General Knowledge Quiz 2019

Junior Quiz  F2 - F3

Seen Art


1. The primary colours are red, yellow and blue, but what are the secondary colours?
2. What is kinetic art?
3. What do we call a series of circles which have the same central point?
4. How many strings does a violin have?
5. What is the name of the person that keeps all of the instruments playing in time in an orchestra?
6. Which recent children’s movie had a song called ‘Trip a little light fantastic’ in it?
7. How many players does each team start with in a professional football match?
8. Which countries make up the Six Nations in the rugby championship?
9. When was the London Olympics?
10. The Mesozoic Era (250-65 million years ago) includes which three periods?
11. Who was Mary Anning?
12. Which architect designed a brand new St Paul’s Cathedral after it burnt down in The Great Fire of London?
13. How many years did it take to build St Paul’s Cathedral?
14. In the 420s, the British were ruled by a Saxon ruler called Vortigern.  This wasn’t his real name, but a title given to him. What did it mean?
15. Which famous memorial of the Great Fire of London stands at the junction of Monument St and Fish St Hill?
16. Where did Socrates, Plato and Aristotle come from?
17. How many continents are there and what are they?
18. What is the largest hot desert in the world?
19. In which continent is the Amazon rainforest?
20. Who is our Prime Minister?
21. Where does our Prime Minister live?
22. Which four countries make up the UK?
23. What is Brexit?
24. What do these symbols mean?
25. For how many years has Queen Elizabeth II been on the throne?


Senior Quiz F4 - F6

1. Art
2. What do the H and B stand for in the grade of a pencil?
3. What is 1,2, and 3 point perspective?
4. During the Renaissance period, artists sought patronage. What was this and what was the relationship between artist and patron?
5. Marc Chagall’s paintings crossed several genres, one of which was Surrealism. How did his work fit this category?
6. What does each ring on the Olympic flag represent?
7. Which major tournament did the England Vitality Roses win in 2018?
8. What is the meaning of a hat trick in Football?  
9. Name three instruments that are in the same family as the trumpet,
10. Who wrote the music for such films as Star Wars, E.T., and Harry Potter?
11. When was the piano believed to have been invented?
12. Which philosopher said which of these quotes: Plato, Aristotle, Socrates?

A)“I can not teach anybody anything. I can only make them think”?

B) “The object of education is to teach us to love what is beautiful”?

C) “The Routes of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet”.

13. The word philosophy comes from the Greek meaning ‘love of _________?’
14. What was the Penny Black?
15. Which King of England famously had a stammer?
16. Who was Emmeline Pankhurst?
17. How many lines are there in a sonnet?
18. Whose plays include The Importance of Being Earnest and An Ideal Husband?
19. Which two cities provide the settings for Charles Dicken’s A Tale of Two Cities?
Science & Geography
20. Who was the first woman in space?
21. How long does it take for the sun’s rays to reach Earth?
22. Which country has the most active volcanoes?
International Affairs
23. Which Nobel Peace Prize Winner said “it always seems impossible until it’s done”?


Which Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was known as the British Bulldog because of his fighting spirit and uncanny resemblance to the canine?
25. The name LEGO derives from two Danish words, Ieg godt what do they mean?




E - News 29th March

CHS vs. St Nicholas – 5-2!

On Wednesday afternoon the school football team made CHS history in their first official away match against St Nicholas’, leaving with a tremendous victory of 5-2. The goals were scored by Orlando, Harry and a hat-trick from Matteo ! Whilst the victory delighted all of us, what filled us with the most pride was the way the team conducted themselves and the amount of joy on the pitch.  Check the calendar for further fixtures.


Staff Changes

It is with a sense of pride tinged with sadness that we announce that Miss Hayward will taking up a new appointment as Head of Early Years at Rokeby School in Kingston next September.

In her first year at CHS, Victoria took a Year One class and in her second she decided to join the Junior One Team. Since then Victoria has not looked back, blossoming into a wonderfully creative and thoroughly capable Early Years’ leader. Her sensitivity and reliability have ensured that our Junior One pupils have had the very best start to their education in a secure and very happy classroom environment.

Whilst Victoria will be much missed in September, I am sure that our CHS families will join us in wishing her all the very best in this important next step in her teaching career.

Joining Miss Broeders and taking on the role of Head of Early Years we are delighted to have appointed Emma Duffy, an experienced teacher who has impressed us with her passion for teaching. With outstanding references reinforced at interview, a BA from Roehampton in Primary Education with a History Specialism  and a background in drama, we have no doubt that Miss Duffy will be an exciting addition to the CHS team.

Miss Duffy will be having a number of induction days with us, starting with 30th April. Parents of next year’s Junior One class will have the opportunity to meet her at the New Children’s visit on the morning of Friday 24th May.


Delancey School Chess Challenge

This term has seen the chess club competing in the Delancey School Chess Challenge, to excellent results.  Congratulations to Gabriel (Juniors) and Harry (Seniors) who won the tournament and Amias and Nicholas who came second in their age bracket.  They will be joined at the megafinal next term by Luca, Eleanor, Mimi, Teresa, Jeanine, Kay & Alexandra who also qualified within their group. A real achievement! Certificates were handed out in final assembly, and trophies will be presented at prize giving next term.

Well done to Ms Jackson for her excellent coaching, and for her own achievement:  She will be competing in the World Senior 50+ Team Championship in Rhodes over the Easter break. She is currently placed in England 2 (England 1 is a professional sponsored team who won Silver team medals last year).


Jeremy Monsen Talk

We were thrilled with the turn out at Jeremy Monsen et al talk on Supporting Children through the Primary Years on Thursday evening.  His team shared a wealth of knowledge with us and covered the importance of play and balance within a child’s upbringing. Much food for thought.

Those parents interested in taking up Mr Monsen’s offer of a further conversation can contact him on 07850 556886 or on


Open Day

I hope that you will all agree that Open Day was a tremendous success. The children were buzzing as they arrived, beaming with pride as they led their visitors around the school, showing off wonderful work in a whole range of subjects. Displays sparkled with beautiful handwriting and striking images and the dining room echoed with melodious solos.  A huge thank you to our chamber choir plus Millie who toured prospective parents in the afternoon before charming them with their singing.   It was a real pleasure hearing the children’s pride in their school and their reflections on life at CHS, and many have told us how much they enjoyed doing these tours.


World Book Day

Hogwarts must have felt empty on Monday morning, as many of its wizards, witches and magical creatures gathered in Connaught Square for a convention of book characters.  I know that all of the children (and dressed up teachers too) thoroughly enjoyed this celebration of reading.


Well done CHS!  The NSPCC Maths Challenge & School Trips

Once again, your generosity has surpassed expectations, and the NSPCC fundraiser totalled an impressive £1350.82!  The lady from the NSPCC was bounteous in her thanks, and her praise of the children, whose behaviour during her workshops was impeccable.

The same reports came back from our trips – London Zoo for J1 to Form 4, and The Clink Museum and Old Operating Theatre for Forms 5 & 6, on which our pupils’ excellent behaviour was noted.

nspcc certificate

Doodle Maths, English & Spell

Our Doodle English and Spell trial continues over the Easter holidays, so please make use of these three excellent apps - they really are an enjoyable and easy way to keep little brains active over the break.


Other News

In wider news, Gabriella and her sister Natalia, who left us to go to South Hampstead last year, will have their first weekend away with the National Youth Choir during the Easter holidays, so watch this space for further news. We were very pleased to hear more about Natalia’s musical endeavours and a special commendation that she has received from her Headteacher for juggling performing and academic study so well.  She was recently in a school production of Into the Woods, has been invited to join the South Hampstead Chamber Choir, plays the clarinet in the Jazz Band, and earned a distinction in a recent Singing Exam.


Wishing you a happy Easter, wherever you are spending it.


The CHS Team