E-News 24th September 2021

Good afternoon CHS Parents

We hope this email finds you all well.

Thank you to all of our parents and teachers who all met virtually for the ‘Meet the Teacher’ sessions this week.

The first of our competitions has started with Mrs Desborough sending art work through to the Independent School’s Art Competition.  All together, twenty two pieces of artwork were sent, from architectural structure, Klee collaging and William Morris tiles, to the more abstract Mordrean trees and Fauve landscapes.

The Form Six pupils have been involved in the first Maths contest of the school year.  The children have had the privilege of competing in the Westminster Schools' Sumdog contest which pits them against a variety of other local classes.

The tournament lasts for seven days, so we are just beginning the event, yet early indications are positive. Oscar P is top of the leader board ahead of Adiel and Amara. During the next week, the pupils will take part in a series of online Maths games to see which class and which pupil comes out as the top dog.  The games test all areas of Maths in a fun and interactive way and the pupils love it.

Last Friday, £234 was raised for the RSPCA which is the pupils chosen charity for the year. This was achieved through a second- hand uniform stall which was set up and run by five parents in Hyde Park.  Enormous thanks to the parents that ran thus successful afternoon.

Just a quick reminder that the children should be in winter uniform from the start of October which should include their blazers or duffle coats and the appropriate headwear.  Please just check that all items are clearly named.

We would like to remind parents that in order to ensure a calm and organised start to the day, children should arrive at school between 8.30 and 8.45 and should be collected promptly at the end of day to avoid children becoming anxious.

Regulations mean that we must keep an accurate register including lateness.


With best wishes,


CHS Team

E-News 11th September 2021


Dear Parents,

The first week of the Autumn Term has gone by in a flash. Our children have come back wide-eyed, energetic and eager to learn. With new faces throughout the school, congratulations should be given to all the fabulous new members of our CHS community. Pride of place goes to those in Junior One, who have settled in so beautifully.


We are very pleased to welcome Miss Knox to the CHS team. She has recently completed her BSE in Social Anthropology at Manchester University and will be with us during the Autumn and Spring terms.  Her talents were first seen as a gap year assistant at Thomas’ School where she demonstrated a passion for Sports and Dance. She has been timetabled to support most of our PE sessions.


I am also delighted that, following the Government’s Step 4 guidance, we are able to return to relative normality. To that end, Forms Two to Six stepped on to the school coach this afternoon to the Kensington Leisure Centre. The pupils were able to enjoy their first off-site games and swimming lessons for many months.


The notorious British weather is being suitably unpredictable, so please make sure that your child has brought their 3in1 jackets, white trainers, sun hats and art aprons. The Form letters explain which items are needed for which day such as swimming on Fridays or ballet on Tuesdays. These must be labelled and in school for Monday.

Forms three to Six have a class recorder lesson on Monday. If any child has their own recorder, we would like them to bring it in with them (it should be named). For those that do not have a recorder, the school will allocate a newly sterilized one for their personal use.

We do appreciate that there have been some delays with Perry Uniform. Until items are back in stock perhaps second hand uniform would be helpful. To help us through we are planning a second hand uniform sale next Friday 17th September at 3pm.  We will have a gazebo in the park, near where our Football Club training takes place. Entrance to Hyde Park is from Stanhope Place.  Any supportive parents that would like to assist in the sale should email Mrs Hampton directly.

Our School pupil council has asked the school to support the RSPCA this year. Any funds collected from the second hand sale will go to this famous organisation which is almost 200 years old!



We have scheduled virtual ‘Meet the Teachers’ sessions for Forms One to Six for the week beginning 20th September. The Meet link will be posted on your child’s Google Classroom. You will need to login as your child. The session will last approximately half and hour. If you are unable to attend, you will be able to access the slides presentation on your child’s Google Classroom.

Individual parent/teacher meetings are scheduled for the week before half term. The dates and times will be allocated in due course.


As well as Coronavirus there are seasonal bugs, including the norovirus, around and there is every likelihood that some of our children could become unwell this term.  Current Covid advice is to take a PCR test if there are any symptoms. These include: a runny nose and sneezing; a cough; high fever or loss of taste and smell. Your child should remain at home until they have received a negative result. If your child is in close contact with someone who has tested positive they should have a negative test before returning to school please. Whilst waiting for test results you child will be marked with an X on the register. This will not affect their attendance percentage. If a child tests positive, they will be marked as absent due to sickness.

For pupils who are well enough to complete school work whilst recuperating from their illness, work will be set on the child’s Google classroom. When possible, one to one sessions may be scheduled with an assistant during the week or invitations to join the class virtually may be considered. Please remember that our teachers cannot teach both online and in the classroom at the same time and our priority is to teach well in school. Any pupil who is absent for any other reason, such as extending holidays abroad, will not be set additional work by the form teachers. As normal, permission for exceptional circumstances must be sought from Mrs Hampton before taking time off during the school term. Please do read Remote Learning Policy & Covid Contingency planning.


Unfortunately, one of our fully vaccinated members of staff has just tested positive for Coronavirus, which means that we are down one member of staff. Mrs White, our former secretary will temporarily re-join the team from next Wednesday, to provide some additional support. Staff who were in close contact have taken the necessary tests and other precautions.


We have had a number of requests for additional clubs, however, until the second half of term, we have decided to remain with the clubs that are being offered by CHS staff. If we are comfortable opening the school up to additional specialists (who are likely to be exposed to many more children from other venues) then we will circulate our plans in October. Our priority is to give our children an uninterrupted and proactive Autumn Term.

Wishing you a restful weekend


Good afternoon CHS parents

We had a triumphant day yesterday where the children performed exceptionally well under the circumstances. Well done to all the children.  We felt very lucky that we were able to share the moment with the parents.

Final Sumdog Contest 

Well done to all pupils who entered the latest Maths Sumdog Contest. This has been running over the last seven days and featured almost ten thousand students, 1.200 classes with over 2.2 million questions answered. The pupils from Form Six, Form Four, Form Three and Form Two all took part.

Mr Nagy’s class took an early lead in the battle for supremacy in our school with an impressive opening few days in the tournament. Form Six, veterans of these competitions, were slow off he blocks but rallied in the final days of the adaptive online event.

Well done to Form Six for a superb 44th place overall and for Form Three, who finished 61 points behind in 74th place. Form Four and Form Two were also brilliant in making this a real team effort. There will be many more of these exciting and quirky Maths contests in the months to come.

Form Six Article

Form Six had made it into print! Please find attached a wonderful article included in ‘This Week’s Junior’, out on the shelves tomorrow morning.  Highly recommended to all CHS parents.

Prize Giving

We will present certificates and a smattering of prizes on the last day of term.  Traditionally this has been a family event, however, this year it will be for the children only.


Please note Staggered Collection Times for Thursday, 8 July:


  • Junior One - 12pm
  • Form One - 12.10pm
  • Form Two - 12.20pm
  • Form Three - 12.30pm
  • Form Four - 12.35pm
  • Form Five - 12.40pm
  • Form Six - 12.45pm


Wishing you a lovely weekend,


Best wishes




E-News 25th June 2021

Good afternoon CHS parents

What a fantastic end to the week we have had.  Blessed with sunshine when we thought there would be rain,  and so much energy and enthusiasm from the children, teachers and parents at Paddington Rec this morning.  Congratulations to both Clifton and Sussex Houses for their superb sportsmanship.  After seven year’s ownership of the CHS Sport’s Trophy, Sussex succumbed to their Clifton classmates.  Particular success for Christina in Form Three, who was, without a doubt, our Victor Ludorum.   Thank you again to the CHS Team, particularly Mr Taiwo and Mrs Larke, for their outstanding organisational skills that made today run so smoothly.

On Monday, Junior One went to Bockett’s Farm and, even though it rained, the children had a glorious time; riding on a tractor, feeding the cows and seeing all the farm animals with some beautiful baby animals that they adored watching.

Earlier in the week, Form 6 enjoyed a trans-Atlantic live lesson link-up with Year 7 students from the Archie Cole Middle School in Rhode Island with their teacher Maria Portugali, who has spent time in Antarctica as a Polar scientist. During the thirty minute workshop, we were able to learn a little about her research and could also quiz her students about life in the US schooling system. Pupils from Form 6 shared all about London and their interests inside and outside the classroom.

24 hours after their American class link-up, Form 6 were on the road as they headed out to the much-anticipated end of year secret trip. The destination this year was Stubbers Activity Centre in Essex. A superbly run, high-octane adventure set-up on the edge of the M25. The 50 minute journey ended with cries of delight when the mystery destination was revealed. The pupils spent the next six hours on high ropes, ascending ladders, overcoming fears, stretching their imagination, climbing through tunnels, shooting laser guns and firing an archer’s bow. It was actually the wettest day in June so far, but spirits were never dampened. The looks of happiness and intrigue on their faces told the story of how much the day had been enjoyed. A fitting finale on what is a very special year for them all.

Congratulations to Meera in Form Three, who passed her Grade One Violin with Merit!  Meera, we are all incredibly proud of you and look forward to hearing you play at our next concert.

We are all looking forward to the whole school play next Thursday, 1 July where we will need to follow very strict social distancing measures to make sure we meet the risk assessments we have in place.  On Monday, we will be sending out a request for attendees and later in the week , you will be allocated numbered seats.  Please note we have allocated two seats per family.  Once the numbers are in,  if there are additional spaces we will be able to offer these nearer the time.

The school play will be at the Victory Services Club, which is next door to the school.  Please see the below times for plays:-

  • ​​Junior One and Form One - 9.45am for a 10am start, finishing at 10.30am for Junior One Parents and Form One Parents
  • Form Two - 10.45am for an 11am start, finishing at 11.30am for Form Two Parents
  • Form Three - 1.30pm for a 1.45pm start, finishing at 2.15pm for Form Three Parents
  • Forms Four, Five and Six - 2.30pm for a 2.45pm start, finishing around 4pm for Form Four, Form Five and Form Six Parents.  When Forms Four, Five and Six are finished, they will not be returning to school and can be taken directly home from the Victory Services Club (unless they have younger siblings needing to be collected from CHS first)

Please note that siblings will be kept at school for collection when all the children have finished. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Best wishes,



E-News 18th June 2021

Dear CHS Parents

We hope this email finds you well.  This week started with some beautiful weather that we all enjoyed out in the park throughout the school, and ended with today’s downpour, which I’m sure Hyde Park needed.

On Thursday, we were very lucky to have Kensington Park's Headmaster, Mr Middleton, visit us to present a well-deserved art award to Nisha in Form Six and a number of certificates to pupils throughout the school whose work was submitted in an Art and Nature Art competition.  Mr Middleton thought all the children were very charming, with their cheery manner and polite disposition; he received lots of beaming ‘Good mornings’ from the children.

Form Six's trip got off to a rainy start this morning but they still marched ahead to the minibus taking them on their much awaited surprise trip.  We will wait to hear from them on their return this afternoon and will update you with some news next week.



Photographs on Thursday, 24 June

The individual, class and whole school photographs with Bentley's will take place on Thursday 24th June, please make sure children are in their correct summer uniform.  If you do not wish your child to be photographed, please inform us as soon as possible.

Sports Day on Friday, 25 June

Sports Day will be starting promptly at 10.30am, and normally lasts until lunchtime.   Once Sport's Day is over, Paddington Recreation have renovated the playground area so it may be a perfect opportunity to have a picnic with other parents and your children and make the most of what will, hopefully, be a lovely sunny day.

I am sure that we will have a wide turn out for this occasion which is open to all members of the family and we are all very grateful that, even with the Covid restrictions detailed below, our CHS community will look forward to celebrating this sporting event together.   Before leaving the grounds, all pupils will need to be released by their form teacher and all children should be collected from Paddington Recreational Ground and taken home.   If the weather is unkind and the event is rained off,  we will have to cancel and continue with a normal school day with normal Friday pick up times.  (Football club will still go ahead)

Paddington Recreation Ground Rules

Due to the government guidelines, parents will have to be in groups of no more than thirty and you will be allocated a bubble on arrival to Paddington.  Please see attached map for the location and route.  These groups will have to remain static throughout the course of the Sports Day.  Parents must not move to see their child or cross over to another bubble; officials at Paddington Recreational may ask spectators to leave or they are within their jurisdiction to stop Sport's Day completely.   We understand this may be frustrating as you may want to take photos and see your child over the finish line, but this will not be possible.  We are trying our best to facilitate this day as the children are so looking forward to their first Sports Day with parents in two years, so adherence to these guidelines would be much appreciated.

School Play Thursday, 1st July

The school play will be at the Victory Services Club, which is next door to the school.  Please see the below times for plays:-

  • Junior One and Form One parents to arrive at ​9.45am for a 10am prompt start, finishing at 10.30am
  • ​Form Two parents to arrive at 10.45am for an 11am start, finishing at 11.30am
  • ​Form Three parents to arrive at 1.30pm for a 1.45pm start, finishing at 2.15pm
  • ​Forms Four, Five and Six parents to arrive at 2.30pm for a 2.45pm start, finishing at 3.30pm.  When Forms Four, Five and Six are finished, they will not be returning to school and can be taken directly home from the Victory Services Club

Please note that unless you have a child in the next play session, you must leave the building promptly so we can organise cleaning and the next bubble of parents to come in.

Football club will still go ahead​.​

Please stick to the government guidelines regarding social distancing and please continue to wear your mask indoors.  

Parent's Meeting

By now, all parents should have organised their remote parent's meeting with Ms De Wynter for next week.  If there is a problem, or you have yet to organise, please contact school asap.  These meetings will be via Google Meet, unless arranged otherwise, therefore to prevent difficulties with the school’s stringent firewall, please access this meeting as usual by your child's gmail account only.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,



E-News 11th June 2021

Good afternoon CHS Parents

We hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather we are currently blessed with, the children certainly appreciated the park this week.

Mrs Rogers took Form One to the Toy Museum on Wednesday and they all thoroughly enjoyed the outing, they returned brimming with creative ideas about toys coming to life and other stories.

Form Two and Form Three ventured to Kew Gardens yesterday to support their current science projects.  The outing was made all the more enjoyable with the sun shining and spirits running high, with understandably favourite adventures in the children’s gardens.

Form Six were asked to design a new fleet of boats which have been sent on a mercy mission to the frozen north. They were asked to hand decorate hand-crafted wooden boats over the half term which will be placed on the Arctic ice sheets. The US/European venture is named, ‘Float Your Boat’ and is the latest in pioneering technology which help track the movement of ice on the Arctic Ocean. Eighteen elaborately-decorated boats were shipped from the school to the research base located near the North Pole. The boats will be tracked via GPS giving a precise measure of how far and how quickly the ice sheets are melting. It’s hoped that some of the boats may even be discovered in the future and reunited with their expectant pupils in a real-life ‘Frozen’ drama that these eleven-year old's will never forget

Wishing you all a lovely weekend.

Best wishes,


E-News 27th May 2021

Dear CHS Parents

We hope this email finds you all well today on the children’s last day before half term.  Please note there is no school tomorrow.

As part of National Smile Month, CHS was pleased to welcome Dr Chaw this morning, from the West London Orthodontic Practice, who spoke to all the children about the importance of dental hygiene.

Mrs Rogers was delighted to award certificates throughout the school in recognition of Walk to School Week, a good effort made by all.

We are very pleased to announce that Nisha won a local art competition, judged by our friends at Kensington Park School, with her wonderful pine-cone, pipe cleaner spider form! The judges were really impressed by the quality of the artwork produced by Connaught House’s pupils in general.  We are looking forward to KPS’s Headmaster, Mr Middleton, visit next term to award Nisha’s winning art work.

Once again, Form Six had a fantastic Maths competition, reaching 39th place overall, just outside the top one percent, and out of 4,000 classes. A huge achievement and we look forward to final Sumdog competitions next half term.

Dates for your diary:

  • School Trip to the Toy Museum on Wednesday, 9 June for Form One
  • School Trip to Kew Gardens on Thursday, 10 June for Forms Two and Three
  • Special Trip for Form Six on Friday, 18June
  • Week of 21 June – 24 June – Parent’s Meetings
  • School Trip to Bockets Farm on Monday, 21 June for Junior One
  • Whole School and Individual Photographs on Thursday, 24 June
  • Sports Day on Friday, 25 June
  • Summer School Plays on Friday, 2 July at Victory Service Club
  • End of Term and Prize Giving on Thursday, 8 July – School finishes at lunchtime

As we are still maintaining a level of vigilance, we would ask if you could notify us of any travel plans over the half term and confirmation that government guidelines have been adhered to.  If anyone tests positive over the half term, please do inform Mrs Hampton directly.


Wishing you all a wonderful half term break,


The CHS Team

E- News 21st June 2021

Good morning CHS Parents


This week got off to a great start with our whole school trip to London Zoo.  All the staff commented on how well the children behaved and how wonderful it was to be able to see this trip come to fruition after such a hard and limited 14 months due to Covid.  The day went to plan despite the rain and some wonderful recounts of the trip have been recorded throughout the school.


Mrs Hampton was delighted to see so many parents at her virtual coffee morning yesterday with Shorifa Khanan discussing ways in which parents can safeguard their children’s internet usage.

May we remind all parents not to park on the corner of Stanhope Place as it endangers our children and other pedestrians.  May we also remind parents and carers that all windows remain open and any noise from the street at pick up is carried through the school.

Mrs Hampton enjoyed meeting with the recently formed pupil council where they already had some suggestions with reference to lunches and snack times, which will be implemented after half term.

To reflect National Smile Month, next Thursday we have Dr Kyi, from the West London Orthodontics, joining the Junior Assembly for a virtual talk about dental hygiene.

To celebrate Walk to School Week, the children will be allowed to wear their own choice of shoes on Thursday.  Please ensure these are sensible and comfortable as they will be wearing them all day.

Ms Duffy and Ms Doyle are really looking forward to meeting the children for the September 2021 Junior One intake at the Teddy Bear’s Picnic on Friday 28th May, in the afternoon.

Please note that CHS Uniform provider, Perry’s, is now stocking the school blazer in larger sizes and stock is due shortly for the girl’s summer dresses.

Please be reminded that there is no school on Friday, 28 May as this is an INSET day and that the children should be picked up at their normal time on Thursday, 27 May.


On a final note, we would like to say an enormous thank you to Mr and Mrs Marcinko who have so kindly provided flowers for us.  The Form One children are looking forward to planting the lavender today!
Have a lovely weekend,


Best wishes

CHS E-News 7th May 2021

Good afternoon CHS Parents

We hope this email finds you all well.  As many of you may already know, some of our children participated in the World Maths Day this week.  This exciting event included an international ‘Mathletics’ 48 hour challenge. Throughout the school, our pupils performed superbly well and commendations should be acknowledged to the following children: At the top of the CHS Leaderboard, Nastya scored an enormous 5.030 points, winning her a Silver award! Adiel, Oscar, Amara, Nisha, Petra, Orlando, Harry, Audrey and Alexandra all achieved Bronze awards, with Orlando only 200 points shy of achieving a silver award! Bravo all round!


From Maths challenges to Art competitions, the Royal Mail have organised a 'Design a stamp’ competition, focused on the theme of ’Thank you to NHS’ to reflect their help during Covid.  As this is in addition to our planned Art curriculum, the competition will be introduced at school but will come home in school bags to be completed in the children’s  free time.  The deadline for this entry is Friday 28th May 2021, so all entries must be back in school, clearly labelled by Tuesday 25th May.


School Trip - Monday 17th May

I think the teachers have been as excited to arrange the whole school summer trip to London Zoo as the children have been to hear of the plans.   Please make sure that you have read through the document attached and have time to ensure the correct uniform is worn and a packed lunch is prepared.



Mrs Hampton has been in touch with Perry’s Uniform who have assured her that sweatshirts and blazers in larger sizes will be available to purchase on their website in the coming week.

Thank you to all the CHS parents for actioning our request to drop off and collect your children at their allocated times.  The staff have appreciated this and this has impacted the smooth transition that is vital for the children.


Wishing you a pleasant weekend,


CHS E-News 23rd April 2021

Dear CHS Parents

Welcome back to the CHS children!  All the teachers are so happy to have them all in school and are appreciating this beautiful weather we are currently blessed with.

Now that we are through lockdown and measures look to be easing next month, it is time that we ask our children to be in school in their correct uniform once again. This includes ties for our boys from Form One upwards and appropriate school shoes. If you are waiting on a delivery please let the school know.

Children should keep the outer waterproof part of their 3-in-1 jackets in school, along with named, white school trainers for the park.

Unfortunately Mrs Hampton is out for a few days for a medical procedure, she will be back in school as soon as possible and is looking forward to another virtual coffee morning with parents at 10am on Thursday 6th May. 

We would like to make our CHS community aware that a number of protests are planned this weekend 24-25 April and next weekend 1-2 May around the West End and Marble Arch area, including anti-lockdown protests and #KillTheBill. We have been informed that proportionate policing plans are in place.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend,

The CHS Team