Autumn Term 2019

  • Term begins: WEDNESDAY, 4 September
  • Half term: MONDAY, 21 October to MONDAY, 28 October inclusive
  • Term ends: THURSDAY, 12 December

Spring Term 2020

  • Term begins: TUESDAY, 7 January
  • Half term: MONDAY, 17 February to FRIDAY, 21 February inclusive
  • Morning only: FRIDAY, 20 MARCH
  • Term ends: FRIDAY, 27 March

Summer Term 2020

  • Term begins: TUESDAY, 21 April
  • Bank Holiday: MONDAY, 4 May
  • Half term: FRIDAY, 22 May to FRIDAY, 29 May inclusive
  • Term ends: THURSDAY, 9 July




4 Autumn Term begins

First Day back collection times:


Form One – 3.35pm, Form Two 3.40pm, Form Three – 3.45, Form Four, Five & Six – 4.00pm

5 PE and Music Lessons begin
6 Swimming Forms 3-6 Kensington at Leisure Centre and first Friday Football Club
9 Peri music lessons begin

First Monday Chess and Drama Clubs

JUNIOR ONE – collection at– 1.30pm after lunch

10 First Tuesday Chess, Art and Drama Clubs
11 First school clubs Forms Two – Six (compulsory)
12 Meet the Teacher at 9am – Forms One and Two

First Mandarin, Tech and Thursday Football Clubs

13 Form Six Meet the teacher 2.30pm
16 Roald Dahl Assembly

Form Four Meet the teacher 4.00pm

JUNIOR ONE – collection at 2.30pm

 19 Meet the Teacher at 9am – Forms Three and Five
 20 Jeans for Genes Day
 23 JUNIOR ONE – normal collection time 3.30pm (3.15 on Fridays)
27 Harvest Festival Assembly

Charity Drop for Women in Need working to support the Marylebone Project

30 All pupils should be in Winter Uniform by this date


4 Black History Month Assembly
7 Tea Time Concert 4pm
10 Chamber Choir singing at the Victory Services Club for Silver Sunday
11 Yom Kippor Assembly
15 Parent Meetings

No Art or Drama clubs 

17 Parent Meetings

No Mandarin, Tech or indoor Football clubs 

18 MacMillan Tea Party bring and buy cake sale at 2pm
21-28 21 – 28 (inclusive) HALF TERM


1 Guy Fawkes Assembly
5 Nasal flu vaccine
8 Remembrance Day Assembly
12 Individual and sibling photographs
29 Christmas Plays at the Victory Services Club at 2.30pm


2 Last Peri music lessons
3 Open Dance (morning) for Junior One in school

Open Dance (afternoon) for Forms One and Two at the Sylvia Young Theatre

4 Final school clubs
6 Open Swim (afternoon) for Forms Three – Six
9 Peri music catch up week

Carol Concert Rehearsal

Christmas Party

Final Monday Chess, Homework and Drama Clubs

10 Final Tuesday Chess, Drama and Art Clubs
11 Carol Concert (afternoon) at St John’s Church, Hyde Park Crescent
12 Toy Day and End of Term

Junior 1 and Form 1 – 12pm

Forms Two and Three – 12.10pm

Forms Four, Five and Six – 12.20pm