Good afternoon CHS parents

We had a triumphant day yesterday where the children performed exceptionally well under the circumstances. Well done to all the children.  We felt very lucky that we were able to share the moment with the parents.

Final Sumdog Contest 

Well done to all pupils who entered the latest Maths Sumdog Contest. This has been running over the last seven days and featured almost ten thousand students, 1.200 classes with over 2.2 million questions answered. The pupils from Form Six, Form Four, Form Three and Form Two all took part.

Mr Nagy’s class took an early lead in the battle for supremacy in our school with an impressive opening few days in the tournament. Form Six, veterans of these competitions, were slow off he blocks but rallied in the final days of the adaptive online event.

Well done to Form Six for a superb 44th place overall and for Form Three, who finished 61 points behind in 74th place. Form Four and Form Two were also brilliant in making this a real team effort. There will be many more of these exciting and quirky Maths contests in the months to come.

Form Six Article

Form Six had made it into print! Please find attached a wonderful article included in ‘This Week’s Junior’, out on the shelves tomorrow morning.  Highly recommended to all CHS parents.

Prize Giving

We will present certificates and a smattering of prizes on the last day of term.  Traditionally this has been a family event, however, this year it will be for the children only.


Please note Staggered Collection Times for Thursday, 8 July:


  • Junior One – 12pm
  • Form One – 12.10pm
  • Form Two – 12.20pm
  • Form Three – 12.30pm
  • Form Four – 12.35pm
  • Form Five – 12.40pm
  • Form Six – 12.45pm


Wishing you a lovely weekend,


Best wishes