  We do hope that the later start accommodated more parents in attendance.  The children behaved beautifully throughout the day and thank you once again to Dr Ashworth for putting together such a treat for the ears.


Upcoming Events

Open Dance for parents tomorrow at the Sylvia Young Theatre - Form 4 to Form 6 at 1.10pm and Form 3 at 1.40pm.

Sadly, we have not been able to secure a suitable venue at such late notice for Sports Day that was rained off.  However, the children will have the event during scheduled sports lessons this week.  We will be taking plenty of photographs and will share the results with you of course.

We are all excited about the school trips on Friday.  Please do note that the school itself will be closed after departure and before return.  Therefore we will not be able to accommodate latecomers on this occasion.

The CHS annual Prize Giving Ceremony will take place at the Carisbrooke Hall on Tuesday, 9 July 9.15am to 10.15am.  You may have noticed the earlier time and date.  This is as a result of taking parents’ preferences into account and Prize Giving will incorporate the Year End Assembly, including speeches from members of staff and input by pupils at the same time.  This is an opportunity to have a glimpse of an assembly that parents do not normally participate in.  We hope in this way every child will be encompassed and feel included in this celebration of the end of the year.  All children return to school with their teachers after this event and Tuesday lessons continue until normal pick up time.


Competition News

Recently Mrs Desborough submitted a number of our pupils’ artwork to the Royal Academy Young Artists’ Summer Show for students aged 7-19.  We ask all of our families to support Petra from Form Four who was shortlisted.  Please see the link below and vote for our girl!




Attached please find a list of Clubs for the Autumn Term showing availability.  Ms White is poised ready to add your child’s name to those coveted places so please do let us know as a first come first served basis will operate.  Those children who are already included in the various clubs continue on as before with pupils moving into Form Four being placed in the Senior Drama club from next term.

We are excited to be introducing a new technology club for our senior pupils.  As a perfect starter course, Junior Coder allows pupils to delve into exciting projects while gaining insight and experience into many aspects of computer coding - including the likes of robotics, mobile apps, animation, graphic design, and video games – taking students from the basics in the field to the point where they can design and build their own ideas.

E-News 21 June 2019

London has been bustling with CHS talent this past week.

St Martin-in-the Fields Choir 

We were delighted to hear that Ansel, Millie and Petra were all offered places in the St Martin-in-the Fields Choir.  The Children’s Voices of St Martin-in-the Fields was formed in 2014 and has quickly become an integral part of the St Martin’s musical community for 7-13 year olds.  The Choir regularly enhances church services and concerts and provides invaluable musical training for young singers.  We look forward to hearing more about their musical adventures.


The Delancey School Chess Mega Final took place at the weekend and we were thrilled to see a trophy arriving into school on Monday morning in Amias’ very proud hands.  This huge chess competition invites thousands of primary aged chess players to compete with one another in heats before the top few are selected for the final.  What a brilliant achievement for Amias, as well as Gabriel and Nicholas who also qualified for the next round. Checkmate!


Our first group sat their Grade One Music Theory tests on Saturday and all came out smiling.  We await their results next term.


Mr Taiwo, not wanting to miss out on the action, took his CHS football team to face Lloyd Williamson School in Hyde Park on Thursday. The final score, 3-1, was a victory for CHS.  Well done to Oscar P, Harry, Filippo, Alexandra, Nicholas, Matteo, Orlando, Alexander, Danny, Gabriel and Massimo.

Form Three

Mr Nagy, our new Form Three teacher, spent the afternoon with us on Thursday getting to know his prospective class and meeting some of the parents. Welcome on board, Mr Nagy!


Next week promises to be just as busy, as we prepare for Friday’s Summer Concert. School photographs are on Tuesday 25th, for which we ask all pupils to wear their summer uniform.  No green tights please and boys in shorts. Of course, there are also parent teacher meetings on Monday and Thursday next week.

Wishing you a celebratory weekend and see you next week.


The CHS Team



It was with a heavy heart that we postponed our Sports Day at Paddington Rec this afternoon.  Ironically, as we write this message the sun is shinning through the window!  However, our children’s safety is always a priority and, after careful risk assessment, it was decided that the ground was too dangerous after heavy rain.  In place, 47 Connaught Square has been abuzz with competition with Clifton v Sussex competing in a variety of activities from chess, scrabble and monkey roll to our budding ‘architects’ creating the tallest and longest lego constructions.  Mr Taiwo ran a fast paced Red Rover with Mr Westerman supporting the children in designing the most ergonomic paper aeroplane.  As the children have put it, today was a happy surprise with Clifton winning our first indoor sports day.


Dates for your diary 


Tuesday, 11 June - whole school photograph has been POSTPONED due to bad weather forecast and has been rescheduled for Tuesday, 25 June


Friday, 14 June - our carefully selected reading ambassadors will be accompanying Mrs Hampton and Ms Grunewald to Daunt Books for a special tour of this historic building and to choose some more books for the CHS library


Thursday, 20 June - Form Two parents are invited to meet Mr Nagy the new Form Three teacher from September.  Invitations will follow next week.


Wishing you a happy and dry weekend!

E-News 23 May 2019

Sports Day 

We will be kicking off the second half of the summer term with a bang! Our annual Sports Day is scheduled for 2.00pm on the afternoon of Friday 7th June at Paddington Recreation Ground. This is a family event and we hope that the later start time enables all of our families to enjoy an afternoon in the sun following the races.


CHS POP up Art Gallery

Tomorrow afternoon, Mrs Desborough, Ms Grunewald and myself will be heading off to 3 Porchester Place (next to Roni’s café) to set up our very first CHS Pop up Art Gallery! This will be open to view from Tuesday 4th June to Thursday 6th June. Do come and see the wonderful work from our budding artists in Forms Two to Six.


We would love to populate our Facebook page with pictures of pupils during assemblies, sports events and concerts. If you are comfortable in doing so, please  take a few moments to give your parental consent via the Sims Parent Lite App.


Miss Mayer’s New Adventure 

Since 2015, Form Three have sailed across oceans on Viking ships, discovered lost settlements, sparkled at Carnival and discovered a series of never-seen-before animals! Originally joining CHS to cover a maternity leave, Miss Mayer has left no stone unturned to ignite the imagination of the children in her care and to ensure that, whenever possible, learning is great fun. Behind the scenes, Miss Mayer has instigated and contributed to many school events and, when teaching, she has often shared her personal interests with the class, bringing these into her teaching. She is a keen horse-rider and her knowledge and love of rugby remains very impressive.  Now in search of her own new adventure, Miss Mayer has secured the opportunity to teach at the Park House English School in Qatar and our best wishes go with her.

Having worked closely with Miss Mayer for the past year, Mrs Rogers will be taking over as our Key Stage One Coordinator.

Mr Nagy takes on the role of Form Three form teacher from the Autumn Term.  Currently teaching at North Bridge House, and a former colleague of Ms Grunewald, Mr Nagy has seven years teaching experience within Upper Primary in the independent sector. He has a Graduate Diploma in Education and a law degree from La Trobe University, Melbourne.  He has a passion for mathematics and general knowledge and is a keen walker and traveller with recent treks through the Alps, Nepal and Camino de Santiago in Spain. It looks like an exciting year ahead for Form Three!

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the entire CHS Teaching Team for their wonderful support during my first two years as Principal, as well as to wish those who are leaving every success as they take up their new posts. We now look forward to welcoming all our new teachers to the CHS Teaching Team in September.


Wishing all our families a very happy half term break.


Mrs Hampton & CHS Team 

Marylebone school

E-News 10th May

Head of Art - Miss to Mrs!

We are pleased to share with you the very happy news that our Head of Art, Miss Carroll, has recently returned to school as Mrs Desborough!  Heartiest congratulations go to the Desborough family.


Young Artists’ Summer Show

A small number of CHS pupils’ artwork has been selected by Mrs Desborough to enter an exhibition at the Royal Academy’s Young Artists’ Summer Show.  Further news of successful candidates will reach our ears in early June.  We wish our budding Picassos the best of luck.  Parents interested in viewing pupils’ work can access the CHS website here:


Past Pupil’s Success

We are delighted that our former pupil, Anshu, has recently been awarded an Honorary Scholarship at Westminster Great School.  Bravo Anshu!  We are incredibly proud of you.


Miss Rollins - Edinburgh Marathon

Once again a member of our CHS team is taking on a marathon task.  Miss Rollins has entered into the Edinburgh Marathon taking place on Sunday, 26 May.  She is running in support of Brain Tumour Research and any donations would be gratefully received.  Please find the Just Giving link below and we wish her every success in her endeavour:



Miss Arthur

As many of you may have noticed, Miss Arthur sustained an ankle injury during the Spring break.  Stoically, she has returned to school with crutches and cast to support children on the ground floor.  We wish her a very speedy and successful recovery.


With best wishes.


The CHS Team


E-News 3rd May

SIMS Parent App

For your convenience we have now added SIMs Parent Lite to our school management system.  Once you have downloaded the free App, you will be able to edit your child's information simply and securely from home, submitting changes such as contact details, nominated medical/dietary needs and consent at the touch of a button.

#CHSgoeslive, Officially

We have decided to embrace social media, and invite you to follow and like our first official Facebook page.  We hope to create an online hub for all things CHS! With your permission - please indicate via SIMs Parent Lite, we hope to post photographs of school events on here, and for this to be a communal space for CHS families, past and present. As always, your data will be securely managed and protected under the tightest privacy settings.

Staff Change

We are sure parents will wish to join us in wishing Miss Rollins all the best next September as she moves on to Dulwich College to take up a post as a Year Three Form Teacher and their new Head of IT.  Miss Rollins began her teaching career at Chatsworth Primary School as a Year Two teacher.  She then joined CHS in 2013 and quickly established herself as a successful and caring Year Two form teacher, commendably efficient in the classroom and always ready to organise a school project or event. In 2015, Miss Rollins was asked to take on the newly created position of IT Coordinator, a challenging role but, utilising her usual energy and zest, one that she has embraced with great success. More recently she has held the post of Assistant Academic Coordinator, supporting Ms Grunewald in setting up new initiatives throughout the school. After six very successful years at CHS it is the right time for Miss Rollins to further her career at a larger establishment, one that we are very pleased to be developing links with.   However, we will miss her terribly.


Taking on Form Two and the role of IT Coordinator, we are looking forward to welcoming Cecily Evans to the CHS team. In her fifth year of teaching, Miss Evans has excellent references from St Mary’s First School and plenty of experience teaching in both Key Stage One and lower Key Stage Two. With a passion for engineering, having trained at technical college, Miss Evans set up and ran successful Engineering and Coding Clubs and was appointed Head of IT in 2017.

Having already met the children in Form One and Form Two last term, Miss Evans is joining us on 22nd May where we will introduce her to next year’s Form Two parents.


F5 & 6 to Royal Academy

On Tuesday, 5th May, Miss Caroll will be taking Forms 5 & 6 to the Phyllida Barlow exhibition, cul-de-sac at The Royal Academy, using this as inspiration for their own sculptures.  Look out for these, later in the term, at our pop up gallery in Connaught Village.


Given the Green light

You may remember that Mrs Hampton asked for parents' support in petitioning for safer crossings in the area. We are very pleased that the Mayor of London has agreed safety improvements to five junctions along Edgware Road.   For more information, see



Banksy Drops by

Artwork believed to be by Banksy, one of the most controversial street artists in the world, has been revealed at Marble Arch. We are looking forward to taking the children to view this next week.



Please be aware that there will be no down escalator at Marble Arch station from Friday 3 May until early June due to planned maintenance work. The staircase has over 100 steps - not for the faint hearted.